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Not Rated Yet ApacheConf 4.1 by Zecos Software ApacheConf View

ApacheConf is a shell (GUI) for configuring Apache web servers that will help you to tune the main configuration httpd.conf file. ApacheConf presents all the information in the httpd.conf file in a structured view.

Apache, Apache Configuration, Apache Gui, Apache Server, Http Server, Server Tool, Web Server

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Not Rated Yet OnTrail Analytics 2.0 by Systems Projects Ltd No view

OnTrail Analytics v2.0 is exclusively developed to accurately analyse logs produced by the Apache Web Server. Advance algorithms analyse and accumulate data into an integrated database. Comprehensive statistics with Reports. Windows Application.

Apache Log Files, Apache Web Server, Apache Web Statistics, Web Analytics, Web Site Analysis, Web Statistics, Web Visitor Analysis, Webmaster, Webmaster Tools

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Not Rated Yet HTAccessible 1.0 by Technology Lighthouse HTAccessible View

Unless you work with .htaccess on a daily basis the chances are you haven't got the exact syntax rolling around in your head. HTAccessible provides a simple interface for putting together some of the most commonly used Apache directives.

Add Wap Support, Generate, Htaccess, Prevent Hot Linking, Redirects


Not Rated Yet Warden .htaccess Manager 1.1 by Fresh Software Warden .htaccess Manager View

Warden is a .htpasswd and .htaccess manager for Apache-based web servers. It applies password protection to any web folder or resource in three easy steps: Edit user accounts, Edit FTP information, and apply. Now Apache authentication is a snap!

Apache, Authentication, Htaccess, Htpasswd, Manager, Password, Protected, User, Web

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Not Rated Yet LogRover 2.1 by Sherrod Computers LogRover View

LogRover is an advanced web log file analyzer that analyzes log files generated by IIS, Apache and other web servers. LogRover generates comprehensive reports of page hits, sessions, visits, visitors, search engine referals, and session times.

Apache, Iis Statistics, Log Analyzer, Log File Analysis, Web Log, Web Log Analyzer, Web Statistics, Webtrends

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Not Rated Yet 10-Strike Log-Analyzer 1.5 by 10-Strike Software 10-Strike Log-Analyzer View

Raw (Apache) log files analyzer. Get statistics from your logs easily. 10-Strike Log-Analyzer generates many types of reports and histograms. There are many options and filters available to help you getting exact information about your site.

10-strike, Analysis, Analyzer, Apache, File, Log, Log-analyzer, Log-file, Logfile, Logs, Ncsa, Raw, Reports, Site, Statistics, Stats, Web

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Not Rated Yet Htpasswd Generator 2.1 by Aleo Software Inc. No view

Htpasswd Generator is a user admin tool for Apache web server. With Htpasswd Generator, you can create .htaccess and .htpasswd files to password protect your web folder and website. Htpasswd Generator manages authorized user/password database...

Htaccess Generator, Htpasswd Generator, Password Protect Web Folder, Password Protect Web Site

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Not Rated Yet SmarterStats 2.0 by SmarterTools Inc. No view

Improve your web site through extensive statistic reporting. FREE version includes visitor tracking, geographics, and over 135 reports! Works through a web browser so you can get your web site statistics from anywhere! Log analyzer for IIS and more

Advertising, Apache, Enterprise, Free, Iis, Log Analyzer, Marketing, Microsoft, Professional, Report, Reporting, Smarterstats, Statistics, Stats, Web Site Stats, Windows


Not Rated Yet Stunnix Advanced Web Server 2.2 by Stunnix Stunnix Advanced Web Server View

Apache for cdroms! It allows to make from any Perl/PHP/MySQL/SQLite-based site a CDROM, which once put to tray, will run off CDROM and will open in a browser on Windows,MacOSX and Linux. Desktop applications with installer can also be created.

Apache, Apaches, Autorun Webserver, Autorun Webservers, Browser Cd-rom, Browser Cd-roms, Browser Cdrom, Browser Cdroms, Browser-based Application, Browser-based Applications, Browsers Cd-rom, Browsers Cd-roms, Browsers Cdrom, Browsers Cdroms, Cd-based Webserver, Cd-based Webservers, Cd-rom Application, Cd-rom Applications, Cd-rom Webserver, Cd-rom Webservers

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Not Rated Yet SynTree 0.4 by sepa SynTree View

Tree-like organizer of source codes with included syntax highlight for: Apache conf, Assembler (x86), C++ Source, CSS, Delphi&CBuilder Form, Delphi, HGL, INI, JAVA, Java Script, MSDOS Batch, PERL, PHP, SQL (Standard), Text Files, VBS, VRML, XHTML.

Code Snippets, Highlight, Organizer, Source, Sourcebook, Syntax, Tree


Not Rated Yet Blue dot 1.20 by ktmatu Blue dot View

Blue dot is a free GPL licensed Perl CGI tracking and web site activity measurement script which generates Apache combined style access log files. These log files can be analyzed with most standard log analysis tools.

1x1 Pixel, Cgi, Cross-platform, Javascript, Log, Log Analysis, Log File, Logging, Perl, Ssi, Statistics, Stats, Tracker, Tracking


Not Rated Yet APM Installer Wizard 1.0.b by pai-production No view

APM Installer Wizard means a wizard setup to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Windows system, available only for Windows system. Use of the Software means use of the Software on one or more computers by a single...

Apm Installer, Apm Installer Wizard, Apm-installer.exe


Not Rated Yet eWebLog Analyzer 2.30 by esoftys eWebLog Analyzer View

eWebLog Analyzer is a web server log analyzer, that gives you vital information about your website usage: access statistics, activity of visitors, referring sites, search engines, errors, and much more. It can read log files of the most popular...

Activity, Analyzer, Apache, Iis, Log, Log Analysis, Log Analyzer, Log File, Logs, Server, Server Logs, Site, Stats, Tracking, Visitors, Web Statictics, Website Statistics, Webstats

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Not Rated Yet Prestwood Load Balancer 1.02 by Prestwood Software Prestwood Load Balancer View

The Prestwood Load Balancer is a cross-web server, cross-platform web request dispatcher that distributes direct HTTP calls to various web servers, based on the total number of pending requests to each server and the average response time.

Load Balancing, Reduce Overhead, Request Dispatcher, Scalability, Web Server, Web Servers


Not Rated Yet LivePerf 1.3.1 by LivePerf Software LivePerf View

Application performance monitoring tool, featuring user-defined views and statistics, custom data collection (from SQL and command line tools) and log and replay. Supports Websphere,Weblogic,Oracle,Windows,Unix,ASP.NET,SQL Server,DB2 and others.

.net Monitoring, .net Performance Monitoring, Agentless Monitoring, Aix Monitoring, Aix Performance Monitoring, Apache Monitoring, Apache Performance Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, Distributed Application Monitoring, Dtrace Monitoring, Graphical Performance, Iis Monitoring, Iis Performance Monitoring, Liveperf, Network Monitoring, Oracle Monitoring, Oracle Performance Monitoring, Performance Analysis, Performance Monitoring Tool, Performance Statistic


Not Rated Yet Traffic loger 1.0 by Utlity Advance No view

TrafficLogger is a network traffic sniffer and logger that allows you to monitor all internet and network traffic on your PC. The capability to audit what flows in and out of every piece of software is critical for security aware users.

Apache Web, Iis, Internet, Logger, Supports Multiple Languages, Traffic, Trafficlogger


Not Rated Yet FlashStats 2006 by Maximized Software FlashStats 2006 View

Popular web site log file analyzer. Provides useful statistics such as the number hits and visits received, paths taken through your site, phrases searched for to find your site, and other unique reports. Very easy to set up and use!

Apache Log File Analysis, Iis Log File Analysis, Log File Analysis, Web Analytics, Web Site Traffic Reports

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Not Rated Yet WebMaster FTP 1.1 by ZZEE WebMaster FTP View

FTP program designed for webmasters whose sites are on UNIX-like hosts. It has some unique features like automatic setting of the correct file permissions, Explorer-style left folder tree, UNIX special file support and more.

Apache, Bsd, Client, File, Ftp, Linux, Management, Program, Programme, Server, Shareware, Site, Software, Tool, Transfer, Unix, Utility, Webmaster, Zzee

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Not Rated Yet CGIScripter 2.35 by .com Solutions Inc. CGIScripter View

CGIScripter enables web developers to instantly write Perl CGI Scripts for MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, FrontBase and FileMaker 7 database servers. Feature include: -- Dramatically improves developer productivity...

Access, Apache, Database, Db2, Frontbase, Mysql, Oracle, Perl Cgi, Perl Script, Postgresql, Sql Server, Sybase


Not Rated Yet Advanced Log Analyzer 1.5 by Abacre Software Advanced Log Analyzer View

This powerful web site traffic analysis software produces a lot of statistics like visitor paths and patterns, web models, referrer sites, hits and hosts per day, visitor counter, most popular search engines and keywords. Easy to use, very fast.

Access, Analysis, Analyzer, Apache, Cgi, Console, Counter, File, Hits, Iis, Information, Internet, Log, Monitor, Perl, Referrer, Remote, Reports, Server, Site

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