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Not Rated Yet 3D Darts Professional 2.15 by Mad Data 3D Darts Professional View

3D Darts Professional is the most realistic dart simulation available and lets you play darts even when you're away from your favorite pub! Play seven of the most popular dart games with friends or 48 computer opponents at different skill levels.

Dart, Darts

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Not Rated Yet 3-IN-A-BED WORLD LEAGUE 12.0 by Gary Simpson 3-IN-A-BED WORLD LEAGUE View

Welcome to the 3-IN-A-BED World League where you can play internet darts online. The World League is a social gathering of computer darts players who meet online to test their skills on the dartboard.

Darts, Internet, League, Month, Online, Pc, Players, Web, World


Not Rated Yet BrainScram 1.0 by Frustration Unlimited BrainScram View

Exercise your brain with a game that has no rules. Or rather you have to figure out the rules for yourself. What is your BSQ (BrainScram Quotient?) And how do you stack up against the world? BrainScram is very simple, or very complicated.

Game, Puzzle


Not Rated Yet RuleLab.Net Business Rules Engine (BRE) 1.5.14 by VDE Technologies LLC RuleLab.Net Business Rules Engine (BRE) View

Business Rules Engine (BRE) enables the separation of business logic from application code through building the business rules in XML. Create, share, manage, and store your Rule files online; integrate them into your system via the BRE component.

.net, Action, Atom, Bre, Brms, Business, C#, Chaining, Component, Condition, Database, Decision, Deploy, Engine, Fact, Formula, Forward, Integration, Logic, Management


Not Rated Yet Flow Ruler for Outlook 1.0 by Flow Ruler No view

Flow Ruler for Outlook The complete solution for your inbox. Flow Ruler allows you to automatically organize your inbox, eliminate spam, administrate contacts and appointments, and assign tasks through simple Rules which are graphically...

;, ;email, ;free, ;ms, ;outlook, ;spam, Action, Add, Anti, Assistant, Blacklist, Block, Blocker, Blocking, Buster, Calendar, Control, Custom, Eliminate, Eliminator

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Not Rated Yet NameGenerator 1.02 by Max Kalus NameGenerator View

Create random names for your RPG. Name database can be edited to fit your needs and rules follow certain semantic rules. You can create different rules for cultures and types within these cultures (male, female, city). Lists can be saved.

Database, Game, Name, Namegenerator, Randomgenerator, Role Playing, Rpg


Not Rated Yet SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager 2.7 by SoftPerfect Research SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager View

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is a full-featured traffic management tool for Windows that offers cost-effective bandwidth control and quality of service based on built-in prioritized rules. With this you can specify a bandwidth limit for each user.

Bandwidth, Bandwidthcontroller, Bandwidthshaper, Connection, Control, Controller, Internet, Limiter, Manager, Shaper, Slowdown

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Not Rated Yet Auto-Mate Add-in for Outlook 1.8.0 by Pergenex Software Auto-Mate Add-in for Outlook View

Auto-Mate is an add-in for Outlook that allows you to define rules to move mail from your Inbox (or other folders) based on several criteria, including the age of the message. While Outlook already provides a powerful set of rules, they can only...

Add-ins, Addins, Auto-mate, E-mail, Email, File, Folders, Inbox, Office, Organize, Outlook, Pergenex, Shareware, Utilities

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Not Rated Yet HoardGen 3.5E 1.0 by WorkHorse Games HoardGen 3.5E View

This program speeds the generation of treasures for the Dungeons and Dragons game. It fallows all the rules laid out in the Dungeon Master's Guide 3.5 and Draconomicon both published by Wizards of the Coast. This program gives you a choice in...

3.5, 3.5e, Dnd, Dragons, Dungeons, Game, Games, Horse, Playing, Random, Role, Rpg, Work, Workhorse

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Not Rated Yet Expired Domains 1.0 by Expired Domain Software Expired Domains View

Expired Domains is Free and powerfull software to find domains that are expiring in next few days. Make list of your keywords, create and apply rules, organize keywords into sets, view deleting domains that match your rules, full list, drafts & more.

Appraisal, Com, Deleting, Domain, Domain Finder, Domain Lookup, Domain Name, Domain Names, Domain Registrar, Domain Search, Domain Value, Domains, Expired, Expired Domains, Expiring, Free, Lookup, Net, Register, Registrar


Not Rated Yet AISitemapGenerator 1.0 by Accelerated Ideas AISitemapGenerator View

AI Sitemap Generator is an offline Google sitemap creator and editor. Using a set of key rules web masters can fine tune their sitemaps with minimal effort. Unlike other sitemap creation software our generator allows you to set varying Priority..

.net, Application, Creator, Editor, Free, Google, Offline, Sitemap


Not Rated Yet Composition Pilot 1.50 by Two Pilots Composition Pilot View

With the program you can crop photos to better conform to the "golden rules" of picture composition: Rule of Thirds, Diagonal rule, Golden Section rule, Diagonal Golden Section rule. Look at your photos through our photography composition frames!

Composition, Crop, Framing, Golden, Photo, Photography, Rules, Section, Thirds


User Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 Stars Password strength analyser and generator 0.9.2 by Pavel Neytchev Password strength analyser and generator View

The Password Strength Analyser and Generator is one application combining two tools - the analyser (shows the "strength" of your pass phrase regarding some rules) and the generator (generates a "strong" pass phrase regarding the same rules)

Analyser, Freeware, Generator, Javascript, Oss, Password, Php, Software, Strength


Not Rated Yet SoftPerfect Personal Firewall 1.4.1 by SoftPerfect Research SoftPerfect Personal Firewall View

A network software firewall designed to protect your PC against attacks from the Internet. It offers customizable security using user-defined rules for packet filtering. The program is easy to use, comes with a set of predefined rules and it is free.

Adsl, Attack, Block, Dial-up, Firewall, Free, Hackers, Modem, Network, Personal, Prevent, Protect, Protection, Security, Stop


Not Rated Yet AquaPack Lines 1.3 by AquaPack Games AquaPack Lines View

Just when you though you saw it all, AquaPack Games released AquaPack Lines - the most extraordinary remake of the classic games. Yes, this game is all you ever wanted in Lines - classic, time-tested rules, striking graphics and autosaving option!

5, Active, Balls, Board, Color, Five-in-line, Game, Lines, Office, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet Color LIFE for CE 3.15 by jk-ware Color LIFE for CE View

Color LIFE figures the reproduction behavior of microorganism. The reproduction rules can be free selected likewise the incremental width and output time of the generations. Color-palettes can be produced by your own.

Animation, Color, Games, Graphic, Life, Microorganism, Palette, Software


Not Rated Yet Blackjack 2021 Real-Time Analyzer 3.2 by AC&G Software Ltd. Blackjack 2021 Real-Time Analyzer View

Blackjack 2021 Real-Time Analyzer from is a versatile blackjack tool that helps you to become a better and profitable black jack player. Blackjack 2021 tells you the optimal bet and the best possible move before and after cards are dealt.

21cfr11, Basic Strategy, Betting, Bj, Black Jack, Blackjack, Blackjack Bonus, Blackjack Online, Blackjack Rules, Blackjack Software, Blackjack Systems, Blackjack Tips, Bonus Code, Card Counting, Casino, Gambling, High Low, Online Blackjack, Online Casino, Poker


Not Rated Yet Color LIFE Sound 3.15 by jk-ware Color LIFE Sound View

Color LIFE Sound figures the reproduction behavior of microorganism. The reproduction rules can be free selected likewise the incremental width and output time of the generations. Color-palettes can be produced by your own.

Animation, Color, Games, Graphic, Life, Microorganism, Palette, Software, Sound


Not Rated Yet Bubble Thriller 2 2.0 by Bubble Thriller 2 View

Bubble Thriller is a new arcade game. Rules are simple - pop the bubbles of same color and keep the board clear. Be prepared for a really thrilling feeling when a new flock of color balls fly in and you never know if they are going to end the game.

Arcade, Blow, Board, Bonus, Burst, Download, Flash, Free, Game, Handheld, Hires, Levels, Lines, Palm, Pda, Points, Puzzles, Scores, Skill, Strategy

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Not Rated Yet Animated Kids Games 1.0 by Flix Productions Animated Kids Games View

For kid’s who just want to have fun, a collection of seven games that provide hours of enjoyment and creativity. Includes a matching game with silly 3D animation, a "build your own rocket" game, an Animated Piano with 19 animated "singers"...

Coloring, Games, Kid, Matching, Mazes

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