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Not Rated Yet TZ Spyware-Adware Remover by TZ Spyware-Adware Remover View

TZ Spyware Remover is an Adware, SpyWare, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers, Hijackers, Trackware, Thiefware, Also includes a Firewall for protection against hackers, and Anti Phishing utility to blcok "sppofed " spam email.Supports Multi languages.

Ad Aware, Adaware, Adware, Adware Cookies, Back Orifice, Bare Share, Bareshare, Gator, Identity Theft Protection, Kazaa, Keyloggers, Limewire, Lop, Morpheus, Online Privacy, Pest Patrol, Spies, Spy, Spy Sweeper, Spybot

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Not Rated Yet Jellyfish Curious Creatures 1.1 by RateMyScreensaver Jellyfish Curious Creatures View

The free screensaver Jellyfish Curious Creatures was created by and contains 27 high resolution images of Jellyfish. Jellyfish are marine invertebrates belonging to the Scyphozoan class, and in turn the phylum Cnidaria.

Fish, Free Screensaver, Jellyfish, Nature, Screensaver, Screensavers


Not Rated Yet 7art Mirror Clock ScreenSaver 1.1 by 7art Mirror Clock ScreenSaver View

We used to believe that no one could turn time back. Now it's possible with 7art Mirror Clock. Its hands move backwards taking old time with them and bringing back new time that will help us to be in good health and good spirits.

Amazing, Anti, Back, Clock, Clockwise, Desktop, Flash, Image, Liquid, Picture, Saver, Screen, Time, Watch


Not Rated Yet Back To Earth 2 1.1 by Alawar Entertainment Back To Earth 2 View

"Back To Earth 2" is a space arcade scrolling shooter, far superior to other games in this genre. The game is split into 7 episodes, each made of 4 levels. The final level of each episode ends with a battle with a new alien boss.

Alawar, Arcade, Back, Backtoearth, Earth, Entertainment, Game, Games, Shooter, Space

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Not Rated Yet Angel Bothorius 1.0 by Angel Bothorius View

One day a very unfortunate angel fell through a hole in a cloud and lost all his feathers. He landed in a place, far far away from home - an abandoned, wooden skyland. He had to get back to his home - heaven. Help Bothorius go home!

2dplay, Adventure Games, Alien, Angel Bothorius, Fantasy Games, Flash Games


Not Rated Yet Ice Age Calculation Utility 1.0 by Ice Age Calculation Utility Ice Age Calculation Utility View

Just enter your birthday, and the program will automatically calculate your age through the years to come, and also through the years that already gone away, and there probably no way to get 'em back! Say, you want to know how old you were back...

And The Program Will Automatically Calculate, Just Enter Your Birthday


Not Rated Yet Back words free speed reading training 2.2 by Speed reading is not magic Back words free speed reading training View

Free back words speed reading training. Speed Reading with Improved comprehension. Read any average 240 page book in 2-3 hours, combining high speed voice with text. Adjust speed for maximum enjoyment. Ideal for high school, college and grad...

Flash Speed Reading


Not Rated Yet Reverse Clock ScreenSaver 2.3 by Reverse Clock ScreenSaver View

We used to believe that no one could turn time back. Now it's possible with Reverse Clock. Its hands move backwards but show exact time!

Back, Clock, Desktop, Reverse, Saver, Screen, Time


Not Rated Yet Crow Hunting 1.0 by Thomas Schwab Crow Hunting View

Try to shoot as many crows as possible in the available time. But caution, in some scenes they will shoot back.

3d, Action, Ego, Moorhuhn, Shooter

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Not Rated Yet Dobackup 1.3 by AmoSoft Dobackup View

DoBackup is an universal easy-to-use file backup and synchronization utility. DoBackup backs up the files in two cases: 1.'as is' 2. ZIP-compressed so it simple to recover them. DoBackup can work in a desktop mode and in an automatic background mode.

Auto, Automatic, Back Up, Backup, Compress, Copy, File, Restore, Synchronize, Universal, Zip

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Not Rated Yet DivX2Mp4 1.6 by Rising Research DivX2Mp4 View

Small utility for converting AVI-files of a format MPEG4, compressed Microsoft MPEG4 codec in a format DivX or Angel Potion and back, XviD, 3ivx to DivX 4&5 and back. At converting in a AVI-files is only replaced the heading without any changes data.

3ivx, Angel, Avi, Convert, Divx, Microsoft, Mpeg4, Potion, Xvid


Not Rated Yet DVDPizza 1.0.15 by MOVAVI DVDPizza View

DVDPizza is the simplest ever tool that allows you to copy, burn and backup your DVD! You can save your DVD on your hard disk or copy DVD to DVD with a highest quality. DVDPizza supports all types of DVDs including virtual disks.

Back Up Dvd, Backup Dvd, Clone Dvd, Copy Dvd, Copy Dvd 9, Copy Dvd To Dvd, Dvd Back Up, Dvd Cloner, Dvd Copying

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Not Rated Yet Oven Fresh Browser Options 2.0 by Oven Fresh Web Design No view

Disable Major Browser Features to protect your web page content from unauthorized viewing and theft. Press a button and the code is generated for you. Disable Back Button, Disable Printing, Disable Right Mouse Click, Disable Scroll Bars, and more

Disable Back Button Javascript Code, Disable Page Print, Disable Right Click Javascript Code, Disable Right Mouse Click Javascript Code, Disable Scroll Bars, Disable Scrollbars, Disable Status Bar Links, Disable Status Bar Links Javascript Code, Disable Text Selection, Disable Text Selection Javascript Code, How To Disable Back Button, How To Disable Browser Features, How To Disable Page Print, How To Disable Right Click, How To Disable Scroll Bars, Javascript Code, No Back Button, No Page Print, No Page Printing, No Right Click

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Not Rated Yet Website Link Exchange ASP Script by Web Services Website Link Exchange ASP Script View

SEO friendly reciprocal link exchange web directory ASP script source code increases back links page popularity and instantly index your links on others website. Script improves page ranking and boost online visibility with free internet advertising

Advertise, Asp Script, Back Link, Download, Increase Traffic, Internet, Link Indexing, Page Rank, Popularity, Promotion, Reciprocal Link Exchange, Search Engine Ranking, Seo, Site Submission, Source Code, Swap Links, Web Directory, Webmaster, Website


Not Rated Yet Using System Restore 1.0 by Camtech 2000 Using System Restore View

When a Windows XP user asks how to fix a problem they've recently started having with their PC my first response is to use System Restore to roll it back to a point just before the problem started. I've found the majority either don't know how to...

Back, Backup, Restore, Roll, System, Xp


Not Rated Yet Modem Recorder 3.5.1 by SoftCab Modem Recorder View

Modem Recorder is handy utility for phone calls recording. Features: 1) records phone conversations. 2) records from microphone. 3) plays back recorded mesages via phone line. 4) Plays back recorded mesages via sound card. 5) Can record ALL...

Call, Conversation, Incoming, Modem, Mp3, Phone, Recorder, Sound, Talk, Wav, Wave

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Not Rated Yet Disc Puzzle 1.0 by FreeShareware Disc Puzzle View

The classic game puzzle game. Take any picture, and scramble it. Then try to piece it back together.

Download, Games, Puzzle


Not Rated Yet theweschool.exe 1.0 by theweschool.exe View

You can also get a lot by buying your wedding items at vintage or used stores. Many people bring back their wedding clothing after they have used so that they can recoup some of their money later.This is a great way to save money for you and the...

Bridal, Bride, Marriage, Wedding, Weddings


Not Rated Yet 3D Pond screensaver 1.1 by 3D Pond screensaver View

This new screensaver is an eye-pleasing 3D dreamy journey, calm but dynamic enough to keep you watching, designed to bring happiness and harmony to your life. A lot of well-done details to gaze and the huge moon to meditate at and delight with.

3d, Bird, Chinese, Fish, Lake, Moon, Pond, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, Screensavers

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Not Rated Yet Back text reading 7 by Magic Speed Reading Back text reading View

Speed reading words speed reading training. Speed Reading with Improved comprehension. Read any average 240 page book in 2-3 hours, combining high speed voice with text. Adjust speed for maximum enjoyment. Ideal for high school, college and grad...

Flash, Reading, Speed


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