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Not Rated Yet Coin Collection Wizard 1.01 by Information Packaging Coin Collection Wizard View

Coin Collection Wizard is a personal coin collection database. Use it to record and track your coin collection as it grows. Keep a list of all of your rare coins and collectable coins in the program and track the value, price and dates.

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Not Rated Yet CoinManage UK Coin Collecting Software 2006 by Liberty Street Software CoinManage UK Coin Collecting Software View

Use CoinManage UK to easily & accurately catalogue your UK Coin Collection. Included is a comprehensive database of over 6600 British Milled coins, complete with values. Use our eBay™ coin search feature to find auctions & research selling...

Coin, Coin Collecting, Coin Collecting Software, Coin Collector, Coin Software, Coin Value, Coin Values, Coins, Collector, Numismatic


Not Rated Yet Coin Tracker 2.2 by CyberNiche Software Coin Tracker View

Coin Tracker is a simple but powerful database program for coin collectors to use for cataloging their collection of coins. Thirty different data fields allow you to store detailed information about each coin, including country, description,...

Coin Auction, Coin Catalog, Coin Collecting, Coin Inventory, Coins, Currency, Money, Numismatic, Numismatist, Us Coins

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Not Rated Yet WorldCoins 2.0.26 by ArteCode Software WorldCoins View

WorldCoins is both a comprehensive coin organizer and inventory software program for everyone who wants to have a complete and detailed inventory of a collection of coins as well as keep up to date this collection with ease and no effort. Over...

Coin Collecting, Coin Collecting Software, Coin Collection, Coin Collectors, Coin Organizer, Coin Software, Hobby

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Not Rated Yet Coin Collector Professional 7.0 by Software Coin Collector Professional View

This is the perfect computer program for anyone into Coin Collecting, from novices to pro's. This program lets you record detailed information about each coin, such as: COIN AQUIRED FROM, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE, EMAIL, NOTES, COMMENTS, TYPE OF COIN,...

Coin Collecting, Coin Collecting Software, Coin Collecting Tools, Coin Collector Software, Coin Software

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Not Rated Yet NumisEXPERT Collector 3.0 by Resource International Publishing Inc. NumisEXPERT Collector View

Coin collecting software helps the user maximize his collection. Identifies all U.S. coins since 1616 including errors and varieties and provides current retail price with monthly updates. Provides many more features including posting to auctions.

Buy Coins, Coin Collecting, Coin Collecting Software, Coin Management, Coin Price, Coin Sales, Collect Coins, Rare Coin Prices


Not Rated Yet Coin Weighing 1.1.0 by Novel Games Limited Coin Weighing View

The purpose of this game is to find out a fake coin by using a scale. There's is only one fake coin in the pile of coins and the fake coins is either heavier or lighter than the real ones but you do not know whether it is heavier or lighter. You...

Coin Weighing, Coins, Mind Games, Puzzle Games


Not Rated Yet CollectorSoft 3.1 by CollectorSoft View

Telience CollectorSoft - organize, evaluate and share your coin, stamp and other collections Easy to use and powerful features * manage your collections to track for evaluation, budgeting, warranties, and for insurance

Coin, Collector, Evaluate, Stamp

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Not Rated Yet Coin Collecting Book 1.0 by Give Away Guides No view

“Coin Collecting Book” will give the novice all the information you need to start out to successfully. Discover Where to find coins, What you should look for in a coin, Pros and cons of buying at auction, Where you can buy bullion coins and...

Coin Collecting, Coin Collecting Book, Coins


Not Rated Yet Find Coins Viewer 1.0 by The Eye Feel Find Coins Viewer View

Viewer utility of the site where you can find information about coins of world and where you can manage online your collection to easily swap with other user. Use this utility to view information of all coins of the worlds

Coins, Collection, Dollar, Euro, Find, Numismatics, Swap, Swapper


Not Rated Yet Coin World 2.2 by Addictive 247 Coin World View

Coin World is a platform game that combines arcade action, excellent 3D graphics and addictive gameplay. Take control of Colin the Coin in his battle to defeat the evil bank note Flash and to retrieve the lost coins. Flash has scattered the coins...

Action Game, Addictive, Addictive 247, Arcade Game, Coin World, Computer, Computer Games, Download Games, Downloadable Games, Free Demo, Free Downloads, Free Games, Free To Try, Game, Jump And Run Game, Pc Games, Platform Game, Shareware, Video Games

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Not Rated Yet HomeGenie 1.2 by HomeGenie HomeGenie View

HomeGenie is a Home Inventory and Organizer program providing a plan of your home and a digital and photo inventory of all your items for insurance purposes. You can setup the software to record any information you wish to store about them.

Antique Collecting, Antique Collection, Coin Collecting, Coin Collection, Film Collecting, Film Collection, Home Inventory, Home Organizer, Home Planner, Home Security, Homegenie, Stamp Collecting, Stamp Collection

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Not Rated Yet Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Game Timer 3.6 by Weavefuture Inc. Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Game Timer View

Turn your PC into self service internet cafe, internet kiosk cybercafe kiosk, PC Game Kiosk, Video System Kiosk, JukeBox etc. Save you management cost, hiring cost. make profit for you internet cafe and kiosk business. It charge user by time usage.

Acceptor, Cafe, Coin, Cyber, Internet, Kiosk, Mech, Op, Operation, Self, Service, Timer, Validator

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Not Rated Yet Coin Planets 2.3 by Addictive 247 Coin Planets View

Coin Planets is an addictive platform game that combines arcade action, excellent 3D graphics, animation and exciting gameplay. Colin the Coin is back in his latest adventure. Colins arch-enemy Flash the Cash is up to his old tricks again and has...

Action Game, Addictive, Addictive 247, Arcade Game, Coin Planets, Computer, Computer Games, Download Games, Downloadable Games, Free Downloads, Free Games, Free To Try, Game, Jump And Run Game, Pc, Pc Games, Platform Game, Shareware, Video Games

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Not Rated Yet Animated Money 1.0 by Flix Productions Animated Money View

Teaches coin recognition and math skills using US and Canadian coins. The coins are scanned in to be highly recognizable. Three types of games are provided: coin recognition and adjustable level matching games (coins to amounts and coins to coins).

Canadian, Coins, Counting, Currency, Money, U.s.

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Not Rated Yet BePlumbedS60 1.01 by Feejo Soft BePlumbedS60 View

The well-known classic coin-op puzzle game for your Nokia series 60 phone! BePlumbed is a classic game in which a plumber tries to lay pipe before a gushing stream of water can overwhelm him! When you start new level, after a short delay, water...

Classic, Coin-op, Cool, Game, Nokia, Phone, Pipes, Puzzle, S60

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Not Rated Yet CASH Interface Software by Bernd Karle Hard-Softwareentwicklung CASH Interface Software View

With the serial CASH-Interface you can connect coin acceptors of the type NRI, EMP and others or bill acceptors of the type GBA, Smiley and others. Monitoring a device is carried out via a DLL which can be used out of every programming language!

Bill Acceptor Interface, Coin Acceptor Interface, Emp, Gba, Nri, Nv7, Nv8, Smiley


Not Rated Yet SimpleSurf 2.0 by CyberD(UK).com ltd SimpleSurf View

Simple Surf is the kiosk software solution for turning any pc into a secure internet browser. Simple Surf supports many peripherals including coin mechanisms, printers, note validators, barcode readers and magnetic card readers.

Barcode, Browser, Cafe, Coin, Control, Cyber, Disabilities, Kiosk, Note, Readers, Secure, Timed, Validators

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Not Rated Yet VRockola 2006 by VRockola VRockola View

VRockola is a high performance software specially designed for coin-operated PC based Jukebox Systems. Collect your music and videos in a folder and VRockola will find, organize and list them in an easy one step for you.

Cinquera, Fonola, Gramola, Jukebox, Pc Jukebox, Rockola, Sinfonola, Video Jukebox, Videojukebox, Videorockola, Wurlitzer

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Not Rated Yet Dragon Dollars Slots - Pokies 18.5 by Pokie Magic Pokies - Slots Dragon Dollars Slots - Pokies View

Pokie Magic - Dragon Dollars is an Aussie style slot simulation (also called a poker machine or a Pokie). Play the pokies at home! The one time price gives you THREE great games - Dragon Dollars 5 reel, 6 reel and Special Edition. 3 or more...

Casino, Dragon Dollars, Eastern Slots, Gambling, Pokie, Pokie Magic, Pokies, Roulette, Slot Machine, Slots

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