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Not Rated Yet DROANS 2.0.5 by TONSO games DROANS View

Columns style game with very nice graphics and spectacular music. Combine the colorful blocks in rows, columns or diagonals of three or more to remove them from the screen. When you play better, gravity increase, how much can you support? Colorful...

Blocks, Columns, Diabolical, Games, Music, Puzzle, Tiles

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Not Rated Yet DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assembly 1.04.3 by RustemSoft DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assembly View

RustemSoft is presenting a software package for customizing your .NET 2.0 Windows Forms DataGridView Columns. DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assembly is a DataGridView Columns software package specifically designed for Windows Forms .NET 2.0...

.net, .net 2.0, .net 2005, Beginners .net, C#, Columns, Combobox, Datagrid, Datagridview, Datagridview Combobox, Learn Vb, Vb Examples,, Visual Basic, Visual Studio

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Not Rated Yet ASP DataGridColumns .NET assembly 1.2.6 by RustemSoft ASP DataGridColumns .NET assembly View

ASP DataGridColumns .NET assembly from RustemSoft is a DataGrid Columns software package specifically designed for ASP.NET developers. The assembly allows you to use all strengths of the MS ASP .NET DataGrid server control without waiving the user...

.net, Asp, Asp Datagrid Combobox, C#, Columns, Date Picker, Datetime, Dropdown, For Beginners .net, Learn Vb, Vb Examples,, Visual Basic

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Not Rated Yet Coolumns 2 3.03 by Coolumns 2 View

Protect cool columns from filling up completely in 10 puzzle games! Take out pieces of the columns and make one-colour lines of them, which disappear. For one turn it is possible to take out the different number of pieces, depending on game.

Bejeweled, Board, Child, Classic, Columns, Coolumns, Download, Family, Fun, Game, Kids, Lines, Logic, Mind, Puzzle, Strategy, Tetris


Not Rated Yet Excel Random Sort Order of Cells, Rows & Columns Software 7.0 by Sobolsoft Excel Random Sort Order of Cells, Rows & Columns Software View

Randomly shuffle Excel cells, entire rows, or entire columns. Sorting is done quickly and at complete random.

10-strike, 1:1, 2.0, 3ivx, 4x3, 5, 6, 7canaries, Analysis, Block, Cells, Col, Column, Data, Entries, Excel, Five, Four, Group, Highlighted

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Not Rated Yet Excel Merge (Combine) Cells, Columns, Rows & Data Software 7.0 by Sobolsoft Excel Merge (Combine) Cells, Columns, Rows & Data Software View

Combine cells in Excel. Select many cells and have them put into one. Instead of having data that spans over multiple columns, this add-in automatically joins the content in each column and puts them into one. The same goes for rows.

2.0, 2000 2003, 3ivx, Across, Adding, Aggregate, Blank, Book, Cells, Cols, Columns, Combining, Concatenate, Consolidate, Consolidating, Content, Copy, Copying, Create, Data

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Not Rated Yet MS Access Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Fields Software 7.0 by Sobolsoft MS Access Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Fields Software View

Apply math to fields (columns) in MS Access. You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division between two fields or on one field by a user-specified (constant) number.

1:1, 2.0, 3ivx, Adding, Addition, Appends, Autonumber, Between, By, Calculate, Calculated, Calculating, Change, Code, Columns, Constant, Count, Data, Database, Date

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Not Rated Yet Drippy 1.1 by Screaming Duck Software Drippy View

A new game idea. Not just an old game with a different name and better graphics and enough little changes to evade copyright, but a whole new game concept. It's not Tetris. It's not Columns. It's not Puzzle Bobble. It's... Drippy!

Addictive, Columns, Drippy, Drop, Fun, Goo, Puzzle, Screaming Duck, Tetris

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Not Rated Yet Adjunct Blaster by StudyLamp Software Adjunct Blaster View

In this addictive game you must rotate and move falling tiles and form connections of the same color to clear them from the grid. Blaster tiles and Mystery tiles add unpredictability to the game. Sure to please fans of Tetris, Columns, or Bejeweled!

Adjunct Blaster, Bejeweled, Columns, Diamond Mine, Puzzle, Tetris


Not Rated Yet Excel Import Multiple Access Tables Software 7.0 by Sobolsoft Excel Import Multiple Access Tables Software View

Send MS Access tables to Excel worksheets. The columns headers will be brought in as the first row. The remaining rows will be the rest of the data found within the table. A wizard makes the process simple and allows you to choose which fields...

2.0, 2000, 2003, 2007, Automation, Back, Best Way, Bring In, Columns, Connect, Connecter, Connecting, Connector, Converter, Converting, Copy, Copying, Custom, Data, Database

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Not Rated Yet Cloud Burst 1.5 by Crazy Hermit Games Cloud Burst View

Big colorful drops are coming down hard in this fun and super addictive new puzzle game! Combine colorful raindrops in rows and columns of three or more to remove them from the screen. Watch out for the umbrellas, they're no help in this...

Games, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet Blue Mosque 3D 1.0 by ScreenSavers4You Blue Mosque 3D View

It's not surprising that many orient sultans and tsars dreamed of possessing the city with such a picturesque and vivid construction. Numerous quaint foot-paths, spacious squares with mighty antique columns and hexagonal fountain for ablution...

3d Screensaver, Antique Columns, Blue Mosque, Download, Hexagonal Fountain, Orient Sultan, Screensaver, Screensaver 3d, Tsars

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Not Rated Yet DataGen 0.9 by DaanSystems DataGen View

Datagen makes it possible to insert meaningful testdata into any database you can connect to with ADO. Features: Support for MS-SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. (any ODBC driver) Insert Identity columns Insert random data from text...

Data, Database, Generation, Mysql, Postgresql, Server, Sql, Testdata

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Not Rated Yet FormCalc for QuickBooks 1.01 by Flagship Technologies, Inc. FormCalc for QuickBooks View

FormCalc does calculations directly on QuickBooks forms--calculated columns, totals and subtotals, item summaries/statistics, total shipping weight, etc. It works with old and new versions of QuickBooks for Windows, including most non-U.S. versions.

Calculator, Column, Form, Invoice, Math, Order, Purchase, Quickbooks, Sales


Not Rated Yet 1.1 by View is a web-based program that enables remote database management. View, edit, delete and create new records in a database table. Also, you can create new tables, drop tables, add or delete columns in a table and edit sql commands.

Active Server Pages Database, Asp, Asp Database, Aspdatabase,, Database, Database Management, Microsoft Access Database, Online Database, Remote Database Management, Web Browser Database, Web Database, Webdatabase

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Not Rated Yet Dimenes 1.5 by FOGAL SRL Dimenes View

Dimenes is a program useful to design metallic structures for the most common cases. Basically it is a calculator for sections of beams, columns and bars, which compares different solutions and performs qualitative and quantitative computation of...

Architects, Bars, Beams, Calculations, Materials, Measuring, Steel, Structures

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Not Rated Yet CrazyCrystals 1.1.0 by Andy Kellett CrazyCrystals View

CrazyCrystals is a new sliding puzzle game which tests your grey matter! The game is very simple to learn, all you have to do is slide the rows and columns to make groups of 5 or more crystals. Score additional points by creating combo moves!

Crystals, Diamonds, Exploding, Grouping, Jewels, Logic, Puzzle, Sliding, Thinking

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Not Rated Yet Excel Compare Data in Two Tables Software 7.0 by Sobolsoft Excel Compare Data in Two Tables Software View

Compare 2 separate blocks of Excel cells and find differences between them. Comparison results explain which cells were changed and which rows have been added or deleted. There is a feature for finding matches between two blocks of cells.

1:1, 2.0, 2000, 2003, 2007, 3ivx, Addin, All, Between Two, Books, Cells, Changed, Changes, Columns, Comparing, Comparison, Contrast, Contrasting, Conversion, Correlate

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Not Rated Yet Image2db 2.1 by Vive Corp. Image2db View

Image2db is a utility for uploading large binary and text data to the database. It allows you to insert any number of files into the database. Image2db works with BLOB columns. A SQL BLOB is a built-in type that stores a Binary Large Object as a...

Access, Blob, Database, Image2db, Mysql, Oracle, Sql Server, Sqlite


Not Rated Yet Amazing Blocks II 1.0 by XDgames Amazing Blocks II View

Amazing Blocks II is 3D version of the popular Amazing Blocks game. Here the player can use fast but simple logic to arrange different colored blocks of varying shapes into rows, columns or diagonal lines. Once the player has aligned 3 or more blocks

Amazing Blocks Ii, Game, Puzzle, Tetris

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