Antialias Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet AntiAlias VST 0.0.7 by ExperimentalScene AntiAlias VST View

AntiAlias VST works by oversampling it's stereo input between a minimum of 2x and a maximum of 32x. After oversampling an FIR filter cuts out all harmonics over the Nyquist, and then it's downsampled again, producing a bandlimited signal.

Anti Alias, Antialias, Effect, Filter, Plugin, Vst, Windows

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Not Rated Yet AMI e-Paint 2.0a.02 by Alchemy Mindworks AMI e-Paint View

AMI e-Paint embodies robust painting functionality. It features a variety of selection tools; antialiased drawing and text; a gallery of image processing filters; multiple document handling; soft brushes; undo; variable magnification and lots more.

Alchemy, Antialias, Bmp, Camera, Digital, Draw, Filter, Graphics, Image Processing, Jpg, Mindworks, Paint, Pcx, Photographs, Photos, Picture, Png, Rimmer, Shareware, Text

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Not Rated Yet Snapshotter Pro 1.00 by Mewsoft Snapshotter Pro View

Snapshotter Pro is a Windows program that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites and convert html or text files to images. It is a visual interface for easy management and watching.

Directory Screenshot, Directory Screenshots, Link Screenshot, Link Thumb, Link Thumbnail, Link Thumbshot, Website Screen Thumbs, Website Screenshot, Website Thumbnail, Website Thumbnail Generator, Website Thumbs, Website Thumbshot, Websites Thumbnail

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Not Rated Yet PixTwix 6.03 by Softuarium No view

PixTwix is an image processing ActiveX control featuring over 150 methods for manipulation and enhancement of images, special effects and filters, layer blending, selection routines and more. PixTwix can read and write many popular image formats.

Antialias, Auto Crop, Bias, Blend, Blur, Bmp, Border, Brightness, Checksum, Clipboard, Color Channel, Color Clamping, Color Replacement, Colorize, Concatenation, Contrast, Conversion, Convolution, Crop, Cut

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