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Not Rated Yet Developer Program Roadmap Cost Estimator 1.0 by 280 Group LLC Developer Program Roadmap Cost Estimator View

The Developer Program Roadmap & Cost Estimator allow you to create a roadmap for your developer recruiting activities and a budget estimate. Also includes a Developer Program White Paper that teaches you best practices and a PowerPoint sample...

Budget, Cost, Developer, Estimator, Evangelism, Excel, Powerpoint, Program, Roadmap, Template, Timeline

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Not Rated Yet Developer Tool Marketplace News Screensaver 1.0 by DevDirect Developer Tool Marketplace News Screensaver View

Find out about the latest software components and custom controls as they become available using Dev Direct's Developer Tool Marketplace News screen saver. Essential for all .Net, Java, ActiveX/COM, C/C++ and Delphi programmers.

.net, Activex, Addin, Addon, Asp,, Basic, Bean, Beans, C#,, C++, C++builder, Cbd, Class, Clx, Code, Component, Componet, Developer


Not Rated Yet MySQL Developer Studio 2.00 by Core Lab Software Development MySQL Developer Studio View

Powerful database development and administration environment for MySQL. Presents a large set of database tools for simplifying interaction with MySQL and automating the database development process. Has a unique built-in stored routine debugger.

Builder, Code Completion, Data, Debug, Development, Editor, Explorer, Ide, Intellisense, Mysql, Mysql Debugger, Mysql Debugging, Paginal Mode, Query, Routine Debugger, Select, Sql, Stored Routine Debugger, Tool

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Not Rated Yet Word Preccessing Icon Collection 1.0 by Horizon Software Co. Word Preccessing Icon Collection View

Software Developer , Web Developer and Professionals for world most enhanced high quality Word icon Collections The Word Processing Set is ideal for any applications that allow users to manipulate text, graphics, tables, fonts and colours and more

Collection, Custom Design, Design, Glype, Graphic, Horizon, Icon, Icon Collection

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Not Rated Yet DF_ProtectionKit 6 by Info2000 DF_ProtectionKit View

This is a software toolkit that allow any developer to protect its developed software against piracy and illegal copies in one single row of code!

Evalutation, Form, Freeware, Info2000, Limitazione, Limited, Protect, Protection, Protezione, Security, Shareware, Splash, Trial, Valutazione, Visual Basic

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Not Rated Yet AGILITA-Client 1.5 by becom Systemhaus GmbH No view

Database application development with automated Codegeneration, Features: entire presentation and functionality of the application is stored on one database server, contains a complete developer environment, automatic codegeneration, no deployment

Agilita, Application, Business Tools, Database, Development, Ide, Integrated Development Environment, Klickapp, Software, Sql, Tool, Xas


Not Rated Yet Toolbar (Firefox version) 1.1 by TM Services Toolbar (Firefox version) View

The toolbar for users allowing to use QA features. It allows to search on the, view an information about software checked by antivirus (wheter it's infected), log into the account (reviewer or developer) directly

Antivirus, Antivirus Report, Community Forum, Developer, Internet Explorer Toolbar, Mozilla Firefox, Reviewer


Not Rated Yet nBit HTML Viewer ActiveX 1.4 by nBit Information Technologies nBit HTML Viewer ActiveX View

A HTML viewer activeX control for any software developer. Integrates with ease into any development environment that support activeX controls.Pefect for the developer who wants to display media rich HTML content in their applications.

Activex, Cms, Content Management, Controls, Html, Rich Media


Not Rated Yet ChooseColor Development Kit 1.2 by Slugen Corporation ChooseColor Development Kit View

ChooseColor Development Kit is an extensible component/dialog box for Win32 platforms that provide comprehensive solution for your modern user interface needs. Color dialog box provides complete customization that you can use to extend its...

Choosecolor, Clrdlg, Color, Component, Developer, Development Kit, Dialog Box, Info, Like, Rapid Development, Shareware, Software, Tool, User Interface, Utility

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Not Rated Yet AutoCompleteTextBox 1.0 by Neo Components No view

An Autocomplete TextBox like the ones you find in the latest browsers. Automatically builds a list of entries, saves and retrieves the list without the developer having to right any code or setting any property at all. Just drop it in your applicatio

Activex, Component, Control, Development Tools, User Interface, Visual Basic


Not Rated Yet Aqua Data Studio 4.5 by AquaFold, Inc Aqua Data Studio View

Aqua Data Studio is a SQL editor and developer tool that allows developers to easily create edit and execute SQL scripts as well as browse database structures. Aqua Data Studio provides an integrated database environment with a single consistent...

Backup, Column, Database, Db, Db2, Dba, Dbms, Informix, Integrity, Jdbc, Mysql, Oracle, Plsql, Pointbase, Postgres, Postresql, Query, Referential, Schema, Sequence


Not Rated Yet ASPectX 1.4 by ASPectX View

ASPectX is a point n tap web development tool for asp and aspx.NET pages. It is the perfect partner to Microsoft's Visual Web Developer 2005. It enables web masters to quickly lay down code with the minimum of text entry.

Asp, Design, Html, Programming, Web


Not Rated Yet SkinCrafter Installer 2.6.1 by DMSoft Technologies SkinCrafter Installer View

SkinCrafter Installer is a developer tool for skinning of install packages created with Windows installer (MSI files). It creates vivid interface for your installation package. SkinCrafter Installer uses SkinCrafter engine for skins implementation.

Application, Developer Tool, Dmsoft Technologies, Freeware, Good Looking Interface, Gui, Gui Skinning, Install, Install Packages, Installation Program, Installer, Installer Interface, Installer Skinning, Interface, Microsoft Windows Installer, Msi Package, Msi Wrapper, Skin, Skin Gallery, Skincrafter

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Not Rated Yet VB Code Library e3apps 1.0.0 by Micronet Technologies VB Code Library e3apps View

VB Code Library - VB Code - Organize and track the files and code snippets you download from the Internet. A great tool for programmers, web page designers, graphic artists, students, and even web surfers. If your downloading files,...

Code Library, File, File Manager, Program, Software, Source Code, Vb, Vb Code, Visual Basic


Not Rated Yet Visual Imagemapper 3.1.68 by Vicentas Visual Imagemapper View

Visual Imagemapper is an image map editor; easy to use for the amateur, but still powerful enough for the professional developer. An image map is an image that contains one or more clickable areas, also known as hotspots. Adding hotspots is both...

Authoring, Clickable, Html, Image, Web, Web Tool, Webpage, Website, Wysiwyg

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Not Rated Yet Firebird Metadata Synchronizer by Tech Solutions USA, Inc. Firebird Metadata Synchronizer View

If you use the open source Firebird SQL database, you need this utility! FMS makes migrating changes from one database to another a snap. No loss of data. Quick and easy to use. Compatible with Firebird & Interbase databases, including...

Database, Delphi, Developer, Firebird, Migrate, Sql, Utility

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Not Rated Yet IntHelp 1.1 by esbob IntHelp View

The common requirement for each developer (at least of my type, haha) is the help. Whether I'm working with Oracle database or coding in .Net there are for me very important Google or local documents. Coding with Oracle is the area where I'm...

Application, Development, Help, Keystroke, Launcher


Not Rated Yet Sequentum SQL Sharp 1.1.0 by Sequentum Sequentum SQL Sharp View

SQL Sharp is a Visual studio addin that allows a software developer to write SQL statements straight into his source code. The SQL statements are instantly transformed into typed data classes making it much easier and safer to retrieve data.

Addin, Ado,, C#, Csharp. .net, Database, Sql Server, Sql Sharp,, Visual Studio


Not Rated Yet Girtab 1.8 by AKAMARSOFT Girtab View

Create your own info-midlet in 15 minuts - without programming! Girtab is a developer tool. It is difficult to program, develop and optimize a midlet with 2 hundreds of screens. It can be a dictionary or touristic guidebook.

Developer, Development, Info-midlet, Jad, Jar, Java, Midlet, Mobile


Not Rated Yet Links Wizard 1.2.3 by Pavel Golovko No view

Links Wizard is a must to have tool for any web developer, webmaster, web programmer. If you own a web directory and need to populate it with some relevant links, then Links Wizard is the right tool for you. You can pull thousands of search...

Ascii, Free, Links, Mysql, Programmers, Url, Webmasters


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