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Not Rated Yet Easy Email Spam Filter 1.21 by Easy Email Spam Filter View

Easy Email Spam Filter is an easy to use email spam filter utility that will stop email spam from entering your Outlook inbox or Outlook Express inbox. Easy Email Spam Filter is a simple spam blocker application that runs unobtrusively while...

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Not Rated Yet SPAM Shredder 3.1 by Safe Soft Corporation SPAM Shredder View

SPAM Shredder is an anti-spam email client that automatically classifies incoming emails as spam or non-spam. SPAM Shredder is a spam filtering software that lets you remove spam emails just from the mail server without pulling them down into...

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Not Rated Yet PostGuard Spam Filter 3.5 by Sentinare Messaging Solutions PostGuard Spam Filter View

Sentinare PostGuard - Secure encrypted spam and virus free email for your home or business. 99% accurate filtering solution includes 1GB of email storage that will never be subjected to email marketing or advertisements. Your privacy, our priority.

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Not Rated Yet ChoiceMail One 3.0 by DigiPortal Software, Inc. ChoiceMail One View

ChoiceMail One is DigiPortal’s critically acclaimed anti -spam software. ChoiceMail blocks 100% of spam with absolute certainty. ChoiceMail allows you to choose which messages come to your inbox. Take control of your email again with ChoiceMail.

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Not Rated Yet Spam Strainer 1.0 by Roland Waddilove Spam Strainer View

Spam Strainer is designed to help keep your POP3 email inbox clear of junk email messages. It check your email server to see what messages are waiting, then marks the ones it thinks are spam. It can be deleted automaticaly or manually.

Anti Spam, Clean, Email, Filter, Inbox, Junk, Message, Spam, Spyware, Virus


Not Rated Yet Anti-Spam Bastion 1.0 by Anti-Spam Bastion LLC Anti-Spam Bastion View

Anti-Spam Bastion is a FREE software to automatically remove SPAM from any number of POP3 email accounts. It has a very intuitive configuration to clear your mailbox from different kinds of advertising e-mails. Use Anti-Spam Bastion to protect...

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Not Rated Yet Spam Control (Server) 1.40 by 8Mail Spam Control (Server) View

Spam Control is a Mailfilter for Email Server - Exchange Server to protect MS Windows Email Server against Spam-Emails. Spam Control checks all incoming E-Mails. Is it Spam then Spam Conrol will not accept the Email and protect so the Server

Control, Email, Filter, Server, Spam


Not Rated Yet Purgy 1.0 by Xtreeme GmbH Purgy View

Anti-spam software for Windows. It accepts emails from senders you trust while asking unknown senders to verify themselves by replying to an email. After positive verification it adds them to your approved sender list and delivers all their messages.

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Not Rated Yet Spam Blackout 1.5 by Heidi Computers Ltd Spam Blackout View

Blocks Spam from your Inbox. Spam Blackout is safe and easy-to-use. Powerful Spam Filtering Engine. Works with Any Email Client Program e.g. Ms Outlook etc. Downloads from Hotmail, POP3 & IMAP. The Email Viewer is Virus Proof.

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Not Rated Yet Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 1.0a by SpamButcher Anti-Spam Software Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing View

Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing lets you check to see if a given IP address or hostname is on one of up to 20 different anti-spam blacklists. Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing is provided by SpamButcher completely free of charge.

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Not Rated Yet Spamaids 1.0 by Software Sells Spamaids View

The program connects to your pop server and checks each email to see if it's spam or an address you don't want to get mail from, if it detects such an email you can either delete it, or bounce it back to the sender. Setup your own custom rule...

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Not Rated Yet Link Disguiser 1.0.8 by Logic Software Inc. Link Disguiser View

Link Disguiser is a professional anti-spam solution that prevents spam bots from email address harvesting on your website. Link Disguiser provides a webmaster with a bullet-proof, quick and easy anti-spam protection.

Bot, Disguiser, Email, Encode, Harvesting, Hide, Link, Mailto, Protect, Spam, Spammer, Stop

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Not Rated Yet Eliminate Spam Pro 2.51 by KMGI Software Inc. Eliminate Spam Pro View

Flooded by spam? Save yourself from unwanted junk messages by installing Eliminate Spam Pro - the most powerful spam protector available today. Eliminate Spam Pro uses sophisticated customizable filters and spam databases.

Anti Spam, Block Spam, E-mail, Email, Email Plugin, Outlook, Spam, Spam Protection


Not Rated Yet Anti-SPAM Guard 4.0 by Business Solutions Anti-SPAM Guard View

Anti-spam software for Windows. Combines the maximum ease of use with the support of any mail client and power spam mail detection. The anti-spam filter is ready to run right after you install it and does not require additional configuration or...

Anti-spam, Blocker, E-mail, Email, Fight, Filter, Filtering, Guard, Software, Spam, Spam Control, Stop

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Not Rated Yet Jvw filter email 1.0 by Jimmy's Value World, Inc. Jvw filter email View

Email Spam filter with the below features : Bounce messages from known spammers , Compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express, other clients., Account wizard function, Import facility from Outlook, Outlook express., Hide to tray,...

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Not Rated Yet Privacy Solution 1.0 by Privacy Solution Privacy Solution View

Privacy solution includes file/folder lock, free popup blocker and ip spam killer now has option of cookie manager and option to delete index.dat files.

Delete Cookies, Delete History, Delete Internet Cache, Erase Cache, Erase Temp Files, Folder Lock, Hide Pictures, History Eraser, Surf Eraser

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Not Rated Yet Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express 1.1 by Alchemy Lab Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express View

Get rid of spam with Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express! Alchemy Spam Filter is a plug-in module for the Outlook Express e-mail program and represents a self-adaptive unsolicited mail protecting tool. The main method used to combat spam is...

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Not Rated Yet SpamBrave for Outlook Express 5.0 by Digital Turtlets No view

Bayesian spam filtering plug-in for Outlook Express stops over 98% of spam. Supports your Address Book. Allow/Block List. Backup and Restore. Bounces email back to spammers. Reports spam to the sender's ISP. Auto-deletes spam emails. Statistics.

Bayesian, Outlook Express, Plug-in, Shareware, Spam, Spam Blocker, Spam Filter, Stop Spam, Windows Mail

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Not Rated Yet Spam Crusher 1.1A by American Systems Spam Crusher View

Spam Crusher is designed to filter unwanted email, while allowing the email you want to receive. Spam Crusher can be configured to filter multiple email accounts. Spam Crusher is really easy to set up. In just a few minutes you can be up and running.

Addresses, Eliminate, Email, Filter, Filters, Import, Internet, Junk, Remove, Spam, Unsolicited

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Not Rated Yet spamBat 10166 by Batmore Technologies spamBat View

spamBat is the low cost spam solution eliminating it before you download it to your PC and without the complicated filter creation, maintenance and false positive failures of ordinary spam filter applications. Easy to install and no ongoing...

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