Datum Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet GEODLL32 (English) 10.10 by Killet Softwareentwicklung GbR GEODLL32 (English) View

In the Dynamic Link Library GeoDLL geodesic functions like coordinate transformation, datum changes, meridian strip changes, distance calculation, map functions, Digital Elevation Models ec. are contained to bind them into own WINDOWS applications.

Calculation, Conversion, Coordinate, Coordinates, Datum, Digital, Distance, Elevation, Formula, Geocoding, Geodesy, Geodetic, Gps, Measurement, Meridian, Model, Mtm, Nad27, Nad83, Plane

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Not Rated Yet SEVENPAR (English) 1.04 by Killet Softwareentwicklung GbR SEVENPAR (English) View

The program produces a set with seven parameters of the sapatial Helmert transformation valid for an specific area, with which then arbitrary coordinates of the area can be transformed from one reference system into another with high accuracy.

19111, Calculation, Conversion, Coordinate, Coordinates, Data, Datum, Frame, Geocoding, Geodetic, Georeference, Gps, Helmert, Iso, Measurement, Parameter, Parameters, Position, Reference, Rotation

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Not Rated Yet DiskAnalyzer Professional (German) 1.8 by Crave Worldwide DiskAnalyzer Professional (German) View

DiskAnalyzer Professional (formerly MBS Disk Space Analyzer) ist eine aktive Software ,die für Reinigung bzw. Analyse der Speicherkapazität eines Laufwerkes oder Festplattes benutzt werden kann. Dieses Programm versieht Sie mit allen nötigen...

Analysis, Analyzer, Biggest, Clean, Clean Junk, Cleaning, Cleaning Software, Diskanalyzer Professional, Empty, File, Files, Find Out, Hard Disk, Mbs, Mbs Disk Space Analyzer, Oldest, Scan, Space, Temporary

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