Computer Time Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet ComputerTime 2.0.4 by SoftwareTime ComputerTime View

Allows parents to set limits on the amount of time and time of day when children can use the computer. Use it to ensure children don't stay up past bedtime on a school night chatting online, and make sure homework is getting done. Try it for free!

Children, Computer, Computer Time, Computer Timer, Computertime, Constrain, Control, Daily, Guardian, Kids, Limit, Limit Time, Logoff, Monitor, Parental, Parental Control Software, Restraint, Safe, Software, Softwaretime

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Not Rated Yet Computer Use Reporter 1.0.0 by Leithauser Research Computer Use Reporter View

Find out what your employees or children are doing on the computer. Computer Use Reporter convertly monitors what programs are used on the computer, what files or Web sites these programs access, when they are accessed, and which user is on the...

Computer, Covert, Monitor Computer, Monitor Use, Surveillance

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Not Rated Yet PresenTense NTP Auditor 3.7 by Bytefusion Ltd. No view

PresenTense NTP Auditor monitors your computer's built-in clock and compares it's time to the real time. PresenTense NTP Auditor can save logs for days, months and years so you can PROVE what time your computer had at any given point.

Accurate, Accurate Network Time, Atomic Clock, Exact Time, Free Software, Gps, Gps Clock, Nena, Ntp, Ntp4.0, Ntp40, Oats, Sntp, Software, Synchronize, Synchronize Time, Time Server, Windows Time Server


Not Rated Yet AgataSoft Shutdown Pro 2.7 by AgataSoft AgataSoft Shutdown Pro View

This program is a powerful automated tool for shutting down your computer. The program can shut down your computer: At a certain time (for example, at 12:00). In a certain time (for example, in 3 hours). If the CPU usage is low (for example,...

Automatic Shutdown, Computer Shutdown, Network Shutdown, Power Down, Remote Shutdown, Windows Xp Shutdown

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Not Rated Yet Hillyheights Lockout 1.3 by Hillyheights Hillyheights Lockout View

Hillyheights Lockout is the perfect solution if your kids spend too much time on the computer, and you can find out just how perfect with our 31 day trial. Now you can decide when it's time to give it a rest, you can decide that just because it's...

Bedtime, Children, Kids, Limit, Limiting, Lockout, Off, Ration, Rationing, Restrict, Restricting, Time, Usage, Use

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Not Rated Yet All-In-One Spy 2.0 by FlamingoSoft All-In-One Spy View

All-In-One SPY is the program that allows monitoring and recording all actions that are performed with a computer. All-In-One SPY records all keys that were pressed, remembers addresses of Internet pages that were visited, and maintains log file...

Invisible, Keylogger, Record, Spy, Stealth

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Not Rated Yet Spyware Firewall 1.1 by ecommsec Spyware Firewall View

Block spyware before it reaches your computer not afterwards and stop spyware communication. Spyware Firewall protects your computer by monitoring your connection in real-time and denying access to all spy ware connections that occur. So spy...

Adaware, Firewall, Spybot, Spyware, Spyware Doctor, Viirus


Not Rated Yet Software Time Lock 1.0.1 by Leithauser Research Software Time Lock View

Control at what times the Web, specific programs, and even Windows itself can be used on a particular computer. Also, control how long these functions can be used in the course of a day. 1) Set blocks of time for each day of the week during...

Computer Access Control, Restrict Time, Software Time Restriction, Time Control, Time Lock

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Not Rated Yet Computer Payment Enforcer 2.0.0 by Leithauser Research Computer Payment Enforcer View

Input information on when to lock computer. When a lock day arrives, Computer Payment Enforcer totally blocks access to the computer until the user inputs a code that you provide. Create as many lock dates as you like.

Block, Computer, Enforce, Lease, Limit, Lock, Overdue, Payment, Rent, Time

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Not Rated Yet Accurate Shutdown 6.30 by Accurate Solutions No view

Accurate Shutdown is a powerfully automatic software that turns off your computer and at the user-specified time. It can turn off / reboot / logoff the computer, turn off the monitor only, disconnect from the Internet, and execute one or a group...

Access, Auto, Automatic, Computer, Program, Shutdown, Sleep, Software, Timer, Utility

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Not Rated Yet Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom 4.6.8 by Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom View

Net Monitor for Classroom is a program that allows a view of a computer monitor of a remote computer, which is connected to the network. After start the program displays the screens of all remote computers. Teacher can also lock the remote computers.

E-learning, Education, Elearning, Monitor, Netmon, Network, Remote, Software

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Not Rated Yet LaptopLocate 2.9.2 by Tometa Software, Inc. No view is a software utility that will monitor a computer's IP address to allow server administrators and general users to locate their computer. Each time a computer that has is turned on, the IP address is logged.

Laptop, Locate, Surveillance, Tracking


Not Rated Yet Dont Touch My Computer Episode 2 1.22 by NCBuy Dont Touch My Computer Episode 2 View

Don't Touch My Computer Episode 2 is the fun filled sequel to our initial DTMC screen saver and this time, we've kicked things up a notch. If crazy Joe wasn't enough to keep people away, our cyber guard dog is sure to get the job done.

Animation, Cartoons, Dogs, Entertainment Network, Free, Free Screen Savers, Free Software, Ncbuy, Screen Savers, Screensavers


Not Rated Yet Advatrack 6.022 by Advatrack Advatrack View

Locates lost/stolen computer in virtually any country of the world. Where ever your computer is connected to the Internet it makes HTTP connection to, which establishes location of the computer. Monitoring report for your...

Computer, Crime, Fraud, Hitech, Laptop, Lost, Notebook, Personal, Property, Protection, Recovery, Software, Stolen, Theft, Tracing

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Not Rated Yet MacPhoneHome 3.0 by Brigadoon Software, Inc. MacPhoneHome View

PC PhoneHome is a stealth computer security program that tracks the location of your computer every time it makes an Internet connection. When you boot your computer and go online, PC PhoneHome sends a stealth e-mail message containing its exact...

Asset Tracking, Computer Security, Computer Theft, Ipod, Ipod Security, Laptop Security, Laptop Theft, Mac Security, Monitoring, Os X, Stolen Computer, Stolen Laptop, Surveillance, Tracing, Tracking

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Not Rated Yet Desktop Clock Christmas Edition 3.5.85 by Digital Estate Systems Desktop Clock Christmas Edition View

Desktop Clock is a digital desktop clock that displays time, date and calendar. It is built into your computer and is completely customizable to your tastes. Desktop Clock can be used for deenergizing the computer in given time.

Alarm, Calendar, Clock, Desktop, Digital

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Not Rated Yet AgataSoft TimeLock 1.2 by AgataSoft AgataSoft TimeLock View

Does your child play on a computer for a whole day? Spending to much time at the computer can be a quite harmful for his health and even may cause some physical and mental diseases. TimeLock helps you to protect him from this danger.

Block Computer, Child, Child Lock, Children, Children Lock, Kid, Kids, Lock

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Not Rated Yet SilentNight IE Watch 1.0 by SilentNight2004 SilentNight IE Watch View

Tired of employers surfing on the net in workhours, children surfing sites you dont want them to see, students waisting your, and their own time by using the net in a non healthy way? Yeah, i thought so! Isnt it time you took some control?

Ie, Internet Explorer, Monitor, Monitoring, Safety, Surveillance

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Not Rated Yet 3D Tower Clock by L`Creen 3D Tower Clock View

We're happy to present the wonderful "3-D Tower Clock Screensaver," which will display your computer's system time in attractive 3-D form. Our screensaver places a world of endless green meadows, blue sky and bright sun, with a lone...

3d, Clock, Opengl, Screensaver

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Not Rated Yet Acceleration Startup Manager + Release RAM Bundle for Win9x 2 by Accelerated Software Acceleration Startup Manager + Release RAM Bundle for Win9x View

Make your PC run faster and more reliable iIn just minutes. Increases Computer Speed By Up To 150%, Prevents Common Windows and Application Crashes, Optimizes Virtual Memory to make Your Hard Disk Run Better, and Allows your PC to start up faster.

Make My Computer Faster, Memory Manager, Speed Up My Pc

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