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Not Rated Yet Cruise Control - Rapid Mail Responder 1.0 by Xequte Software Cruise Control - Rapid Mail Responder View

Cruise Control is the fastest tool available for creating personal replies to your overflowing Inbox of messages, because it can automatically formulate a response based on your reply to similar messages in the past.

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Not Rated Yet ReplyWith 1.0.6 by 4Team Corporation ReplyWith View

Tool integrated to Microsoft Outlook email toolbar allows you to reply or forward e-mail with a predefined template. Create a new template as a new e-mail or use your existing e-mail as a template. Organize it to subfolder structure for easy access.

Add-in, Add-on, Addin, Addon, E-mail, Email, Forward, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook, Reply, Template, Tools

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Not Rated Yet Public Contact After Reply for Outlook 1.2 by SDMD GmbH No view

Public Contact after Reply for Outlook (Public CAR for Outlook) is an addon for Microsoft Outlook, which create automatically Outlook contacts after reply to a received E-Mail. This function is supported in Outlook-Express but not in Outlook

Address, Calendar, Calendario, Contacts, Dates, Email, Exchange, Freeware, Groupware, Microsof-outlook, Microsoft, Notes, Office, Outlook, Outlook-express, Pst, Server, Share, Share-outlook, Shareware


Not Rated Yet ReplyAssistant 2.0 by 4OfficeAutomation, Inc ReplyAssistant View

Using ReplyAssistant, you can respond to email inquiries faster than ever before! Recycle frequently used text fragments instead of having to type complete email messages over and over again. Works with all email programs and document processors!

Clipboard, Daily Correspondence, Email, Email Utility, Knowledge Management, Product Support Utility, Reply, Replyassistant, Text Editors, Text Fragments, Text Management

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Not Rated Yet iNetMail Demo 1.0 by ConsultCommerce iNetMail Demo View

iNetMail is a convenient web based solution for online e-mail management. It helps you check and organize any Internet mail account that uses POP3 services through your Web Browser. This is a perfect web tool for any ISP or regular internet user.

Check E-mail, Custom Software Development, E-commerce, E-commerce Solutions, E-mail, Internet, Mail, Mail Through Browser, Message Forums, Online E-mail, Online Messages, Software, Software Development, Web, Web Mail, Web Pages, Webmail, Webpages


Not Rated Yet Mail Cleaner Express 3.2 by Be Happy Dammit No view

Free program for cleaning up your email from ugly >>> and other garbage from forwarded email.

>, Clean, Cleaner, Email, Forward, Mail, Reply, Strip, Ugly, White Space


Not Rated Yet CannedResponses 1.9.1 by 4Team Corporation CannedResponses View

Addin integrated in MS Outlook email toolbar that significantly simplifies the process of sending numerous or repetitive email. Canned text, templates, Emoticons, attachments to make your professional personalized email response in just few clicks.

Addin, Addon, Annotis., Canned, E-mail, Email, Help Desk, Hotbar, Outlook, Pesonalized Email, Plugin, Reply, Responses, Stamps, Templates, Toolbar

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Not Rated Yet EmailSegway 4.4.28 by Ponder Labs EmailSegway View

Easy email management Email Segway makes it easy to manage all your email. With a click you can review server status, view email headers, view email messages, delete emails and so on. Fast with a dial-up modem Only download information as you...

E-mail, Emai, Helpers, L Client, Manage, Utilities

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Not Rated Yet BulkMailer Professional 5.4.6 by Kroll Software-Development BulkMailer Professional View

Send personalized bulk emails from any database or use the internal database to organize the addresses. A full featured HTML editor, full mime support, bounce management, and many other features make this software a perfect marketing tool.

Bulk Email, Bulk Email Advertising, Bulk Email Marketing, Bulk Email Software, Email Software, Internet Marketing, Mass Email, Mass Email Software, Online Advertising, Online Direct Marketing, Opt-in, Opt-out, Permission Marketing

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Not Rated Yet Potolook plugin for Microsoft Outlook 4.1 by Positic Software Potolook plugin for Microsoft Outlook View

An extensive package of Outlook plug-ins. Dynamic Templates Editor allows you to create personalized responses in seconds. Highlighter helps you distinguish quotations. Attachments Viewer, Personalized Newsletter and more...

Add-ins, Business Template, Email, Exchange Server, Forward, Letter Template, Microsoft Outlook, Newsletter Template, Office Extentions, Office Template, Outlook, Outlook Stationery, Plugin, Positic, Potolook, Reply, Templates

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Not Rated Yet Secret Barcoder Ring Postal Barcoder (Mac) 2.1.6 by Postage $aver Software Secret Barcoder Ring Postal Barcoder (Mac) View

Creates postal barcodes for bulk mail and business reply using your 9-digit zip codes. Print barcodes one at a time, or add bulk mail barcodes to an entire file. Works with Filemaker Pro, dBase and most other mailing list software. Easy-to-use,...

Barcode, Bulk Mail, Business Reply, Direct Mail, Postage, Postal, Postnet, Presort


Not Rated Yet Response Mailer - Autoresponder 3.6.0 by Devicode Technology Response Mailer - Autoresponder View

Autoresponder software that instantly emails information to your customers and prospects. It can automatically followup with them over the coming days, weeks, and months. You can send one or more personalized messages at preset time intervals.

Auto, Auto Responder, Autoreply, Autoresponder, E-mail, Email, Follow-up, Followup, Mailer, Mailing, Process, Processor, Reply, Responder

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Not Rated Yet Auto Mail Sender 3.10 by TriSun Software Inc. Auto Mail Sender View

Auto Mail Sender is used to send emails automatically at anytime and any frequency as you expect, it satisfies all your emails' sending requirements. You can set automatic sending time yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and even specific date and time.

Auto Send Email, Automatic Email, Automatically Send Email, Schedule Email, Send Email Automatically

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Not Rated Yet Open Sesame Spam Blocker 1.0.0 by Leithauser Research Open Sesame Spam Blocker View

Deletes email unless it comes from someone on your list or contains a password. Can reply telling the sender their email was deleted, and give them the password. Spam programs ignore these replies, but real people can resend email with the password.

Anti-spam, Antispam, Password, Spam Blocker, Spam Cleaner, Spam Scrubber, Stop Spam, White List

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Not Rated Yet Turbo Email Answer & Autoresponder 2.1.10 by Xellsoft Software Turbo Email Answer & Autoresponder View

This software speeds up interactive email answering by smart text templates and also enables selective auto-response and mail forwarding. Puts reusable text snippets at your fingertips. Integrates with MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MAPI, POP/SMTP/IMAP

Answer, Auto, Autoresonder, Download, E-mail, Email, Filter, Free, Hot, Hotkey, Key, Reply, Responder, Response, Software, Template, Tool

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Not Rated Yet FollowUpXpert Professional 3.5 by Xtreeme GmbH FollowUpXpert Professional View

Automate time-consuming email-related tasks you do every day! Think of it as your email assistant. It can reply to incoming emails. It can send automatic personalized follow-ups. It can send bulk mailings. It has a WYSIWYG editor. And it's very fast!

Automated Email, Automatic Email Responder, Automatic Responder, Autoresponder, Autoresponders, Bulk, Bulk Mailer, E-mail, Newsletter, Pop3, Responder, Sequential Autoresponder, Sequential Autoresponders, Windows

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Not Rated Yet cliMail 2.2.0 by Blizzard Media cliMail View

cliMail is a set of command line utilities designed to send and receive email. Send plain-text or HTML (with embedded pictures) email with attachments using to, bcc, and cc recipients. List, display or delete email from POP3(S) or IMAP(S) mailboxes

Command Line Email, Email Attachment, Email Validation, Imap, Imaps, Mime, Mime Decoding, Pop3, Pop3s, Secure Email, Smtp, Smtps

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Not Rated Yet MorseTest 1.3 by G4ILO Software MorseTest View

MorseTest is a program to help radio hams improve their Morse receiving skills. Modelled on a contest, the aim is to correctly copy as many calls and serial numbers as you can. It's one of the best ways to improve your code receiving speed. You...

Cw, Ham Radio, Morse, Morse Practise Software, Morse Training Software, Morsetest


Not Rated Yet Guestbook Star 4.43 by WebGenie Software Pty Ltd Guestbook Star View

Guestbook Star sets up your online guestbook. Collect valuable user feedback and opinion. You can reply directly to the visitor or post a reply. Your visitors' opinion might benefit your business. CGI on your server or on WebGenie's.

Anonymous Feedback, Cgi, Comments, Error Report, Feedback, Guest Book, Performance Valuation, Third Party Comments, User Complaint, User Compliment, User Interaction, User Opinion, Visitor Comment, Visitor Logbook, Website Management Site Monitoring


Not Rated Yet MELMS Pro 1.1 by Pawsoft MELMS Pro View

Email list management and mailing system. Features include: automated subscriber/unsubscriber management, email notification for new subscribers, compose and send emails to subscribers, help system including tutorials and much more!

Address, Capture, Client, Clipboard, E-mail, Email, List, Mailing, Management, Newsletter, Pop3, Quick, Signature, Smtp, Validate, Validation

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