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Country: United States
State: Florida
City: Orlando
Zip code: 32812
Address: 4409 Hoffner Avenue Suite 107

Cyberinformatix Software

Cyber Orders Processing 6.0.2006 Download Cyber Orders Processing

The Order Processing system, handles all the orders made by your customers from the time it is placed to the dispatching of the orders. The system manages your stock and reorder levels, your suppliers, sales staff and your shippers.

Cyber Tenders and Costing 6.0.2006 Download Cyber Tenders and Costing

The Cyber Tender system is an accurate costing and project management system. Costing takes into account cost of materials, labour and everything else required to deliver the final product or project. Delivers final tender or bill of quantity docs.

Cyber SDK 6.0.2006 Download Cyber SDK

The Cyber Software Development Kit (SDK) spreadsheet type active-X grid plug-in contains dbgrid & navigator actveX controls for developers using Visual C++ or Visual Basic that need more out of a control that what is generally found on the net today.

Cyber Organizer 6.0.2006 Download Cyber Organizer

The Organizer is many programs in one. With it you get a photo album, recipes book (professional version only), shopping and budget system, poems album all for free and you can create so much more quick and easy. Password protect sensitive stuff.

Cyber List Manager 7.0.2006 Download Cyber List Manager

The Cyber List Manager manages mailing lists fast and effectively and is the fastest filter program currently on the net to date. To manage mailing lists on a standard PC, in excess of 300 million, is a snap with all the facilities provided.

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