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Not Rated Yet My Cleaning Business 5.0 by Software My Cleaning Business View

This is for anyone who owns a small cleaning business that wants to keep track of their clients in a more organized way. Now you can easily record and view info on every cleaning job you have done. Plus view and print out detailed records and charts.

Cleaning Business, Cleaning Business Software, Cleaning Software, Starting A Cleaning Business

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Not Rated Yet Clean n Go 2.8.1 by DataMystic Clean n Go View

Ever noticed how you always have your computer turned on when you realise you need to clean the mouse (or spill a drink on the keyboard and need to mop it up in a hurry)? And while cleaning the mouse, you inadvertently screw up running programs?

Clean, Disable, Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse

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Not Rated Yet SureClean 2.0.1002 by Panicware Inc. SureClean View

Now with Firefox support, SureClean Secure Delete provides the ultimate in privacy based cleaning for you and your computer. This product will make sure that your sensitive information is erased permanently. Erase Internet surfing information!

Cache, Clean, Clean Files, Cookie, Delete, Delete Files, File Cleaning, History, Index.dat, Pc Cleaning, Privacy, Private, Secure

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Not Rated Yet Winfotinto 2.0 by LGI IT Solutions Inc Winfotinto View

The Software for Dry Cleaners and Laundries. With over 1.300 licenses sold, Winfotinto is currently helping numerous Dry Cleaning / Laundry business all over the world. Our software was specifically designed to be used in this sector, always...

Dry Cleaning, Drycleaners, Drycleaning, Laundries, Laundry, Pos Drycleaning, Pos Laundry, Pos Software

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Not Rated Yet flin4clean 2006 3.5 by flinsoft flin4clean 2006 View

An Easy and complete software to manage the cleaning companies business activities with simplicity It's the software developed for small and mid-sized Cleaning Companies to automatically issue invoices and Manage Clients' Visits. The only...

Accounting Software, Cleaning Companies

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Not Rated Yet Mail Cleaner Express 3.2 by Be Happy Dammit No view

Free program for cleaning up your email from ugly >>> and other garbage from forwarded email.

>, Clean, Cleaner, Email, Forward, Mail, Reply, Strip, Ugly, White Space


Not Rated Yet DiskSweeper FREE 2.0 by Crave Worldwide DiskSweeper FREE View

DiskSweeper FREE is a disk cleaning program which finds and removes unnecessary garbage files from your local and network disk drives. It removes temporary files , backup files, installation leftover files created by many programs.

Clean, Clean Junk, Cleaning, Cleaning Software, Disksweeper, File, Files, Find Out, Free, Hard Disk, Scan, Space, Temporary


Not Rated Yet WinPure ListCleaner Lite 2.20.0 by WinPure WinPure ListCleaner Lite View

WinPure ListCleaner Lite is a data cleansing, list cleaning and dedupe software for cleaning and correcting your databases, spreadsheets, emails, etc. It contains 6 list/data cleansing modules and has been designed for anyone to use.

Business Software, Data Cleaning, Data Cleansing, Dedupe, Email Software, List Cleaner, List Cleaning, List Cleansing, List Management, Marketing List Software, Winpure


Not Rated Yet Fast System Washer 3.0.3 by AdvexSoft LLC Fast System Washer View

Fast System Washer protects your privacy and improves PC performance by automatic cleaning all junk, temporary, internet files and external applications history. Fast System & Internet Washer recovers hard disk space and speeds up system...

Clean Disk, Clean Files, Clean Windows, Disk Cleaner, Disk Washer, Fast Windows Washer, File Cleaner, Garbage Cleaner, Internet Washer, System Cleaner, Window Washer, Windows Cleaner

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Editor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 Stars Free Internet/System History Cleaning Studio by WindowsSupporter Corp. Free Internet/System History Cleaning Studio View

Your computer stores more information than you think. All over your hard drive is information about the sites you've visited, files you've opened, and people you've e-mailed. Automatic Windows and Internet Washer cleans any evidence of your...

Clean System, Erase Activities, Erase Trace, History Cleaner, Privacy

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Not Rated Yet Softes Windows Cleaner 2005 by Emil Simunovic (Softes) Softes Windows Cleaner 2005 View

Windows Cleaner is All-In-One cleaning solution. Cleaner takes care of your temp/internet files/folders, registry and junk files. All it takes is one click on any key (user choice) on a keyboard: user can clean windows temp folders, clipboard,...

All-in-one Cleaning Solution


Not Rated Yet Evidence Washer 4.30 by Allera Software Evidence Washer View

Evidence Washer protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your Internet and system activities. It can clean your browser's cache, cookies, web forms data, entries in your recent documents history, recent applications history, find...

Cache, Cleaner, Cookies, Privacy, Washer

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Not Rated Yet DiskAnalyzer Professional 1.7 by Crave Worldwide DiskAnalyzer Professional View

DiskAnalyzer Professional (formerly MBS Disk Space Analyzer) is a fast, flexible and network-enabled hard disk space analysis and cleaning software. It helps you find out exact disk space utilization and regain your lost disk space.

Analysis, Analyzer, Biggest, Clean, Clean Junk, Cleaning, Cleaning Software, Diskanalyzer Professional, File, Files, Find Out, Hard Disk, Mbs, Mbs Disk Space Analyzer, Oldest, Scan, Space, Temporary

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Not Rated Yet DeleteMe 1.2b by Kristof Gajsek - CyberKiko DeleteMe View

DeleteMe removes files that are unchanged for a specified period. It may be used for regular cleaning of temporary folders, log files folders, network shared folders used for temporary file sharing or other folders that must be cleaned on a regularly

Delete, Deleteme, Erase, Files, Folders, Removal, Temporary


Not Rated Yet Code Validator 1.0 by EZ-R Stats, LLC Code Validator View

Public domain software to cross validate phone number area codes, zip codes and state codes. Useful in verifying or cleaning up such codes in data files. This is a command line program where the column names in the data file to be analyzed can...

Area Code, State Code, Zip Code Validation


Not Rated Yet 1 Registry Cleaner 1.1 by 1 Registry Cleaner View

1 Registry Cleaner is the no. 1 system optimization and registry cleaning software! 1Registry Eraser scans your Windows Registry in search for error- running applications, for incorrect or misplaced shortcuts and improperly installed applications.


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Not Rated Yet Internet Eraser Pro 2.0 by Internet Eraser Pro View

Tracks Eraser Pro is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the tracks of Internet activities on your computer. With only one click, Tracks Eraser allows you to erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, autocomplete memory, etc.

Internet Eraser, Internet Washer, Track Eraser

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Not Rated Yet AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro 3.46 by SysShield Consulting, Inc AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro View

Sometimes, you just want to cover your tracks. AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your Internet and computer activities. The tool is integrated with IE and it can erase the browser cache, history,...

Clean Cache, Delete Cookie, Internet Eraser, Track Eraser

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Not Rated Yet Easy Erase File Cleaner 1.0 by Easy Erase File Cleaner View

Easy Erase File Cleaner is a simple file cleaning utility. Easily erase your temporary internet files, temp files, browser histories, and other personal information. With an option to perform at startup, Easy Erase File Cleaner also allows you...

Clean Files, Delete Files, Delete Temp Files, Easy Erase File Cleaner, Erase Files, File Cleaner, Free File Cleaner


Not Rated Yet Privacy Cleaner Pro 4.10 by Linren Software Privacy Cleaner Pro View

Your computer is spying on you now! It stores all the evidence into your hard disk. Anyone using your computer can see where you have been on Internet, what images and movies you have seen, and even anything you have done on your computer could be...

Cache, Erase, History, Ie, Privacy, Temp, Windows

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