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Not Rated Yet EduProfix 1.0 by aSc Applied Software Consultants EduProfix View

The best education software. Test your memory in this education program. EduProfix is NOT another boring educational software. It is actually a funny game. Racing game. However it is important to know something more than just racing!

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Not Rated Yet EDXOR 1.64 by Dariusz Stanislawek EDXOR View

EDXOR is a versatile, convenient and optimal text editor and file processor. It offers innovative clipboard handling, cryptographic options and logic text conversions, great for education, fun, or privacy. EDXOR provides over 90 menu items.

Clipboard, Comprehensive, Convenient, Convert, Cryptography, Data, Decrypt, Drag-and-drop, Easy, Editor, Education, Encrypt, File, Fun, Innovative, Logic, Optimal, Privacy, Processor, Professional


Not Rated Yet Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Wit 2.0 by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Wit View

A printable martial arts ebook for students, instructors, and those training without instructors full of all kinds of self-defense and martial arts drills for any technique, situation and weapon imaginable. Bringing The Martial Artist Out from

Hit Harder, Karate, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts, Punch Harder Kick Harder Block Better, Security, Self-defense, Video

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Not Rated Yet Allure Pipes 2.2 by Intorine Allure Pipes View

Build a pipe by connecting pipe pieces to each other before the water spills out. Quite easy yet attractive game that soon becomes your favorite way to spend spare time. Even sceptical users soon find themselves playing Pipes over and over again.

Board, Children, Education, Game, Games, Ipaq, Logic, Pipes, Pocket, Pocket Pc, Tubes

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Not Rated Yet Browser 1.5 by No view

SpiralTrader will help you locate low risk entry points in stocks, commodities and currency trading by finding hidden support and resistance points on charts with Fibonacci spirals. Our website contains free education material.

Charts, Elliot, Fans, Fibonacci, Free, Retracements, Software, Spirals, Trader, Trading, Wave

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Not Rated Yet IM Lock Home Edition 2007 by Comvigo, Inc. IM Lock Home Edition View

IM Lock is a powerful Instant Message Blocking software for home, education, and business. Fast setup in under a minute. IM Lock Home Edition blocks Instant Message, Chat, Blogs, Websites, and more. Protect your children from online dangers.

Block, Instant, Message, Messenger, Msn, P2p

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Not Rated Yet Test Tone Generator 4.2 by Timo Esser Test Tone Generator View

The Test Tone Generator (TTG) turns the PC into a function generator for testing or demonstration, sound tuning, education and many other purposes.Features include: Constant and swept tones (log or lin); Many wave forms...

Amplifier, Crest Factor, Function, Generator, Loudspeaker, Peak, Pink Noise, Rms, Sine Wave, Sinus, Sound, Test, Tone, White Noise

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Not Rated Yet SpeechExpert 1.05 by Theway soft SpeechExpert View

SpeechExpert is the software which can read and manage the articles for you. Besides reading the articles in the web pages, emails, documents and others, it can also help you with managing the articles reading and read for you.

Articles, Audio, Convertor, Document, Download, Education, Email, Expert, Free, Grabber, Internet, Language, Listen, Management, Narrator, Novel, Pages, Read, Reader, Saver


Not Rated Yet Muhurta Explorer 1.2 by Publicsoft India Muhurta Explorer View

Indian Vedic Electional Astrology software that will search for the auspicious time to do a task. Can also check the auspiciousness of a particular time for a task on Vedic principles. Categories include Wedding, Business, Education, Journeys, etc.

Astrology, Auspicious, Electional, Indian, Jyotish, Lucky, Muhurat, Muhurt, Muhurta, Muhurtha, Panchaang, Time, Vedic

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Not Rated Yet DreamCalc Scientific Calculator 4.0.2 by Big Angry Dog Ltd DreamCalc Scientific Calculator View

DreamCalc Scientific Edition is the smarter alternative to a hand-held Scientific Calculator for your PC or laptop! You'll get the intuitive feel and productivity of using a professional hand-held, but one which adapts to your way of working.

Calculator, Constants, Conversions, Education, Educational, Educational Software, Engineering, Functions, Pi, School Calculator, Schools, Science, Scientific Calculator, Statistical, Statistical Software, Statistics, Windows Calculator

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Not Rated Yet DreamCalc Graphing Calculator 4.0.2 by Big Angry Dog Ltd DreamCalc Graphing Calculator View

DreamCalc Graphing Edition is the smarter alternative to a hand-held Graphing Calculator for your PC or laptop! You'll get the intuitive feel and productivity of using a professional hand-held, but one which adapts to your way of working.

Calculator, Education, Educational, Educational Software, Engineering, Graphing, Graphing Calculator, School Calculator, Schools, Science, Scientific Calculator, Statistical, Windows Calculator

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Not Rated Yet Angel church E 9 by Church games Angel  church E View

There are three distinct kinds of Church of England school in partnership with local education authorities (LEAs):. voluntary aided: the school is owned by.Name Day. Celebrate your Name Day as Europeans do. Find out when your Name Day is.It was also

Church Angel03


Not Rated Yet ChemLab 2.5 by Model Science Software ChemLab View

ChemLab allows users to quickly perform chemistry labs, while emphasizing the critical principles and techniques of experimental chemistry. It is ideal for distance learning, demonstrations, lab run-through, pre-lab work, hazardous or expensive labs.

Chemistry, Chemlab, College, Distance Education, Education, High School, K12, Periodic Table, Rasmol, Science, Simulation

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Not Rated Yet iTube! 1.5 by East Bay Technologies Inc. iTube! View

You can watch UNCENSORED news, music videos, education and entertainment channels from around the world. iTube! is ideal for people interested in alternative programming, learning languages, foreign cultures, entertainment or news!

Internet Television, Internet Tv, Live Video, Television, Tv, Video Search

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Not Rated Yet The Down Under Collection Deluxe 1.5 by EdAlive The Down Under Collection Deluxe View

An Australian clipart collection of over 1500 individual images in full colour and black and white designed especially for Australian schools and homes. Perfect for school projects, newsletters, Multimedia and Web design. Over 50 clip art categories.

Adventure, Alphabet, Australian Architecture, Australian Clipart, Australian Culture, Australian Exploration, Australian History, Australian Images, Australian Landmarks, Australian Maps, Clip Art For Schools, Clipart, Educational


Not Rated Yet Drobotenko screen saver 0.0.3 by Drobotenko Anatoly Drobotenko screen saver View

It screen saver based on a amazing surface – double said funnel. It is infinite surface with straight boundary.

3d, Drobotenko, Education, Mathemais, Maths, Ology, Poker, Saver, Science, Screen

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Not Rated Yet BAL2000 3.0 by Patologian Laboratorio Nickels Ltd BAL2000 View

BAL2000 is an expert system helping to analyse and interpret the bronchoalveolar lavage specimen. Version 1 (DOS) and version 2 (Win3.1) has been used in Finland over 10 years and the latest version 3 (Win 95/98/NT) is based on the experience of...

Bronchoalveolar Lavage, Education, Freeware, Health, Interpretation, Medical, Scientific, Software


Not Rated Yet Free Winshuffle 2.1 by Pajersoft Free Winshuffle View

Includes a Shuffle puzzle and Block Jigsaw.With Shuffle you must arrange the squares into the correct sequence. Seems easy but gets difficult near the end. Ten array sizes and three square styles should suit all levels. Block Jigsaw allows you to...

Block, Education, Jigsaw, Puzzle, Shuffle



ANAGRAM_MAKER is program, which makes anagrams (i.e. words which consist of characters of source word) of source word. For example, word "word" consist of the characters: w, o, r, d. And we can build from it word "row". Word "row" is anagram of...

Anagram, Anagram_maker, Dictionary, Education, Esc Soft, Esc_soft, Game, Maker, Relax, Word


Not Rated Yet BrainWave Blaster 2.11 by Subliminal Messages & Hypnosis BrainWave Blaster View

Stimulate your brain in 2 minutes! All you need is earphones. Just put on the earphones and let BrainWave Blaster take you to the state of mind you want. The sound stimulation functions of BrainWave Blaster help you to prepare for stressful...

Binaural Beat, Binaural Beats, Brain Wave, Brain Waves, Ded Pyhto, Education, Hypnosis, Ideal Weight, Intelligence, Meditation, Nirvana, Self Hypnosis, Self-hypnosis, Subliminal Message, Subliminal Messages, Weight Loss, Yoga

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