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Editor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 Stars 3D Grapher 1.21 by RomanLab Software 3D Grapher View

Powerful yet easy-to-use graph plotting and data visualization software. You can plot and animate 2D and 3D equation and table-based graphs. The unlimited number of graphs can be plotted in one coordinate system using different colors and lighting.

2d, 3d, Animated, Data, Equation, Function, Graphing, Graphs, Math, Plotting, Surface, Table, Visualization

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Not Rated Yet Complex Grapher 1.0.2 by GraphNow Complex Grapher View

Complex Grapher is a graphing calculator to create a graph of complex function. 3D function graphs and 2D color maps can be created with this grapher. You can input complex functions in the form of w=f(z) (where z=x+yi) directly before creacting...

Complex Function Graphs, Complex Grapher

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Not Rated Yet AcaStat 5.2.6 by AcaStat Software AcaStat View

Statistical software for students and researchers. Designed as an easy to use tool for basic data exploration. Conduct statistical analyses and prepare summary reports. Special student prices. Free academic site licenses for school labs.

Calculator, Data Analysis, Educational, Mathematics, Spreadsheet, Statistical Software, Statistics, Tutor


Not Rated Yet Archim 1.3.1 by Stochastic Lab Archim View

Archim is a program for drawing the graphs of all kinds of functions. You can define a graph explicitly and parametrically, in polar and spherical coordinates, on a plane and in space (surface). Archim will be useful for teachers and students.

Cosine, Function, Graph Of Function, Graphs, Polar Coordiantes, Sine, Spherical Coordinates


Not Rated Yet Accounting Maths and Computing 9.2 by eptsoft Accounting Maths and Computing View

Accounting - Supply and Demand. - Break Even Chart - Financial Accounts - Ratio Analysis - Workforce Performance and Production - Personal Finance - Data Analysis - Percentages - - Mathematics - Number Systems - Number Conversion - Number...

Accounting, Accounts, Break Even, Business Studies, Computing, Maths, Supply And Demand


Not Rated Yet CalculPro 1.2.1 by Luzius Schneider CalculPro View

CalculPro will help your elementary school students practice mental arithmetic or to do fractions. Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or fractions; then set the range of numbers and the number of calculations for an exercise....

Arithmetic's, Caculate, Fractions, Grading, Marks, Mathematics, Mental Arithmetic, Multilingual, Pupil, Student, Teacher, Test

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Not Rated Yet Dreieck-1x1 Malrechnen-Trainer 1.0 by Langmeier Software Dreieck-1x1 Malrechnen-Trainer View

Dreieck-1x1 Malrechnen-Trainer

Dreieck-1x1 Malrechnen-trainer

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Not Rated Yet Balance Keeper 1.1 by Pocket Tutor Balance Keeper View

Balance Keeper is an educational tool that helps children practice addition, subtraction, logical thinking, and basic algebra. The purpose of the game is to balance a scale with various weights. Complex problems consist of unknown mystery weights....

Algebra, Child, Children, Education, Kid, Math, Pocket Pc

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Not Rated Yet AlgebraNet 2 by T.Meulman AlgebraNet View

Having trouble doing your Math homework? This program can help you master basic skills like reducing, factorising, simplifying and solving equations. A step by step explanation of problems concerning fractions,binomials, trinomials etc.

Factorise, Homework, Learn, Math, Reduce, Simplify, Step, Teach, Test


Not Rated Yet Calc 3D Pro 2.1.5 by Greuer Andreas Calc 3D Pro View

Calculator for statistic, function plottting, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, coordinates, intersections. For objects like point, line, plane and sphere distances, intersections, volume, area of squeres, area of a triangle can be calculated.

Complex, Cross Prod, Division, Fit, Intersection, Matrix, Polygon, Quaternion, Scalar Product, Spat Product, Statistic, Subtraction, Vectors


Not Rated Yet CLK-Calculator 2006 by Kobarg CLK-Calculator View

CLK-Calculator is a software calculator for windows. The program can handle basic operations but can handle complex numbers and vectors as well. Often used constants can be picked out of the library. Additional the program can convert 261 units of...

Calculator, Conversion, Trigonometry

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Not Rated Yet ClimeCalc 1.000 by M & M - Systeme ClimeCalc View

Calculation of : Pt100 , temperature , relative humidity , dew point , wet-bulb temperature t' , water vapour partial pressure , saturation vapour pressure , air density , saturation humidity , absolut humidity , specific humidity , enthalpy etc.

Climate Calculator


Not Rated Yet CatMV 1.0 by GistaT Group CatMV View

The CatMV program is a realization of the "Caterpillar"-SSA method for analysis of time series, which may contain missing values. The implemented algorithms result in extraction of additive components of time series such as trends and periodic...

Analysis, Approximation, Decomposition, Filling In, Forecast, Forecasting, Missing Data, Missing Values, Periodicities, Principal Component, Reconstruction, Seasonalities, Singular Spectrum Analysis, Singular Value Decomposition, Software, Ssa, Statistics, Svd, Time Series, Trend

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Not Rated Yet Data Pilot 1.03 by Two Pilots Data Pilot View

Data Pilot is specially created to expand data analysis options available in Microsoft Excel with nonparametric statistical methods. The statistical methods used in the application provides the most relevant results even with small numbers of...

Biological, Biostatistics, Bootstrap, Data, Excel, Nonparametric, Processing, Statistic


Not Rated Yet Abilities Builder Measure It 1.1 by Teacher Interactive Software Abilities Builder Measure It View

Build linear measurement skills, with English and metric rulers. This multimedia program uses the Microsoft Agent Peedy, a parrot character. Printed worksheets and tests can also be generated.

Centimeter, Centimeters, English, Foot, Inch, Inches, Linear, Measure, Measurement, Measuring, Meter, Metric, Millimeter, Millimeters, Ruler, Rulers, Using


Not Rated Yet Basic Facts Worksheet Factory 3.0.0055 by Schoolhouse Technologies Inc. Basic Facts Worksheet Factory View

Need just the Facts? The free Basic Facts Worksheet Factory can generate worksheets that will provide students with the practice they need to become proficient in the basic math operations. You can easily create unlimited customized worksheets for...

Addition, Division, Math, Mathematics, Multiplication, Subtraction, Teacher, Tool, Worksheet


Not Rated Yet Curvilinear 1 by Virtual Dynamics Org Curvilinear View

Curvilinear: Easy Learning Plane Analytic Geometry An Intuitively-Easy-To-Use visual interactive software, oriented to overcome the abstraction that exists in the Plane Analytic Geometry (PAG), this is a tool that makes it easy to master PAG.

Analytic Geometry, Circle, Eduacation Tools, Ellipse, High School, Hyperbola, Learning, Line, Mathematics, Parabola, Slope, Teaching, University, Visualization

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Not Rated Yet Abilities Builder Fraction Facts 3.5 by Teacher Interactive Software Abilities Builder Fraction Facts View

Build fraction reducing and simplifying skills. Convert fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to fractions. Multimedia program using the Peedy, parrot character. Also produces on-screen exercises and printed worksheets.

Build, Building, Conversion, Converting, Fraction, Fractions, Improvement, Improving, Math, Mathematics, Simplification, Simplify, Simplifying, Skill, Skills


Not Rated Yet Abilities Builder Add & Subtract Fractions 3.5 by Teacher Interactive Software Abilities Builder Add & Subtract Fractions View

Build fraction addition and subtraction skills for simple to complex problems. Includes exercises for building reducing and simplifying fraction skills. Multimedia program produces on-screen exercises and printed worksheets.

Add, Addition, Build, Building, Conversion, Converting, Fraction, Fractions, Improvement, Improving, Math, Mathematics, Simplification, Simplify, Simplifying, Skill, Skills, Subtract, Subtraction


Not Rated Yet DB Calc for Windows 3.0 by Dirk Billand DB Calc for Windows View

Scientific calculator and function plotter. Logic operators. Three angle units. Square and cubic roots. Trig. and hyperbolic functions. Logarithm. Numerical Integration. Plot fucntions: linear and logarithmic plots. Parametric plots. Zoom function.

Calculator, Function Plotter, Scientific

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