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Acquasys RetroActive is a powerful journal/diary application for Pocket PC devices that synchronizes data with Outlook Journal and provides many other features, like full Blogger synchronization.

Exclusive Triple-Sync
Keep RetroActive, Microsoft Outlook Journal and in sync! Changes made in any source is replicated in the other two automatically.

Fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook Journal
All Outlook Journal fields are available and synchronized.

Pocket Outlook Integration
RetroActive can import contacts, appointments and tasks and convert them into journal entries!

Phone Integration
RetroActive can register incoming and outgoing phone calls automatically!

Powerful Filters
Create filters for any field; Filters can be saved for reuse; Filters can be inverted; Filter results can be reordered!

Create custom templates for easier data entry.

Quick Entries
Add multiple entries at once, as they come into your mind, and detail them later!

Custom Types
Create your own types in addition to those available in Outlook.

Custom Categories
Create custom categories; Supports multiple categories per entry.

Entry timer
RetroActive can automatically set the entry duration using a timer that works even in stand-by mode.

Activity tracking
With Billable and Paid fields and basic cost calculation.

Compressed files
Journal files are highly compressed. Save valuable memory on your device!

High Security
Journal files are encrypted and password-protected. Nobody but you can access your entries.

Multiple journals
Sync with multiple computers (home and work, for example) and keep your personal and professional data separated!

Storage Card support
RetroActive can be installed on a Storage Card and, better yet, its journal files too!

Journal cleaning
RetroActive keeps your journal file clean, automatically removing old or not important entries and big attachments.

and many more!

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