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Not Rated Yet Christ the Saviour Cathedral 3D 1.0 by ScreenSavers4You Christ the Saviour Cathedral 3D View

One of the most fascinating miracles of Russian architecture of the past century - The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - still keeps charming with its sculptural magnificence and splendor! Being an immense monument to the courage of Russian...

3d, 3d Screensaver, Architecture, Capitol, Cathedral Of Christ The Saviour, Download, Fascinating, Flight, Magnificence, Miracle, Miracle Of Russian Architecture, Monument, Past Century, Russian, Russian Capital, Screensaver, Screensaver 3d, Sculptural

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Not Rated Yet Taj Mahal 3D 1.0 by ScreenSavers4You Taj Mahal 3D View

A real pearl of Indian architecture and one of 7 World's Wonders, Taj Mahal is a perfect sample of marble delight and pleasure! Imposing, godlike, shining, despite its enormous height it looks so light and airy, that it seems you are in a fairy...

3d Screensaver, Download, Indian Architecture, Screensaver, Screensaver 3d, Taj Mahal, World's Wonders

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Not Rated Yet Lighthouse Gallery Screensaver 2.0 by 90 Percent Attitude Lighthouse Gallery Screensaver View

Lighthouse Gallery brings 25 striking photos to your desktop. Sit back and become mesmerized in the majestic beauty and architecture of lighthouses from around the globe. Free to Try, $12.95 to Buy. Take the tour!

Lighthouse, Lighthouse Architecture, Lighthouse Gallery, Screen Saver

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Not Rated Yet Maguma Workbench 2.6.1 by Maguma GmbH Maguma Workbench View

Maguma Workbench goes beyond a typical IDE, its a IDP for PHP and Python. Fast, robust and modular, making it the most customizable IDE available. Maguma Workbench incorporates and modular plug-in architecture keeping the core product small and...

Developement, Editor, Ide, Modular, Php, Python, Web


Not Rated Yet BitTorrent Advanced Accelerator 3.6 by SuperAcceleratorSoftware BitTorrent Advanced Accelerator View

BitTorrent Advanced Accelerator is an innovative plug-in for BitTorrent. Architecture of the program is designed to permit you downloads of MP3s, movies and other desired files at highest speed. Bandwidth of your Internet connection is managed as...

Acceleration, Bittorrent, Downloads, Optimization, P2p, Speed


Not Rated Yet US Capitol 3D 1.0 by ScreenSavers4You US Capitol 3D View

Make an incredible tour and visit the most fascinating and famous building of the United States - the Capitol! Built on the Capitol Hill two centuries ago it's a real masterpiece of American architecture nowadays. With a white metal dome crowned...

3d Screensaver, American Architecture, Capitol, Capitol Hill, Download, Justice And Order, Screensaver, Screensaver 3d, Symbol Of Freedom And Independence, Us Capital

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Not Rated Yet Combat Pillows 1.7 by SleepTeam Labs Combat Pillows View

Enter multiplayer environment and fight Extremely Aggressive Pillows (EAP) to death. Stunning graphics and rich sounds yet small size. Open architecture allows add-on levels and movies. No installation necessary, just download and play!

Aggressive, Combat, Czech, Multi Player, Pillow, Shooter, War

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Not Rated Yet AHatch Pro 1.1 by Fell & Kernbach GmbH AHatch Pro View

AHatch Pro is a flexible tool for the design of Autodesk AutoCAD hatch patterns. The generated hatch patterns can be used with the AutoCAD "hatch" and "bhatch" commands. AHatch Pro is developed as a stand-alone program.

Acad, Architecture, Autocad, Cad, Cartography, Civil Engineering, Construction, Create, Din, Din 4023, Editor, Hatch, Iso 710, Pattern, Uscs

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Not Rated Yet Egyptian Craps 1.0 by Egyptian Craps View

While open Egyptian Craps you appear in Egypt where a bright and sunny day surrounds you. Straight in front you see one of the grandest rivers of the world. It is Nile. And near the horizon line you see the pyramids which are the most enigmatical...

Craps, Craps Game, Download Craps, Play Craps

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Not Rated Yet VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE 1.0 by VISOCO Software VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE View

VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE is a BDP.NET provider that allows a developer to get direct access to Sybase ASE from applications based on Borland Delphi and C# Builder. VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE implements all interfaces and objects...

.net, Ado, Ase, Bdp, Borland, C#, Data, Data Migration, Database, Dataset, Delphi, Dotnet, Metadata, Provider, Software, Sybase, Visoco

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Not Rated Yet DBMS ConteXt 5.7.1 by SofteX Plus Inc. DBMS ConteXt View

ConteXt. ConteXt is an interactive DBMS of a new generation. It supports context data model that includes relational, network, partially hiearchial, object-oriented, and attribute-value architecture. ConteXt allows easy development of complex...

Dbms Context


Not Rated Yet Little:eye Lite 1.0 by CBR Software Little:eye Lite View

Maps(AutoDiscovery),SNMP Monitoring,Cisco,SNMP Assets,Remote control,Events management,Bandwidth monitoring,Performance reporting,Syslog,Java Based Web GUI,Client-Server Architecture,Network printer monitoring.

Bandwidth Monitoring, Inventory Management, Network Monitoring, Snmp, Syslog Deamon


Not Rated Yet Historic Saint Augustine Screensaver 1.0 by Envision Programming Historic Saint Augustine Screensaver View

St. Augustine, Florida - The 'Nation's Oldest City'. Any historical buff is sure to enjoy these amazing photos. Gaze at the Spanish architecture, the religious artifacts, the Bridge of Lions, and the plethora of statues.

Florida, History, Saint Augustine, St. Augustine

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Not Rated Yet Ada Bulk Mailer 3.0 by Ada software Ada Bulk Mailer View

A powerful and easy for use tool for mass mailing. Multi Threaded architecture. Internal SMTP server. Two optional delivery ways: DNS delivery (direct delivery) and SMTP delivery. Ada Bulk Mailer sends email to your recipients quickly and easily.

Bulk Mail, Bulk Mailer, E-mail, Mass Mail

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Not Rated Yet AdventNet SNMP API - Free Edition 4 by AdventNet AdventNet SNMP API - Free Edition View

AdventNet SNMP API offers a comprehensive toolkit for SNMP-based network management applications. AdventNet's SNMP stack comprises a set of powerful Java SNMP library to build real-time applications for monitoring and tracking network elements.

Agent, Network Management, Snmp, Snmp Api, Snmp Forwarding, Snmp Monitoring, Snmp Operation, Snmp Proxy, Snmp Request, Snmp Response, Snmp Trap, Snmp V1, Snmp V2c, Snmp V3


Not Rated Yet AllBalancesLink Excel Add-In for Peachtree 1.00 - Build 004. by AllBalancesLink AllBalancesLink Excel Add-In for Peachtree View

AllBalancesLink uses a new add-in architecture introduced from MS Office 2000. This new technology allows the use of interfaces (forms and dialog boxes) therefore enabling much easier user-friendly applications than for instance, DDE implementations.

Accounting, Custom Reports, Excel Add-in, Peachtree, Peachtree Accounting

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Not Rated Yet FASOFT Compressor 1.1 by Fasoft FASOFT Compressor View

FASoft Compressor is a Compressor/Expander/Noise gate DirectX plug-in that works on mono and stereo audio data from within audio applications that support the DirectX plug-in architecture. Using this plug-in you can "shape" the sound of wave...

Audio, Compressor, Directx, Editing, Effect, Expander, Gate, Noise, Plugin, Sound, Wave

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Not Rated Yet FASOFT ParEQ 1.3 by Fasoft No view

FASoft ParEQ is a 20 bands DirectX plug-in that lets users equalize mono and stereo wave files tracks from within audio applications that support the DirectX plug-in architecture. Using this plug-in you can modify the sound of a wave file boosting...

Analyzer, Audio, Directx, Editing, Effect, Equalizer, Gate, Noise, Plugin, Spectrum, Wave

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Not Rated Yet The Down Under Collection Deluxe 1.5 by EdAlive The Down Under Collection Deluxe View

An Australian clipart collection of over 1500 individual images in full colour and black and white designed especially for Australian schools and homes. Perfect for school projects, newsletters, Multimedia and Web design. Over 50 clip art categories.

Adventure, Alphabet, Australian Architecture, Australian Clipart, Australian Culture, Australian Exploration, Australian History, Australian Images, Australian Landmarks, Australian Maps, Clip Art For Schools, Clipart, Educational


Not Rated Yet Sync For SQLServer 1.2 by SleepyAnt Software Sync For SQLServer View

Sync For SQLServer is designed for software developers or database administrators who are working with the Microsoft SQL Server database. It compares two SQL Server databases and determines the differences between them. It generates a SQL change...

Change, Compare, Data, Database, Microsoft, Schema, Script, Sql Server, Synchronize, Update

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