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Not Rated Yet Courier 4.0 by Software Courier View

This is for anyone who has a small or private courier business. Now you can easily keep track of customers. You can know at a glance what customer uses your business the most. Also know what items were picked up and delivered, and more.

Courier, Courier Business, Courier Business Software, Courier Service, Courier Software

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Not Rated Yet Secure Information Courier 1.2 by Bytefusion Ltd. No view

Secure Information Courier brings secure email encryption to your organization's web site. Visitors to your web site can send secure email to your organization and even convey digital documents securely using industry standard encryption.

Corporate Email Encryption, E-mail, Email, Email Forms, Encryption, Secure, Secure Email, Secure Web Mail, Web Mail Form


Not Rated Yet Courier Email 3.5 Build 1098 by Rose City Software Courier Email View

An exciting and all-new update to the acclaimed Calypso® email program, a favorite of email users for years, Courier sets a new standard of excellence for Internet email clients. Safe, secure and reliable email for Windows, Courier delivers.

Calypso, Email, Email Client, Free Download, Freeware, Html, Internet, Plain Text, Software, Text


Not Rated Yet Courier Mail Server 2.05 by Roman Rugalenko Courier Mail Server View

Courier Mail Server is a e-mail server. Compact, easy to configure and usage, multithreaded, contains Web and SOCKS servers. It will help you to quickly arrange e-mail exchange in local network and Internet. Major Features: - SMTP and POP3...

Cms, Courier, Courier Mail Server, E-mail, Http, Mail, Proxy, Server, Socks, Web

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Not Rated Yet FastSend 2.1.1 by FileFlow Technologies FastSend View

FastSend provides the fastest, easiest and most secure way of sending your files.Through an intuitive interface, the user can send files to any email address.FastSend can send a 25MB image file in under 3 minutes via a 56k dial-up Internet connection

Compression, Digital Courier, Email Attachment Problems, Email Large Files, Fastsend, File Transfer, File Transmission, Fileflow, Ftp, Image Compression, Image Transfer, Large File Transfer, Secure, Send Graphics, Send Large Files, The Digital Courier


Not Rated Yet Mailbag Assistant 3.96 by Fookes Software Mailbag Assistant View

If you're buried in email, Mailbag Assistant is guaranteed to save you time and frustration. This user-friendly application complements your mail program with powerful tools to search, organize, analyze, archive and export your messages.

Archive, Barca, Calypso, Courier, Email, Eudora, Export, Find, Forte Agent, Foxmail, Group, Mailbox, Messages, Mozilla, Netscape, Newsgroups, Opera Mail, Organize, Organizer, Outlook Express

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Not Rated Yet Big File Sender Personal Edition 2.0 by MDCCindia Technologies Big File Sender Personal Edition View

Resume transfer of large files to any pc. No FTP required, No email attachments. Receive n send large files as big as 2GB to any PC anywhere in the World that has Internet and BFS running. No speed limit,depends only on your ISP internet speed.

Chat, How To Send Large Files, Im, Instant Messenger, Pc2pc, Peer2peer, Send, Send Big Files, Send Files, Send Large Files, Send Study Notes, Students, Transfer Files, Transfer Large Files

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Not Rated Yet Flatspace II 1.02 by Cornutopia No view

Flatspace is a modern 3D space trading and flight simulation. The ultimate objective in the game is to locate and assemble parts of a galactic hyperdrive, however there is a lot of freedom for the player and as a space captain, you can decide what...

Adventure, Chess, Elite, Explore, Frontier, Nethack, Rogue, Roguelike, Star Trek

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Not Rated Yet Package of 7 Homeopathic Softwares Best Xmas Offer by Mind Technologies Package of 7 Homeopathic Softwares View

CD Retail cost of each CD Tresorie (1000 articles) $ 100 Miasm $ 25 Cure 1 $ 25 Cure 2 $ 25 Materia Medica Elite $ 80 MM Live $ 80 Pharmacy $ 25 Retail price of 7 CDs is US $360. Now get these amazing CDs...

Alternative Medicine, Articles, Cases, Complimentary Medicine, First Aid, Health, Holistic Medicine, Homeopathic Software, Homeopathy Software, Homoeopathic Software, Homoeopathy Software, Hompath, Materia Medica Software, Medical Software, Repertory Software


Not Rated Yet SpamAI Anti-Spam Filter Software DRL-4.00.0 by DAIR Computer Systems SpamAI Anti-Spam Filter Software View

SpamAI 4.0 introduces 100% spam rejection. Preview email in a malware-proof holding tank. Point and click, with identity verification checkbox, builds your personal whitelist. Unlimited free use. Supports all POP3 clients.

Antispam, Block, Blocker, Blockers, Blocking, Bulk, Business, Email, Eudora, Express, Filter, Filtering, Junk, Killer, Mail, Multiuser, Outlook, Software, Spam, Stop

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