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Not Rated Yet SourceGrid by ComponentSpot No view

SourceGrid is a basic .NET grid control. It allows simple data to be displayed without relying on XML. Useful for simple apps, it lacks databinding, WYSIWYG design-time and printer support, as well as grouping and master/detail capabilities.

Grid .net, Grid Bound, Grid Component, Grid Control, Grid Dll, Grid Dotnet, Grid Library, Grid Unbound, Grid, Winform Grid


Not Rated Yet SMSLibX 2.0 by MENHIR Informatica No view

ActiveX component (DLL) for sending and receiving SMS from PC using a GSM modem. Very simple usage in Visual Basic, ASP, C#, C++, Access(VBA) etc. Features: sending, receiving, status reports, long sms, logo/ringtones/ems, phonebook. Help online.

Activex, Audiotel, Components, Dll, Falcom, Gsm, Library, M2m, Messaging, Mobile, Modem, Nokia, Pc, Receive, Send, Siemens, Sms, Software, Visual Basic, Wavecom


Not Rated Yet ASP Studio 2006 2.12 by Shanghai Advance Info.& Tech.Co.,Ltd. ASP Studio 2006 View

Powerful asp project development tool which integrated with ASP code editing and debugging. With no other asp server, you can edit and debug an ASP project with the help of ASP server integrated capable of debugging.

Asp, Debug, Editor, Javascript, Studio, Vbscript

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Not Rated Yet Virtual Serial Port SDK 2.0 by Franson No view

Using Virtual Serial Port SDK you can create a "new" serial port on your computer. This serial port is completely controlled by your application. Other 3rd party applications can connect to this serial port and believe it is a normal physical...

.net, Activex, Basic, C#, Port, Serial,, Virtual, Visual

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Not Rated Yet J2K-Codec 1.9 by No view

Make your graphics look better with an easy-to-use JPEG 2000 decoding component. J2K-Codec can help game developers, screensaver creators and many others to improve their products--to achieve better image quality and reduce installation package...

.j2k, Activex, Adv202, C#, Decoder, J2k, J2k-codec, Jp2, Jp2000, Jpeg 2000, Jpeg2, Jpeg2000, Jpeg2k, Jpg2, Jpg2000, Library,


Not Rated Yet VCX Library 3.0.2005.08 by Lake of Soft, Ltd VCX Library View

VCX library is a set of ActiveX controls designed for developers of audio streaming projects, such as voice chat, web chat, multi-client conference and similar applications providing real-time low latency audio streaming over TCP/IP networks

Acm, Activex, Application, Audio, Chat, Component, Conference, Develop, Ip, Mixer, Playback, Real-time, Recording, Sound, Streaming, Tcp, Voice, Voip, Wav, Wave

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Not Rated Yet ActiveStockChart 1.0 by ActiveStockChart View

The ActiveStockChart is ActiveX component. It allows you to add the representation support of stock charts in your program in the any programming language which support COM technology The ActiveStockChart ActiveX...

Activex, Analysis, Charts, Component, Currency, Currencytrading, Finances, Financial, Foreign, Forex, Forexnews, Free, Futures, Fx, Fxcharts, Inforex, Management, Market, Meta, Metaquotes

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Not Rated Yet Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java 7.00 by M Squared Technologies LLC Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java View

Resource Standard Metrics (RSM) performs source code metrics and quality analysis for C, C++, C# and Java in any operating system. Analyze lines of code and derive function points, logic complexity, object metrics amd more

C#, C++, Code Quality, Fp, Java, Loc, Metrics, R C, Software Metrics, Source Code Metrics

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Not Rated Yet Personal C Sharp 1.5 by Personal C Sharp View

Personal C Sharp enables a person who has no extensive software experience to use the .NET library to create his / her powerful C# desktop and web applications in an amazingly short time with an extraordinary ease and simplicity.

#, .net, C#, Computer, Graphics, Java, Language, Microsoft, Networking, Pc#, Programming, Random Access File, Software

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Not Rated Yet MasterChart 2.9 by MindFusion Limited MasterChart View

Easy to use .NET charting controls for ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications. The package includes Graph, Line, Area, Bar and Pie Chart components. Each of them can be fully customized via the hundreds properties and methods. Royalty free.

Area,, Bar, Business, Chart, Charting, Component, Control, Dotnet, Forms, Graph, Graphics, Line, Pie, Visualization, Windows


Not Rated Yet Line Counter 1.03 by Noel Danjou Line Counter View

Line Counter is a command-line tool for software developers. It reports the total number of lines of code and comment lines in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and PHP source files. The output may be redirected to a text file.

C, C#, C++, Java, Javascript, Line Counter, Php, Programming, Source Code


Not Rated Yet SearchBlackBox SDK 1.2 by SearchBlackBox Software No view

Integrating a search engine into your own applications offers some valuable benefits. SearchBlackBox SDK offers an extensive API that allows you to add full-text search capabilities to your .NET applications without extra coding.

.net, Asp,, C#, Engine, Full-text, Retrieval, Sdk, Search,


Not Rated Yet Practiline Source Code Line Counter 1.0 by Practiline Software Practiline Source Code Line Counter View

Source code line count software for developers and project managers. Ability to count code lines, comment lines and mixed lines in single files as well as entire directories. Preset (changeable) count rules for almost all types of source code files.

Ada, Asm, Asp, Awk, Bat, Bourne Shell And Variants, C, C#, C++, Cbl, Cc, Cob, Cobol, Count, Cpp, Cs, Csh, Css, Csv, Cvs

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Not Rated Yet Sequentum SQL Sharp 1.1.0 by Sequentum Sequentum SQL Sharp View

SQL Sharp is a Visual studio addin that allows a software developer to write SQL statements straight into his source code. The SQL statements are instantly transformed into typed data classes making it much easier and safer to retrieve data.

Addin, Ado,, C#, Csharp. .net, Database, Sql Server, Sql Sharp,, Visual Studio


Not Rated Yet CompileX .NET 3.0 by TaylorTradeTalk, Inc. No view

.NET Database Driven Application Generator automatically generates multi-tier enterprise-level business applications. All is generated, database (or integrate existing databases), logic layer, web forms, all SQL queries, and XML, VB and C# code.

.net, Ado, Application, Asp, Business, C#, Code, Database, Generator, Logic, Multi-tier, Net, Sql, Vb, Visual Studio, Web Services, Webservices


Not Rated Yet Map Suite Engine 2.0 by ThinkGeo LLC Map Suite Engine View

Map Suite Engine is a powerful and feature-rich low level component that enables C# and VB.NET software developers to generate great-looking map images for presentations. Map Suite Engine handles the map drawing and provides the mapping tools.

.net, .net Component, .net Mapping Component, Low Level Component, Map, Map Suite, Map Suite Engine, Mapping Component, Mapping Presentations, Non-visual Component Library, Spatial Application


Not Rated Yet HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption 2.00 by DevOTechS HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption View

Library with encryption functions and huge integer math functions. RSA public key, AES secret key encryption, SHA-512 hash function, PRNG: Blum-Blum-Shub and RSA, Diffie-Hellman, file shredding, compression and more. For every programming language.

Aes, Arbitrary Precision, Compression, Diffie-hellman, Digital Signature, Dll, Encryption, Library, Md5, Multiple Precision, Public Key Encryption, Rc4, Rijndael, Rsa, Secret Key Encryption, Securely Erase Files, Sha-1, Sha-256, Sha-512, Zlib

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Not Rated Yet BKAudio 2.0.0 by Bill Koukoutsis No view

The BKAudio v2.0 class library allows you to visually add sounds to your .NET applications! Per Developer and Source Code Licensing are available. In both cases, there are no runtime royalties or other fees! Updates for the current version are free.

.net, Audio, C#, Class, Collection, Pcm, Play, Sound, Wav, Wave


Not Rated Yet 10Tec iGrid.NET 1.70 by 10Tec Company 10Tec iGrid.NET View

iGrid.NET is the most flexible, fast and easiest grid for the .NET Framework. It provides you with a wide range of properties and events which allow you to highly customize it for your particular task. You can use iGrid.NET either as a list view...

.net, Button, C#, Cell, Check Box, Checkbox, Color, Column, Control, Datagrid, Dot Net, Dotnet, Drop-down, Dropdown, Ellipsis, Frozen, Grid, Grid Line, Gridline, Header

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Not Rated Yet Maverick.NET 1.0.7 by 3SP Ltd Maverick.NET View

Maverick.NET is a lightweight professional API for the Microsoft .NET framework. The product is written using 1000% managed C#, is compatible with all versions of the framework and supports SSH1, SSH2, SFTP and SCP. No external dependencies.

Api, Java, Microsoft .net, Secure Ftp, Sftp, Ssh, Ssh1, Ssh2

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