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Not Rated Yet IsEqual 1.01 by Helmsman IsEqual View

A must have for those who often deals with identifying files that have been changed. New IsEqual will help you to quickly identify differences between files even with multitude of new features. IsEqual will do it in the most informative way -...

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Not Rated Yet Compare PDF 2.0 by AKS-Labs Compare PDF View

Compare PDF can compare both - related and non-related Adobe Acrobat files. "By keywords" comparison feature highlights common and unique keywords, allowing to compare non-related files. Word-by-word comparison compares files with a common ancestor

By Keywords, Compare Adobe Acrobat, Compare File, Compare Folder, Compare Pdf, Comparison Report, Folder Comparison, Merge Text, Pdf Compare

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Not Rated Yet AKS Image Comparer 1.0 by AKS-Labs AKS Image Comparer View

AKS Image Comparer is a utility that allows you to compare two JPG files and show differences between them. For instance, this tool allows you to compare two versions of the same image, chart, diagram or scheme. Version 1.0 features a plain...

Compare Image, Compare Picture, Diff Image, Diff Picture

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Not Rated Yet Compare Mortgage Rates - Quote Finder 1.2.1 by Testiment Browsers Compare Mortgage Rates - Quote Finder View

Compare Mortgage Rates - Free Quote Finder. Simply fill in your information, and this tool will broadcast your details to 4 leading lenders in the United Sates. You will receive your quotes shortly afterward, per your mortgage/refinancing details.

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Not Rated Yet Hex Comparison 1.948 by Hex Comparison View

A binary file comparison and hex editor. Help you to compare files in binary format, serving as a hex editor. Allow compare two files and find every different easily.Save comparison to file. Find synchronous position by double click [ ].

Binary, Binary File Compare, Edit, Editor, File Compare, Hex, Hex Compare, Hex Comparison, Hex File Compare

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Not Rated Yet Compare And Merge 2.3 by TGRMN Software Compare And Merge View

Compare and Merge is a visual file compare utility. It lets you see the differences between text files, and makes it easy to resolve these differences. For programmers, web developers, and anyone else who works with multiple revisions of files.

Analyze, Change, Diff, Difference, Directory, File Compare, File Merge, Folder, Html, Old Version, Programmer, Revision, Source Code, Synchronize, Text File Compare, Web Developer

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Not Rated Yet FCPro 1.2.0 by Coleap FCPro View

FCPro is a command-line binary file compare tool incorporating fastest comparison, pragmatic features and ease of use. It can help you compare the contents of files byte by byte, and provide detailed relevant information.

Compare File, Fcpro, File Compare, File Comparison, Folder Compare, Verify File

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Not Rated Yet DB Explorer 3.0.1 by SLIK Software Ltd DB Explorer View

Compare two database schemas and/or table data rows and report differences. Synchronise the differences for one or other database. Sync Schema generates the SQL DDL statements. Sync Data either transfers the rows or generates SQL DML statements.

Compare Data, Compare Database, Compare Records, Compare Tables, Database Difference, Database Utility, Metadata, Schema, Synchronise Database, View Database

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Not Rated Yet SQLMerger 1.1 by Dmagix Software SQLMerger View

SQLMerger enables you to compare and merge data from two databases visually and automatically. All the changes are made via a SQL script automatically created and collected through time. SQLMerger makes it very easy to upgrade and edit contents in...

Analyzer, Compare, Comparison, Data, Data Merger, Database, Database Merge, Design, Development, Diff, Difference, Download, Free, Management, Merge, Merge Data Software, Merge Database Data, Merging Data, Record, Software


Not Rated Yet Compare Advance 1.1.1 by BauerApps Compare Advance View

Easy to use folder compare utility with advanced features. Compare any two folders, zip files or snapshots and easily see the difference between them. Unique features to make folder comparison and synchronization that much easier.

Backup, Compare, Compare Directories, Compare Folders, Folder Synchronization, Sync, Synchronize

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Not Rated Yet AdeptSQL Diff 1.95 Build 86 by Adept SQL Tools AdeptSQL Diff View

With AdeptSQL Diff, you can visually compare two MS SQL Server databases, then produce and execute difference scripts for a choosen part or for the whole schema. Also compares table data. Very fast and easy to operate.

Compare Database, Compare Sql, Database, Database Utility, Ddl, Ms Sql, Ms Sql Server, Relational, Schema, Sql, Sql Server


Not Rated Yet ComparatorPro 4.00 by SoftByte Labs ComparatorPro View

ComparatorPro will compare files, folders and sub-folders to quickly update backup set before you get down to some serious work. It can easily sync the files to ensure a perfect match. This comparison utility will compare and verify your files...

Back, Backup, Briefcase, Comparator, Comparatorpro, Compare, Comparing, Comparison, Data, Database, Directory, Disk, Drive, Duplicate, File, Files, Find, Finder, Folder, Hard

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Not Rated Yet VBA Code Compare 0.4 by Formula Software, Inc. VBA Code Compare View

VBA Code Compare allows you to compare and merge any Visual Basic code embedded into a VBA project (macros, sheet code, module code etc.). VBA Code Compare uses direct access for working with VBA modules. Supports Excel, Access and Word files.

Bas, Basic, Code, Compare, Difference, Document, Excel, File, Macros, Merge, Module, Project, Sheet, Software, Source, Synchronize, Tool, Utility, Vba, Version


Not Rated Yet Option Profit Calculator 1.0.0 by Leithauser Research Option Profit Calculator View

Compare stock or option transactions. Input transaction data. Calculates profit from transactions, potential loss, annualized profit (in dollars and as percentage), and annualized potential loss. Factors in commission fees. Stores results.

Annualized, Buy, Calculate, Calculator, Compare, Compute, Option, Profit, Sell, Stock

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Not Rated Yet Apex SQL Diff 2005.10 by Apex SQL Tools Apex SQL Diff View

Apex SQL Diff is a server based, high speed database comparison tool that will analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views, users etc between two Microsoft SQL Server databases in seconds. You will be able to visually observe the...

Data Comparison, Data Diff, Data Synchronization, Database Compare, Database Comparison, Database Synchronization, Sql Compare, Sql Diff

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Not Rated Yet DbWeigher 1.1 by DbWeigher View

The DbWeigher is the software for developers using MS Access database as database backend. With the help of this program you can compare the structures of Microsoft Access databases. As a result of the comparison a sql script is created.

Column, Compare, Data Definition Language, Database, Dbweigher, Ddl, Diff, Difference, Field, Index, Relationship, Schema, Show Difference, Sql, Table, Visually

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Not Rated Yet NHs PictureSort 2.0 by Norbert Heidbuechel NHs PictureSort View

Within one single program, you can view and compare pictures, move one or more pictures to new folders, rename one or more pictures with only a few mouse clicks, flip and rotate pictures. And of course you can move and categorize all other files too.

Categorize, Cliparts, Compare, Edit, Files, Flip, Images, Modify, Pictures, Rename, Rotate, Sort, View

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Not Rated Yet AJC Directory Synchronizer 2.7.1 by AJC Software AJC Directory Synchronizer View

AJC Directory Synchronizer makes it easy to synchronize files and compare folders between any two locations. Synchronize large numbers of files between computers, sync laptop to desktop, mirror to backup drive, sync mp3 player etc.

Compare, Compare Directories, Compare Files, Compare Folders, Desktop, Diff, Directory, File, File Sync, Filesync, Folder, Laptop, Sync Files, Sync Laptop, Synchronise, Synchronize, Synchronize Directories, Synchronize Folders

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Not Rated Yet Brava! Desktop by Informative Graphics Corp Brava! Desktop View

Multi-format desktop software to view, compare, print - PDF, TIFF, CSF, HPGL, AutoCAD, MS Office formats (additional fee), and much more. Save files to PDF or secure CSF. Compare drawing and image files dynamically using the unique slider flip,...

Autocad, Cad, Graphic, Hpgl, Image, Pdf, Tiff, Viewer, Visualization


Not Rated Yet Mobile DataBase 1.25 by MobileHall Mobile DataBase View

This program is a FREE database of mobile (cellular) phones. Using it you can get any characteristics of any mobile phone, its photos, compare it to other phones, etc. You can use it just for your interest or it can be very useful if you're...

Cellular Phones Database, Mobile Phone, Mobile Phone Characteristics Photos Compare


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