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Not Rated Yet Supreme Spy 2.9 by Supreme Spy View

Supreme Spy is a computer monitor/keylogger that records all activity on your computer, capturing keystrokes, programs, internet explorer websites and screenshots. Completely invisible and easy to use, all information captured is stored in an...

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Not Rated Yet ClickWork 1.5 by ViaFox ClickWork View

ClickWork is a no-nonsense, very-easy-to-use Time Tracker. Multi-user. Supports usergroups. Reporting on various levels. Statistical reports. Graphs. Features for manager. Fully configurable. Full featured trial version. Powerful licensing scheme.

Activity Tracker, Activity Tracking, Project Management, Time Management, Time Monitoring, Time Tracker, Time Tracking, Timelog, Worktime

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Not Rated Yet BySoft StayAlive Pro by BySoft BySoft StayAlive Pro View

StayAlive Pro is freeware program that simulates Internet activity so you don't get disconnected from your ISP. - Works with modem, adsl or cable connections - Simulates Internet activity through HTTP or PING - Nag window removing - Freeware!

Activity, Adsl, Cable, Connect, Connection, Dial Up, Dialup, Disconnect, Http, Internet, Isp, Keep Alive, Networking, Ping, Stay Alive


Not Rated Yet AviScreen Classic 1.3 by Bobyte Software AviScreen Classic View

AviScreen is an application for capturing screen activity in the form of AVI video or bitmap images. Beside the usual options defining the capture area, AviScreen has a unique feature called "follow the cursor". Using this mode you can produce a...

Avi, Avitricks, Bmp, Bobyte, Divx, Gif, Jpeg, Jpg, Movie, Multimedia, Screen Capture, Video, Wmv


Not Rated Yet Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution 3.6 by Cyclope-Series Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution View

Cyclope is an advanced employee surveillance software which provides you information regarding your IT infrastructure usage and your employees computer related activities by allowing you to monitor any targeted machine within your company's network.

Amplusnet, Applications Monitoring, Applications Recording, Cyclope, Employee Surveillance, Internet Monitoring, Internet Spy, Monitoring Software, Monitoring Solution, Recording, Screen Capture, Snapshot

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Not Rated Yet Trivial Proxy 1.6 by X-Ray Application Software. Trivial Proxy View

Trivial Proxy is a small application that allow to see and log network activity of the any applications(browsers, email clients etc.). So what does that mean in English? Simple, run TrivialProxy and configure it to redirect the local port to the...

Log, Proxy, Tunnel


Not Rated Yet TotalRecall 1.1 by Janusware Ltd. TotalRecall View

Forensic analysis tools to reconstruct Internet Explorer and user's activity. TotalRecall investigates: MS IE activity, MS IE history, MS IE cookie, MS IE favorites and some user's activity (recent files and folders; not erased temporary files).

Cookie, Forensic Analysis Tools, History, Index.dat, Recent Files And Folders, Reconstruct Internet Activity, Unerased Temporary Files


Not Rated Yet Employee Inspector 1.6 by Employee Activity Monitoring Software Employee Inspector View

Employee Inspector is a powerful employee monitoring solution, which allows you to watch employee screen at anytime, inspect which web sites they visit, analyze how much time they spend for their personal activity at work.

Employee Activity, Employee Appraisal, Employee Inspector, Employee Monitoring, Employee Performance, Employee Productivity, Employee Surveillance, Internet Activity Monitoring, Monitoring Software, Workplace Monitoring


Not Rated Yet 3B Personal Firewall Pro 6.20.02 by 3B Software No view

Personal Firewall Pro delivers bulletproof intrusion detection to your PC. Firewall Pro scans your DSL, cable, dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity. Firewall Pro even blocks pop up ads, improving your Internet speed and experience.

Alerts, Computer, Firewall, Firewall Security, Hackers, Internet, Network, Network Security, Pc Protection, Pc Security, Personal Firewall, Protection, Security, Trojans, Trojans Viruses, Utility, Viruses, Windows, Windows Utility

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Not Rated Yet Activity and Expense Tracker Plus 1.8.0 by SpiritWorks Software Development Activity and Expense Tracker Plus View

This free trial software includes a Time Management Tool that helps you to keep track of all your projects and their related tasks and expenses. Also includes Invoice, Contact and Password Trackers and a Universal Calculator. For Mac and Windows.

Activity, Calculator, Contacts, Expense, Invoice, Password, Pim, Productivity, Shareware, Task, Time, Timesheet

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Not Rated Yet PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool 1.2 by ALSEDI No view

PGuard is a easy-to-use tool for protecting information about your activity on Internet and on your personal computer. PGuard deletes all activity tracks of internet browsers, Microsoft Windows and other software on your PC.

Activity, Evidence, Pc, Privacy, Protection, Security, Traces

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Not Rated Yet PCMesh Internet Cleanup 4.1.1 by PC Mesh PCMesh Internet Cleanup View

PCMesh Internet Cleanup is a utility to remove user activity tracks and to clean the hard disk from junk files. Furthermore disk cleanup functionality to remove Windows and Internet temporary files, Java cache and other junk files is included.

Cleanup, Cookies, Delete, Delete History, Disk Cleanup, History, Index.dat, Internet, Privacy, Remove, Security

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Not Rated Yet Sound Card Recorder by Sound Recording Solutions Inc Sound Card Recorder View

There are many cases when you may need Sound Card Recorder. For example, you can record telephone calls, or radio broadcasts. Or maybe you want to know what your employee (or even your boss!) is thinking about you. Parents can monitor their...

Card, Conversation, Dicta, Dictaphone, Microphone, Mike, Mp3, Phone, Record, Sound, Tap, Telephone Call, Voice, Vox, Wav

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Not Rated Yet Parents CyberAlert 1.15 by InfoWorks Technology Company Parents CyberAlert View

Parents recognize the need to monitor their children’s online activity, but don’t have the time or the proper tools. Concerned parents are using Parents CyberAlert to keep a watchful eye on their children and monitor their Internet activities.

Children, E-mail Alerts, Filter, Keylogger, Monitor, Online Activity, Privacy

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Not Rated Yet 1 Firewall 1.2 by 1 Firewall View

1 Firewall is the no. 1 firewall system for your Windows computer, that can monitor your network activity, block and alert you about unathorized publishers, protect your privacy! 1Firewall lets you be in control of everything happening in your...


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Not Rated Yet Personal Trainer One 1.0 by Fitness Attitudes Personal Trainer One View

Get in shape fast with Personal Trainer One. Personal Trainer One is the ultimate personal food, exercise, and weight management software package. Why settle for anything less than a fitness program with the wide variety of features you need to...

Get In Shape Fast With Personal Trainer, The Diet And Activity Schedule That Best Suits You

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Not Rated Yet Advanced Time Reports Monitor 7.5.22 by Xpress Software Inc. Advanced Time Reports Monitor View

ATR Monitor monitors and records your computer activity and allocates it to predefined projects. If you would like to automatically track your software applications and time spent - download ATR Monitor. ATR Monitor runs in Windows system tray,...

Client Tracking, Customer Tracking, Project Management, Project Recording, Project Tracking, Task Management, Task Tracking, Time Allocation, Time Keeping, Time Management, Time Recording, Time Tracking, Timekeeping, Timesheet, Timesheets

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Not Rated Yet D letters for children 10 by Magic reading Alphabet D letters for children View

Alphabet Coloring Pages. Printable alphabet coloring pages accompany the game Alphabet Action. Alphabet Printable Worksheets, Coloring Pages and Flash Cards Alphabet printable activity worksheets, coloring pages, color posters, flash cards and mini b

Alphabet D


Not Rated Yet e-Surveiller spy software 1.6.7 by SurveilleTech LLC e-Surveiller spy software View

Monitor the activities of local and remote computer users. e-Surveiller allows you to view the screens of monitored users on a LAN or across the Internet LIVE! Also records keystrokes, web sites visited, chat conversations, etc. + MORE!

Activity Recorder, Chat Logger, Chat Monitor, Computer Security, Inspector, Internet Investigator, Internet Monitor, Investigator, Key Logger, Logger, Monitoring, Network Monitor, Pc Spy, Snoopware, Spy Cam, Spyware, Surveillance, Watch

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Not Rated Yet Active Work Tracker 1.5 by Brigsoft Active Work Tracker View

It is a PC events tracker that surveys the time you spend working on your PC. Results are shown as an activity chart and a statistics report. Also the program can remind you to do regular breaks for preventing computer-related tiredness.

Activity, Break, Business, Events, Health, Healthy, Home, Hours, Key, Keyboard, Labor, Labour, Mouse, Pause, Plan, Productivity, Project, Resident, Startup, Statistic

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