Dial On Demand Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet Connect and Shar 1.02 by PPP Infotech Ltd Connect and Shar View

A tiny server and client application allows you to connect and disconnect the Internet connection from any machine on the network. Works with any type of Internet connection be it standard Dialup, USB modem DSL, Cable and satellite connections

Auto Dial, Connection Monitor, Connection Status, Dial On Demand, Dial Remotely, Dial Sharer, Dialup Monitor, Internet Dial Monitor, Online Status, Remote Connection, Remote Dial, Remote Dialer, Remote Dsl Monitor, Satellite Connection Monitor

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Not Rated Yet Dial-Up Optimiser 1.0 by Neil Richard Corcoran No view

Dial-up Optimiser is a program that changes internal settings in Windows in order to give you the full potential of your Internet connection. Not like the rest - Almost all of the Internet Optimisers on the market, work on the same principal -...

Accelerator, Connection, Dial-up, Internet, Optimiser, Optimizer

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Not Rated Yet Dial-Up Lock Me 2.1 by Shatran Software Dial-Up Lock Me View

Dial-Up Lock Me is a tool that enables to set user-level security for Internet Dial-Up (RAS) connections. It enhances the standard security by allowing to limit and monitor incoming/outgoing traffic and time online for selected Windows 9x users.

Access Control, Children, Dial-up Connection, Dial-up Software, Internet Protection, Internet Security, Internet Software, Limit Time Online, Limit Traffic, Monitor Connections, Monitor Time, Ras Connection, Ras Protection, Ras Security, Ras Software, Ras Utility

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Not Rated Yet Amazing Dialer 1.80 by Win-Media Software Amazing Dialer View

Congratulations on obtaining Amazing Dialer, the most feature-rich and user-friendly dialing software for Windows! This powerful program provides everything you need for working with the dial-up Internet connection. If you experience sudden...

Amazing, Auto, Automated, Connect, Dial, Dial-up, Dialer, Dialing, Dialup, Dun, Internet, Isp, Ras, Reconnect

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Not Rated Yet DUNTrack 2.4 by DUNTrack View

Use DUNTrack to monitor, log & analyze your dial-up networking usage. Generate four different types of detailed reports about your usage pattern. With DUNTrack you also get a bunch of great tools which make the most out of your dial-up connection.

Adjust Pc Clock, Atomic Clock, Automatic Disconnect, Dial Up Networking, Dial-up Networking Usage, Dialer, Disconnection, Dun, Dun Tool, Duntrack, Excel, Export Data, Internet Usage, Keep Alive Timer, Log Data, Monitor, Usage Analysis

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Not Rated Yet iPOPMusic 2.5 by Solarbaybies, Inc iPOPMusic View

iPOPMusic is now Music On Demand, the world's first Peer-to-Peer Search-And-Play Entertianment System. It transforms your Windows Media Player into an instant Kazaa/Limewire-like music experience without the need to download any illegal MP3 files.

Dc++, Download Mp3s, Download Music, Edonkey, Filesharing, Gnutella, Imesh, Kazaa, Limewire, Mp3s, Music Search, Musicondemand, Napster, P2p, Peer To Peer, Share Files

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Not Rated Yet NetCost 5.8.7 by BitAttack NetCost View

NetCost is a professional, all-in one, Internet connection monitoring program ment to sum your monthly Internet charge. The program is a must-have to everyone who access the Internet through a dial-up connection.

Dial-up, Dialup, Money, Monitor, Net, Netcost, Spent


Not Rated Yet Yonc 1.27 by EmTec Innovative Software Yonc View

Yonc is a utility that assists you with dial up connections to the internet. The program allows you to connect to the internet via Windows dial up networking with a single mouse click, it reials if you do not get a connection on the first try, it...

Connection, Dial, Dun, Email, Idle, Internet, Networking, System, Time, Up, Web

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Not Rated Yet Oleco::NetLCR 4.10.405 by Oleco GmbH Oleco::NetLCR View

Oleco is a Least Cost Router for Dial-Up Internet connections within Germany. Contains all german Access-Providers that donĀ“t need registration for Usage. Oleco updates the list of german access-providers automatically via Internet and alway...

Dial-up, German Providers, Internet Acces, Least-cost-router.


Not Rated Yet Speed Master 1.0 by CT-Net Software Speed Master View

Speed Master is a tool that improves your internet connection speed and prevents you from being disconnected. Default registry settings are not optimized to give maximum performance. By optimizing these settings with Speed Master, you can increase...

Accelerate, Boost, Dial Up, Dial-up, Internet Speed, Speed, Stay Alive, Stay Connected, Tweak

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Not Rated Yet Tiny Dialer 1.2.1 by SoftCab Inc Tiny Dialer View

Tiny dialer is handy tool that replaces regular dial-up service of Windows. Among with all standard DUN features of Windows, it has many unique options that will make your web-surfing a piece of cake. Small status window will never hide the...

Auto Dialer, Automated, Automatic, Dial, Dialer Dialup, Dun, Internet, Isp, Modem, Network, Ras, Service Provider, Tiny, Up

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Not Rated Yet Stay Live 2000 3.1 by Gregory Braun Stay Live 2000 View

Does your Internet Service Provider drop your dial-up connection after what seems like only nanoseconds of account inactivity? Stay Live 2000 keeps your Internet Dial-Up Connection active and on-line by periodically sending a small TCP/IP packet.

Braun, Dialup, Free, Internet, Staylive, Utility


Not Rated Yet LanDial 1.03 by Full Circuit Ltd LanDial View

This program can be set to call divert number before dialing DUN and call a cancel number after so it works in UK etc. Also allows control of DUN dial / hangup over LAN with companion program LanMsg.

Call, Dial, Divert, Dun, Redirect, Remote


Not Rated Yet RevilloC MailServer 1.21 by RevilloC Solutions Ltd RevilloC MailServer View

Send and collect all the emails for your home or office network, whilst saving dial up time. The mail server now contains a web proxy serve as well as POP3 and SMTPr, so you can now view internet web pages from your networked machines.

Email, Internet Server, Mail Server, Mailserver, Pop3, Proxy Server, Smtp


Not Rated Yet CiDial 2.3 by Aldensoft Software CiDial View

CiDial will automatically redial a specified Dial-Up Networking connection until your computer is connected to the Internet then monitor the connection and automatically reconnect if the connection is lost. CiDial is free, and is not adware.

Connection, Dial-up, Dialer, Internet, Reconnect, Redial


Not Rated Yet CC Proxy Server 6.4.1 by CC Proxy Server CC Proxy Server View

is easy-to-use, inexpensive and powerful proxy software and Internet sharing software. Can be used to share Internet connection on the LAN. Features web cache, web filter, dial-on-demand, Web/IP/MAC/IP Range authorization, cascading...

Bandwidth Control, Cascading Proxy, Dial-on-demand, Ftp, Http, Https, Internet Connection Sharing Software, Internet Sharing Software, Mail, News, Nntp, Pop3, Proxy Server, Proxy Software, Secure, Smtp, Socks, Socks4, Socks4a, Socks5

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Not Rated Yet ODInstall 2005 by SciBit ODInstall View

OnDemand Install for the Delphi5-7,2005-2006. Automated On Demand Installation of Advertised MSI features.

Bpl, Delphi, Develop, Dpk, Msi, Packages, Scibit, Vcl, Win32

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Not Rated Yet Internet Connection Counter 7.0.1-Eng by CountersLab Internet Connection Counter View

This program displays various statistics about your Dial-up, GPRS and LAN (TCP/IP) connections to the Internet. It can process almost all variety of tariff schemes, which are used by ISPs of different countries (money expenses for 1 business hour...

Connection, Counter, Dial-up, Gprs, Internet, Lan, Money, Program, Provider, Statistics, Tariff, Time, Traffic

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Not Rated Yet Personalised Poems by Personalised Poems View

Personalised Poems prints amazing personalised gifts based on uon many occasions and occupations & relationships. * Professional Poems written by a professional poet * Professional drawn print on demand backgrounds * Supports 100's of events.USA, UK

Personalised Poems, Personalized Poems, Print Amazing Personalised Poems And Gifts

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Not Rated Yet InJoy Dialer 3 by F/X Communications InJoy Dialer View

InJoy offers unattended operation, robust [24/7] connections, Firewall protection, Internet Gateway, and powerful IPSec VPN capability. It's the perfect choice for dial-up based embedded systems, mobile workers and the home-network gateway.

Access Management, Accounting, Active Response, Anti Virus, Anti-virus, Atm, Bandwidth Management, Connectivity, Cross-platform, Dealership Networks, Dial-in, Dial-up, Dynamic, Easy Firewall, Ecomstation, Ecs, Embedded Firewall, End-to-end, Enterprise Security, Freebsd


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