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Not Rated Yet Aquabble Avalanche 1.3 by Aquabble Avalanche View

This game in 3D unites all lovers of popping aquabbles and 3D gaming. Quick and quiet playing modes, tons of beautiful bonuses, picturesque pond on which the action is going on are waiting for you here. Reach the level where you can chase fish!

3d, Aqua, Aquabble, Aquabubble, Arcade, Avalanche, Bubble, Bubble Shooter, Download, Free Download, Game, Gift, Present, Shareware, Windows Game

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Not Rated Yet Aquabble Quest 1.0 by Aquabble Quest View

Like Aquabble Avalanche? Then you'll love Aquabble Quest. Get ready for popping bubble fun! Here is little Timmy Turtle who get lost on Azabelle river. Follow the river to help Timmy get to his family. Blow all aquabubbles that stand on his way home.

3d, Aqua, Aquabble, Aquabble Quest, Aquabubble, Arcade, Avalanche, Bubble, Bubble Shooter, Download, Free Download, Game, Gift, Present, Shareware, Turtle, Windows Game

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Not Rated Yet Crystal Keeper 1.6 by Crystal Keeper View

Crystal Keeper is a new 3D arcade game. You will have to shoot hordes of monsters of every kind, which will try to steal your priceless magic crystals. An excellent chance to relax and spend some pleasant hours enjoying the game-play.

3d, Action, Adventure, Antivirus, Arcade, Bombs, Bullets, Cheats, Classic, Codes, Doom, Fps, Game, Half-life, Keys, Kids, Levels, Magic, Missions, Monsters

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Not Rated Yet Cliff Hanger 1.0 by No view

Fatal Puzzle - an addictive entertaining game. Your task is to use all your brains and skills and kill all gangsters who flood the country. Stones, guns, bombs and boomerangs will help you in this. Be quick, the time and trials are limited. Free.

Adventure, Arcade, Bombs, Cannon, Chaser, Download, Flash, Free, Game, Gangsters, Play, Puzzle, Skill Levels, Strategy


Not Rated Yet Archibald Arcade Diver 1.0 by Archibald The Cat entertainment Archibald Arcade Diver View

Thrilling submarine kind of adventure based on classical arcade style. A combination of shooting game, classical arcade and popular Bomber-like game makes Archibald Arcade Diver being splendid and long-lasting amusement for everyone.

Arcade, Bomber, Bombs, Children, Diver, Fun, Game, Kids, Submarine, Undersea

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Not Rated Yet FireHawk PC 1.12 by c2matrix FireHawk PC View

A splendid shooting game, 6 levels, 6 bosses, 3D scene, particle effect, record/replay, , 1945-like bullets game. support all win32 platform. * 3 type of ships, each can equipped with 2 major fires and bombs. * scout ship with 2 major fires....

1945, Arcade, Bullets, Cave, Game, New, Stg

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Not Rated Yet Air Hunter 1.00 by Air Hunter View

Yet another horizontal scroll shooter, you say? No way! While we have nothing against scroll shooters, here we have a sample of a completely different genre. Scroll shooters merely require your reflexes: left-right-up-down and shoot. You...

Air Hunter, Arcade, Game

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Not Rated Yet Board Games Collection 1.07 by GameOver-Games, Ltd Board Games Collection View

The game is a collection of four games - Speed Lines, Super Blocks, Fast Balls and Real Clicks. The rules are based on removing certain amounts of chips from the board, depending on the rules of each game. Game makes you attentive and faster!

Board, Clicks, Download, Free, Fun, Game, Gameover Games, Games, Kids, Lines, Trial

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Not Rated Yet AA Defense 1.125 by Squared Out AA Defense View

In control of six anti-aircraft guns, your task is "simple". Defend your base against endless waves of enemy planes, for as long as possible. - Simple mouse controls, - 2 different types of aa guns, - 3 enemy airplanes and - paratroopers -...

Aa Defense, Action, Arcade, Defense, Game, Simple


Not Rated Yet Hangtris 5.1 by Shareware Hangvogel Hangtris View

Tetris game, old style (dos based) with mirror function, fast move and bombs. 12 levels free! This free version counts 12 levels returning forever. Advantages: more than 40 different shapes of blocks, use a mirror and turbo move function to...

3.1, Belgium, Block, Blok, Blokken, Bom, Bomb, Child, Children, Cube, Dos, Download, Easy, Educational, Free, Game, Gratis, Kid, Kids, Kind

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Not Rated Yet Hazard Ball 1.0 by Chris Eastwood Hazard Ball View

Hazard Ball is a very fun and addictivereal-time arcade puzzle game for one or two players of any age group. You find your fate as a ball stuck in a labyrinth realm in which you need to find the exit but this is much harder than it sounds!

Arcade, Ball, Fun, Game, Hazard, Hazard Ball, Hazardball, Hazerd, Hazzard, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet Empire Deluxe Internet Edition 3.5 by Killer Bee Software Empire Deluxe Internet Edition View

Empire Deluxe Internet Edition is the revival of the classic turn-based strategy game Empire Deluxe originally by Mark Baldwin and Bob Rakosky, based on Walter Bright's game Empire, Wargame of the Century. The inspiration for many other games,...

Classic, Deluxe, Empire, Strategy, Turnbased, Wargame


Not Rated Yet Babala for Linux 0.4.0 by Pavel Richter Babala for Linux View

Out of some high monastery comes Babala, a simple logical game with elements of move strategy. Muggers are afoot, amid obstacles and booby traps. You get only limited moves and shots each round. 200 expertly-crafted levels, test of wits not reflexes.

Arsenal, Bomb, Challenge, Compete Online, Difficulty, Enemy, Fantasy, Free Puzzle Game, Freeware, High Score Post, Logic Game, Mind Game, Moves, Score Contest, Shoot, Shots, Solve, Strategy Game, User Forum


Not Rated Yet 3D SurfBlocks 1.0 by 3D Surf Games 3D SurfBlocks View

SurfBlocks is a puzzle game with 3D surface playing field. It will test your mental power and reaction speed. Clear out groups of three or more blocks to make the blocks above collapse. Five different playing field surfaces provide unique challenges.

Arcade, Arcade Game, Collapse Blocks., Free, Free Games, Game, Games, Puzzle, Puzzle Game

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Not Rated Yet 2M Bubbles Lines 1.0e US by 2M Games 2M Bubbles Lines View

Align 5+ bubbles in this addictive arcade / puzzle game for all. Appealing high quality graphics. Full color and full size window mode. Skin your game with themes that display original blocks and nice animations. Sounds fx and music.

Arcade, Arcades, Blocks, Bubble, Bubbles, Download, Game, Games, Online, Puzzle, Puzzles, Shareware, Tetris, Tetrix

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Not Rated Yet 2M Tetrix Collection 2.5e US by 2M Games 2M Tetrix Collection View

Play 30 great Tetris clones like Tetrix and Pentix but also original variations. Appealing high quality graphics. Full color and full size window mode. Skin your game with themes that display original blocks and nice animations. Sounds fx and music.

Arcade, Block, Blocks, Brick, Bricks, Bubble, Bubbles, Clone, Game, Games, Pentix, Puzzle, Puzzles, Tetris, Tetrix

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Not Rated Yet Hex Mines 4.01 by ADC-Soft Hex Mines View

Hex Mines is an improvement of the classic Minesweeper game. There are six board variations and five different levels in Hex Mines. It means that you have 30 different games to play! Additional features: sound effect, MIDI music, customizable...

Bomb, Hex, Mines, Minesweeper

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Not Rated Yet Ballz3D 2.5 by Alawar Entertainment Ballz3D View

Balz3D is an addictive puzzle based on the famous Lines game. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by forming various shapes with colored gems. Additional lives that you earn in the process of the game help you avoid...

3d, Advanced, Alawar, Ballz3d, Classic, Entertainment, Game, Logic, Remake

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Not Rated Yet CheboMan 2.0 by Alawar Entertainment CheboMan View

CheboMan is a classic arcade game, all about collecting treasures and rescuing your friends. Level after level, wandering through the forests, caves, oceans and mountain you will meet more monsters, face more obstacles and collect more bonuses.

Alawar, Arcade, Cheboman, Classic, Entertainment, Game, Games

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Not Rated Yet Devastator 1.5 by Alawar Entertainment&Xbow Software Devastator View

Battle your way through the pirate, feudal and alien stages in record time to reach the level that will decide your destiny. Take your chance to fight with 10 types of weapons, steer 4 types of spaceships, get 10 different bonuses.

Alawar, Arcade, Devastator, Entertainment, Game, Games, New, Space

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