Compression Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet FastSend 2.1.1 by FileFlow Technologies FastSend View

FastSend provides the fastest, easiest and most secure way of sending your files.Through an intuitive interface, the user can send files to any email address.FastSend can send a 25MB image file in under 3 minutes via a 56k dial-up Internet connection

Compression, Digital Courier, Email Attachment Problems, Email Large Files, Fastsend, File Transfer, File Transmission, Fileflow, Ftp, Image Compression, Image Transfer, Large File Transfer, Secure, Send Graphics, Send Large Files, The Digital Courier


Not Rated Yet CompuApps Renaissance 2006 SE Build 0166 by CompuApps, Inc CompuApps Renaissance 2006 SE View

Introducing Renaissance SE, a powerful Backup application that can encrypt and decrypt data using US Govt. approved AES128 algorithm with password, providing a safe & secure storage method. Compression in addition, gives optimum savings in space.

Aes, Aes128 Encryption/ Decryption, Automatic Backup, Backup, Compression, Disaster Recovery, Duplicate, Encryption, File Backup, Folder Backup, Imaging, Instant Backup, One Touch Backup, Password, Recovery, Restore, Scheduled Backup, Scheduler


Not Rated Yet DiskArcher Backup Utility 2.21 by DiskArcher Software Co. DiskArcher Backup Utility View

DiskArcher is a powerful and the easiest backup utility for personal use. Just drag-and-drop files you want to save. You don't need to learn how to backup. DiskArcher knows how to do it! DiskArcher makes several copies of each selected file...

Backup, Cd-r, Cd-rw, Compression, Computer, Copy, Diskarcher, Download, Hard Disk, Rescue, Restore, Shareware, Software, Utility, Windows

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Not Rated Yet DivX Player with DivX Pro Codec (98/Me) 5.2.1 by DivXNetworks, Inc. DivX Player with DivX Pro Codec (98/Me) View

DivX Pro is an advanced video plug-in that enables 30% better compression and visual quality over the DivX codec. DivX Pro takes advantage of professional encoding tools like EKG to provide the highest visual quality at the lowest possible bitrates.

Avi, Burn Divx, Converting Divx, Divx, Divx 4 Codec, Divx Codec 5, Divx Converter, Divx Dvd, Divx Encode, Divx Tools, Divx Windows, Dvd Divx, Encode, Encoding, H.263, H.264, Mpeg, New Divx, Player, Windows Media

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Not Rated Yet SQL Backup & Restore Wizard 1.2.2 by Simego SQL Backup & Restore Wizard View

SQL Backup and Restore Wizard does exactly what it says – this product has been designed to give peace of mind to the end user. How many times do you worry about what if you loose your crucial data – well worry no more this tool takes you...

Backup, Restore, Sql Server, Wizard

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Not Rated Yet Document2PDF Pilot 2.02 by Two Pilots Document2PDF Pilot View

Convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint, html, chm, rtf, txt, wri, jpg, gif, tif to PDF files. The program supports batch conversion, command line, PDF security options, password protection and compression modes. The program has dialog interface.

Chm, Convert, Excel, Password, Pdf, Protection, Rtf, Text, Word


Not Rated Yet Install Sure 1.0 by Kayser Software Install Sure View

InstallSure is an easily configurable file installation program. There is no complex scripting language. Just drag and drop the files and set properties for each file. The program can easily be set to create folders on the destination computer. I

Compression, Computer, File Compression, Free, Install, Installation, Setup, Shareware, Software, Software Installation, Software Setup, Trial, Trialware, Utility


Not Rated Yet CodeThatPacker 2.1 by CodeThat.Com CodeThatPacker View

CodeThatPacker is a powerful JavaScript compression utility. CodeThatPacker removes comments and whitespaces from your scripts, supports all JavaScript syntax including regular expressions and automatic semicolon insertion, can copy several js-files.

Javascript Source, Javascript Tools And Utilities, Source Codes

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Not Rated Yet EzeePDF 3.6 by Sybrex Systems LTD. EzeePDF View

EzeePDF is a specialized application for quickly and easily creating Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. This simple utility looks like a first versions of the Word but it actually saves to the PDF format.

Rtf Pdf Convertor


Not Rated Yet Topaz DeJPEG 1.3 by Topaz Labs LLC Topaz DeJPEG View

Everyone has observed blocks and fringes caused by JPEG compression. This has become an inevitable, if annoying, part of digital imaging, and we have all learned to live with it. Topaz Labs proudly ends this problem by releasing our JPEG...

Blocky Image, Blocky Jpeg, Compression Artifact, Enhance Jpeg, Jpeg Artifacts, Jpeg Enhancement, Photoshop Plug-ins


Not Rated Yet Dobry Backuper 1.5.2 by DobrySoft Dobry Backuper View

Mac backup software that creates full, versioned, and incremental backups. It creates tar-compatible backup archives and includes scheduling tools, on-the-fly compression, and backup to any mounted device, including CD/DVD and network volumes.

Automate, Backup, Backup Making, Backup Software, Create Backup, Full, Incremental, Mac, Mac Os X, Schedule, Shareware, Software, Tar, Tool, Utility, Versioned

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Not Rated Yet ArchiveXpert 2.02.80 by C4F - Concepts for Future, Lda ArchiveXpert View

This easy to use utility enables you to extract, edit, and create new compression files in seconds. Supporting over 25 popular archives and compression algorithms ArchiveXpert is the most complete archive utility available today.

Ace, Archive, Compression, Free, Rar, Unzip, Winrar, Winzip, Zip

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Not Rated Yet INF-Tool Lite 6.3d by INF-Tool Lite View

Check out this alternative to huge and/or complicated, expensive installation programs! INF-Tool Lite is a setup program which creates today's SMALLEST setup packages possible for an unbeatable price: It's FREE!! Great especially for Internet or...

.cab, .cab-setup, .inf, Cab, Cab Setup, Cab-setup, Cabinet, Inf, Inf Files, Inf Setup, Inf-files, Inf-setup, Inf-tool, Infinstall, Info-tool, Infotool, Infsetup, Inftool, Inf_tool, Inf_tools


Not Rated Yet Polar Component Suite 5.0 by Polar Polar Component Suite View

Polar Component Suite includes Polars Zip, Draw, Crypto and SpellChecker Component with full source code at no extra cost! Source code offers unlimited customization possibilities. You will find such an extra value with no other components.

Compression, Compression Component, Crypto, Data Protection, Decompression, Draw, Draw Component, Drawing, Encryption, Encryption Tool, Image, Imaging Tool, Protection Tool, Spell Checker, Spellchecker Component, Spelling, Zip, Zip Component, Zipping


Not Rated Yet ACDSee Plugin - RealOptimizer 1.0 by ACD Systems ACDSee Plugin - RealOptimizer View

With RealOptimizer, the image optimizer plug-in for ACDSee, you can quickly prepare images for the Web by reducing dimensions and file size interactively. Reduce the frustration of image compression tasks with this plug-in optimization software.

Gif Optimizer, Graphic Design Software, Image Compression, Image Optimizer, Jpeg Compression, Jpeg Compressor, Jpeg Optimizer, Optimization Software

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Not Rated Yet Open Video Joiner by DigitByte Studio Open Video Joiner View

Open Video Joiner is a tool for joining all kinds of video files such as MPEG (MPG), AVI, ASF, WMV into one large avi file with transition effects. It uses open compression system for video and audio. It can encode AVI file with DIVX, XVID,etc.

Join Asf, Join Avi, Join Mpeg, Join Wmv, Merge Asf, Merge Avi, Merge Mpeg, Merge Wmv, Movie Joiner, Video Joiner

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Not Rated Yet Picrypter 1.1 Demo by DGreenSoft Picrypter View

Picrypter is an encryption tool for 24-bit image files. This program uses the unique keys to encode/decode pictures. To make a picture hidden, Picrypter changes the color of every single pixel. The result is an indecipherable dump of pixels.

Ecrypt, Encode, Encryption, Image, Images, Picture, Pictures, Pixel, Pixels, Security


Not Rated Yet ByteShift File Encryption & Compression 2.0 by ByteShift ByteShift File Encryption & Compression View

Quickly encrypt and compress confidential files for secure storage or transfer over insecure networks, such as via email attachments or instant messenger. Zip Unzip - Encrypt Decrypt. Free 10-day Trial download.

3des File Encryption, Byteshift, Data Encryption, Decrypt, Encrypt, Encryption, File Compression, File Encryption, File Security, Information Security, Internet Security, Office Encryption, Secure Data Transfer, Secure File Transfer, Unzip, Zip

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Encrypt and protect your digital photos for your eyes only. Secure your photos before and while you share them over the internet or store them on your PC 256-bit encryption guarantees to always protect your data. BLUBOX your personal digital vault.

Digital Image Utility, Digital Vault, Encryption, Image Encryption, Photo Email, Photo Encryption, Photo Tools, Protect Digital Photos, Protect Images, Secure Digital Images, Secure Digital Photos, Secure Photos, Security, Storage Reduction


Not Rated Yet Image To PDF Command Line 3.0 by Image To PDF Command Line View

Supports TIFF, JPG, PNG, PCD, PSD, TGA, BMP, DCX, EMF, WMF, etc. image formats. Supports virtually all TIFF compressions, including ZIP,LZW,CCITT G4/G3,JPEG, Packbits. Outstanding compression. Can combine multiple image files into one PDF...

Append Pdf, Bmp To Pdf, Combine Pdf, Convert Pdf, Create Pdf Files, Emf To Pdf, Gif To Pdf, Image To Pdf, Image2pdf, Jpg To Pdf, Make Pdf, Pcx To Pdf, Pdf Converter, Pdf Creator, Pdf Writer, Pic To Pdf, Png To Pdf, Psd Tof Pdf, Tif To Pdf, Wmf To Pdf

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