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Not Rated Yet CyberDefender Security Toolbar 1.0 by CyberDefender Corp No view

By downloading CyberDefender Security Toolbar you can join the CyberDefender Anti Phising network. CyberDefender Security Toolbar ensures you are protected against known threats, scam sites, hijacking and phising.

Anti-hijacking, Anti-phishing, Defend, Defense, Hijacking, Network, Phising, Scam, Security, Threats, Toolbar


Not Rated Yet Spyware Protection Pro 2.0 by 3B Software Inc. Spyware Protection Pro View

Spyware Protection Pro scans your hard disk to find Spyware and Adware installed on your PC. When you delete this information it will make your PC and Internet run faster. By using a spyware remover regularly your computer will become more stable...

Ad-aware, Ads, Adware, Anti Spyware, Anti-spy, Blocker, Internet, Popups, Slow, Speed, Spybot, Spyware, Spyware Protection, Spyware Remover, System, Virus

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Not Rated Yet avast! 4 Home Edition 4.7.892 by ALWIL Software avast! 4 Home Edition View

avast! 4 Home Edition is a free antivirus solution for non-commercial home use. It scans for all types of malware on: disk, CDs, in E-mail, HTTP, NNTP, IM and P2P. Incremental updates of the virus database and program are small, fast and reliable.

Anti, Anti-virus, Antivirus, Blocker, Freeware, Home, Icq, Kazaa, Mail Scan, Mirc, Noncommercial, P2p, Scan, Scanner, Trojan, Virus, Virus Scan, Worm


Not Rated Yet ID Application Protector 1.2 by Fastlink2 ID Application Protector View

ID Application Protector is a security program specifically designed to encrypt Windows executables. It protects them against reverse engineering or cracking, safely compressing and shrinking their sizes by as much as 70%, securing them against...

Antispyware, Application Protector, Clean, Crack, Encrypt Executables, Engineering, Erase, Id Application Protector, Internet, Privacy, Protect, Security Suite, Shield, Shrink, Spyware

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Not Rated Yet Fat food 10 by ABC Flash games Fat food View

Eat food good food. Do not eat bad food. Anti-McDonald's online gameAnti-McDonald's online game ยท is a satirical, 'anti-advergame' that highlights the dark-side of running a McDonald's-like fast

Bad, Do, Eat, Food, Food., Good, Not


Not Rated Yet 1Click Spam Shield 2.0.3 by Secure PC Solutions Inc 1Click Spam Shield View

1 Click Spam Shield is the solution for eliminating one of the biggest threats of the mailing systems, spam. Receive all your email safely and securely, all filtering being done, resulting in a clean Inbox with just solicited mail and no more junk.

Anti Virus, Anti-virus Enterprise, Firewalls, Free Software, Hacker Protection, Personal Firewall, Protect Email, Security, Spam Abuse, Spam Removal, Spammer, Stop Spam, Trojan Horse, Unsolicited Email, Virus Security, Web Junk Mail

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Not Rated Yet Avira AntiVir UNIX WebGate 1.2.5-2 by Avira GmbH Avira AntiVir UNIX WebGate View

Avira Antivirus for WebGate reliably secures plain HTTP and FTP connections, by scanning, filtering and blocking the access to all unwanted programs and viruses from the Internet. It checks emails, downloads, attachments and webmail accounts.

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Not Rated Yet Anti Spam Boy 2.3 by Ace Zip Soft. Anti Spam Boy View

It detects spam before it reaches the mail system and kills the receive process immediately. Saving you a lot of bandwidth. Spam will not reach your mailboxes. It works with any e-mail client, and supports an unlimited number of e-mail accounts.

Anti Email Spam, Anti Spam, Anti-spam, Block Email Spam, Free Software, Kill Email Spam


Not Rated Yet avast! 4 Professional Edition 4.6.652 by ALWIL Software avast! 4 Professional Edition View

avast! 4 Professional Edition is a complete antivirus software for your company. It scans for viruses, worms and Trojans. It contains all the features and much more. Incremental updates of virus database (twice a week) are small, fast and reliable.

Anti, Anti-virus, Antivirus, Blocker, Company, Icq, Kazaa, Mail Scan, Mirc, Office, P2p, Scan, Scanner, Shareware, Small, Soho, Trojan, Virus, Virus Scan, Worm

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Not Rated Yet Avant4u Personal Firewall by Avant4u Inc. Avant4u Personal Firewall View

Avant4u Personal Firewall guard against online intrusion, keeps your computer shielded from hackers by blocking all unsolicited network connections and traffic to your computer without hampering your browsing experience.

Anonymous Surfing, Anti Hacker, Anti Spy, Anti Virus, Antispy, Antispyware, Antivirus, File Encry, Firewall, Internet Security Software, Internet Security Suite, My Privacy, Password Organizer, Personal Firewall, Popup Blocker, Popup Killer, Spam Blocker, Spamblocker


Not Rated Yet Avant4u Security Suite by Avant4u, Inc. Avant4u Security Suite View

The best you can buy to protect your home computer. Free 30 Days Trial Everything you need to protect your home computer in one integrated suite. Avant4u Security Suite,-...

Anonymous Surfing, Anti Hacker, Anti Spy, Anti Virus, Antispy, Antispyware, Antivirus, File Encryptor, Firewall, Internet Security Software, My Privacy, Password Organizer, Personal Firewall, Popup Blocker, Popup Killer, Spam Blocker, Spamblocker


Not Rated Yet WinProxy Secure Suite 6.0 by Blue Coat Systems, Inc. WinProxy Secure Suite View

WinProxy 6.0 Ultimate Internet Security Suite is a complete Security Solution with Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing, Antivirus, Antispam, Firewall, and Web Filtering in one easy to use software suite. Block spyware and viruses before they infect you!

Anti-spyware, Antispam, Antivirus, Firewall, Internet, Proxy, Server, Sharing, Winproxy


Not Rated Yet Macro AntiVirus 2007.03 by Macro AntiVirus Macro AntiVirus View

Macro AntiVirus not only Detects and Removes Viruses, but also Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms and a host of other dangerous parasites that detererate computer performance and invade your privacy. Try Macro AntiVirus Free!, Adware, Anti Virus, Antiadware, Antispyware, Antivirus, Macro, Macro Antivirus, Macro Virus, Macrovirus, Pcsoftware1, Protection, Remove Adware, Remove Virus, Security, Spyware, Trojan, Trojans, Virus, Viruses

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Not Rated Yet Max Secure Spyware Detector Enterprise by Max Secure Software Max Secure Spyware Detector Enterprise View

Max Secure Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition, works on push deployment technology with a fully centralized admin console. No client installation is needed. The scan will be powered with an strong & comprehensive database which include spywares,...

Adware Remover, Anti Spyware, Anti Virus Download., Free Spyware Check, Free Spyware Remover

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Not Rated Yet Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express 1.1 by Alchemy Lab Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express View

Get rid of spam with Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express! Alchemy Spam Filter is a plug-in module for the Outlook Express e-mail program and represents a self-adaptive unsolicited mail protecting tool. The main method used to combat spam is...

About Spam, Against Spam, Anit Spam, Anti Spam, Anti Spam Email, Anti Spam Freeware, Anti Spam Law, Anti Spam Laws, Anti Spam Program, Anti Spam Programs, Anti Spam Software, Anti Spam Tools, Aol Spam, Avoid Spam, Bayesian Spam, Bayesian Spam Filter, Best Spam, Block Spam, Blocking Spam, Bounce Spam

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Not Rated Yet Mailbox Guard 1.72 by Piotr J. Walczak Mailbox Guard View

The ultimate tool which lets you fight the cyberscam arriving in emails BEFORE it gets in to your PC. It is effective weapon against SPAM, malware (including viruses, worms, and spyware) and obscenity. Background: The major flaw and immediate...

Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Children, Email, Family, Guard, Kids, Mailbox, Obscenity, Outlook, Protection, Spam, Virus, Worm

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Not Rated Yet Anti-Peeper Key 2.0 by Ahusoft Anti-Peeper Key View

Do you hate it when somebody comes by and tries to read the content of your mail while you are writing it? Anti-Peeper Key is an easy to use tool for hiding windows and programs in one second in order to prevent uninvited persons from seeing...

Applications, Boss Key, Change, Hide, Hide Windows, Icq, Irc, Messenger, Miranda, Programs, Screen, Tray, Trillian, Windows

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Not Rated Yet Pop-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware by Panicware Inc. Pop-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware View

Block every type of ad - spyware, popups, adware, guaranteed. Po-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware combines the best privacy, ad-blocking and anti-spyware features of many great privacy products into one utility. This is the first product to block all it all.

Ad Blocker, Adware, Pop Up Blocker, Pop Up Stopper, Pop-up, Popup, Popup Killer, Spyware, Spyware Killer, Stop Spyware

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Not Rated Yet Elgr anti-spam for Outlook Express 2.42 by Elgr anti-spam for Outlook Express View

Elgr sits between the e-mail reader and the internet, checking e-mail as it is received. Spam is automatically moved to the deleted items folder. Elgr is free, effective and very easy to use. Works with Outlook Express.

Anti, Anti-spam, E-mail, Email, Express, Filter, Free, Freeware, Junk, Mail, Outlook, Pmmail, Spam


Not Rated Yet PlexMailer 6.5 by PlexObject Solutions, Inc. PlexMailer View

PlexMailer is an anti-spam software. It supports POP3, IMAP, LDAP, NNTP and MBOX protocols. It comes with dozens of filters such as Bayesian and realtime blacklists. Also, it supports server side options and integration with other products.

Anti, Blackhole, Bulk, Email, Proxy, Removal, Spam, Unsolicited


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