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Not Rated Yet Gun Wing 1 by BinarySun Gun Wing View

Shoot the night away in Gun Wing! Lightning reflexes are needed to protect your homeland and save humanity. Try to stop the alien ships from taking over the world in an epic journey through space. Use the power of the Gun Wing to defeat the...

Game, Gun, Shooter, Shooting, Wing

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Not Rated Yet Buzoot 1.0 by Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games Buzoot View

A simple, yet addictive ball shooting puzzle. Aim with your mouse and shoot the balls that are coming down. when you shoot the group of balls of a color, the group is blown. You can enjoy this shooting game in three ways. The standard game...

Ball, Balls, Game, Games, Popndrop, Puzzle, Puzzles, Shoot, Shooter, Shoots, Snood

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Not Rated Yet Cash Invaders 1.1 by BdR Cash Invaders View

Cash Invaders is a space shooting game for MS-DOS. You shoot aliens to earn money, with that money you can buy power-ups. There are 100 levels plus 9 bonus levels. The game mixes elements from Space Invaders, Blood Money and other games.

Buy, Cash, Coins, Game, Invaders, Laser, Money, Ms-dos, Msdos, Powerups, Shooting, Space, Uzi


Not Rated Yet Cupids Valentine 1.1 by RI Soft Systems Cupids Valentine View

Watch the winged matchmaker himself (Cupid), fluttering about while shooting his arrows. Each arrow explodes into 3D, animated hearts. This software also allows you to put your own personal image (a photo of your sweetheart, perhaps?) into the...

Cupid, Heart, Love, Photo, Riss, Screensaver, Valentine

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Not Rated Yet Bubble Snooker 1.2 by Bubble Snooker View

Bubble Snooker is a game that combines the best features of Bubble Shooter, Pool, and Arcanoid. Your task is to remove the balls from the table by shooting at them with the balls of definite color and combining together 3 or more balls of one color.

Arcade, Awards, Board, Bubbles, Colors, Contest, Cool, Download, Free, Freeware, Game, Internet, Levels, Logic, New, Online, Play, Pool, Shareware, Snooker

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Not Rated Yet Aero Blasters 1.0 by GameFabrique Aero Blasters View

You start of with a plane, which has infinite bullets and dodge enemy fire while shooting them down. You have your normal weapons which you can upgrade by grabbing power ups. The variety of power ups are the same; missles, turrets, extra guns...

Arcade Game, Download Game, Freeware, Shooter


Not Rated Yet 15 logic games G 11.24 by Logic 15 games 15 logic games G View

If youre not confident about what to buy, dont be afraid to ask for advice.A Maze Game for You. Filed under: Flash ? geoff A while back I created a maze game for a tutorial I wrote for Friends of Ed. It uses a recursive.The Free Arcade Shooting Game:

Kids Math 15_09


Not Rated Yet Log4VB 1.1 by Klemens Schmid Log4VB View

Unified trace environment consisting of an API plus a trace viewer. A must-have tools for professional developers. All components of all your applications write into the same trace. For development and trouble-shooting at customer sites.

Add-in, Debugging, Error, File, Log, Logging, Trace, Visual Basic

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Not Rated Yet Abbie! 2.2.0 by Direct Logic Systems Abbie! View

Abbie! is not like those games you see at video game stores. In fact, you will probably never see Abbie! at such stores. Why? Because Abbie! is not about shooting and killing things or people, breaking objects, or fighting.

Brain, Fun, Girl, Intelligent, Puzzle, Teaser

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Not Rated Yet 15 logic games D 11.08 by Logic 15 games 15 logic games D View

This free game is similar to the classic arcade shooting.The Free Ice Hockey Game: A free java ice hockey game for you to play online.While we wont be able to give you very good advice about either teeth or tires, we can help you find the perfect gam

Kids Math 15_10


Not Rated Yet Galaxy Battles 3.1 by Galaxy Battles View

Galaxy Battles presents a breathtaking variety of arcade space shooting. You get into the not-too-distant future. Numerous alien invaders attacked the Galaxy. You are the captain of a state-of-the-art spaceship.

Free Arcade Game, Galaxy Battles


Not Rated Yet Archibald Arcade Diver 1.0 by Archibald The Cat entertainment Archibald Arcade Diver View

Thrilling submarine kind of adventure based on classical arcade style. A combination of shooting game, classical arcade and popular Bomber-like game makes Archibald Arcade Diver being splendid and long-lasting amusement for everyone.

Arcade, Bomber, Bombs, Children, Diver, Fun, Game, Kids, Submarine, Undersea

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Not Rated Yet AlphaZap 1.0 by Mace Software AlphaZap View

A highly addictive arcade style word game in which players must create words by shooting moving falling letters before they run out of ammo and ships. This fast paced arcade game requires you to utilize your motor, vocabulary, and memory skills.

Free, Game, Invaders, Shoot, Space, Word

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Not Rated Yet 3D Petanque Unlimited 1.0 by TLK Games 3D Petanque Unlimited View

With 3D Petanque Unlimited, you can play on PC as they do it in Provence, alone against the computer or a human player, in double or triple. It features a tournament organization for 8 teams, a practice area and an accurate aiming device.

Ball Game, Boules, Doubles, French, Half Lob, High Lob, Jack, Petanque, Pig, Rolling Throw, Tlk, Triples

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Not Rated Yet Cupids Match-Up! 1.00 by Endboss Games Cupids Match-Up! View

You get to be a match maker in this adorable new arcade game. You play cupid and fly around the ice rink joining couple together by shooting your arrows. Sound easy? Well the catch is that not every gal is a compatible match for every guy.

Arcade, Cupid, Cute, Match Maker, Valentines Day

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Not Rated Yet FireHawk PC 1.12 by c2matrix FireHawk PC View

A splendid shooting game, 6 levels, 6 bosses, 3D scene, particle effect, record/replay, , 1945-like bullets game. support all win32 platform. * 3 type of ships, each can equipped with 2 major fires and bombs. * scout ship with 2 major fires....

1945, Arcade, Bullets, Cave, Game, New, Stg

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Not Rated Yet Billy Frontier 1.02 by Ideas From the Deep Billy Frontier View

Billy Frontier is an arcade style action game where you play a space cowboy named Billy Frontier. The game is made up of four types of mini-games: Duels, Shootouts, Stampedes, & Target Practices. It’s about having fun & shooting everything in...

3d, 3rd Person, Action, Cowboy, Draw, Fun, Game, Gun Fight, Ifd, Pangea, Shootout


Not Rated Yet 199 Mazes 2.23 by MG Software 199 Mazes View

Now, with over 400 mazes this unique multilevel animated gamepak will taunt you with moving walls, biting snakes, shooting cannons and teleports. Find your way to the exit of each maze, let the moving walls trap you. Maze Editor include !!

Computer, Games, Kidsafe, Logic, Maze, Pc, Shareware, Strategy

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Not Rated Yet Happy Note! Notes In Space 1.6 by Happy Note! No view

A full-fledged arcade-type computer game that's both fun and educational. It will teach you about relative note durations even as you play. With its 3 levels of difficulty and other options, it is suitable for players of all ages.

Bass, Clef, Duration, Game, Guitar, Music, Note, Piano, Treble, Whole


Not Rated Yet Absolute BlockBuster 1.1 by Absolute BlockBuster View

Absolute BlockBuster is a collection of five amazing arcade games, among which relaxed game-playing modes are present, as well as those that will require all your skills in quickly moving the mouse and shooting your clicks at the right spot.

Arcade, Awards, Blockbuster, Board, Bubble, Chips, Clickomania, Collection, Currency, Download, Free, Freeware, Games, Online, Pack, Puzzle, Shareware, Shooter, Winners

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