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(810) 963-1972 (810) 963-1972
Country: Canada
State: Ontario
City: Hamilton
Zip code: L8K 5G5
Address: 7 Lanscott Place Inc. Software

FavSync Perl 1.0 Download FavSync Perl

Together with the FavSync program, you may View the contents of your Internet Explorer Favourites menu on your web server.

Text Chart Tranposer 1.0 Download Text Chart Tranposer

This tranposer script will convert text chord charts (the kind popular to guitar players), and tranpose them up or down any number of half-steps.

BookViewer Skins 1.0 Download BookViewer Skins

BookViewer Skins is a plugin for the regular BookViewer script. This download includes a number of styles to choose from. Simply indicate which style you wish to appear with this book at the top of the books text file.

iTreePad 60419-2317 Download iTreePad

If you've used the famous 'TreePad' then you know what this is about! Instantly place your TreePad 'hjt' files on your web server and access them from any browser. . . make edits, changes, all from the comfort of your Internet-connected computer.

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