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Not Rated Yet ViPNet DISCguise 2.8.11 SP1 by INFOTECS GmbH ViPNet DISCguise View

ViPNet DISCguise is a small footprint encryption utility. Your files and folders are encrypted with a strong encryption algorithm, using a combination of a unique user key and the password entered at time of encryption.

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Not Rated Yet AES Free 2.5 by Safe Soft Corporation AES Free View

AES Free is the program that creates self-extracting encrypted files for Windows. Self-extracting files are executable programs (EXEs) that contain a AES-file and the software necessary to decompress the contents. Users can decompress the contents...

Aes, Code, Compress, Crypto, Cryptographic Algorithms, Documents, Encrypt, Encryption System, Files, Folders, Password, Programs, Protect, Protecting, Safety, Security, Shredder, Software, Source, Stream Cipher


Not Rated Yet CryptaFlix 1.11 by Briggs Softworks CryptaFlix View

CryptaFlix is a video player for Windows with encryption capabilities for DivX and other AVI format movies. Protect your video collection from unauthorized viewing with password protection using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Aes, Avi, Cryptaflix, Divx, Encrypt, Encryption, Movie, Mpeg-4, Player, Video, Xvid

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Not Rated Yet CryptoMite 2.00 by BAxBEx Software CryptoMite View

CryptoMite enables you to encrypt, decrypt, and wipe files and folders of any type. It supports various encryption engines, along with zip compression. Functions to build self-extracting encrypted zip files and eMail capabilities are also included.

Encryption, Encryption Tools, File Utilities, Hide Files, Hide Folders, Safe, Secure, Security, Shredder, Utility, Wipe

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Not Rated Yet CommuniCrypt Mail 1.16 by CommuniCrypt Software CommuniCrypt Mail View

Standalone eMail client with strongest asymmetric Public-Key-Encryption(RSAES-OAEP).This eMail client is fully featured for receiving/sending mails via POP3/SMTP. Integrated attachment/file encryption(RSA/AES) See website for full feature list

Communication, Communicrypt, Crypto, Decryption, Email, Encryption, Network, Pop3, Rsa, Security, Smtp


Not Rated Yet CryptoForge 3.2.5 by CryptoForge Encryption Software CryptoForge View

This suite of tools enables you to safely encrypt, decrypt, and shred any type of file, entire folders and drives with ease. An included text editor allows you to create and encrypt secure documents that can be sent by any e-mail or messenger program

128-bit, 256, 3des, 448, Aes, Algorithm, Bit, Bits, Blowfish, Cryptography, Email, Encrypt, Encrypted, Encryption, Folders, Gost, Messages, Password, Privacy, Rijndael

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Not Rated Yet AES Pro 5.5 by Safe Soft Corporation AES Pro View

AES Pro is the utility program that creates active public keys. Active key is an executable program that contains a public key and the software necessary to encrypt messages and decrypt the answer-back messages. Users can create active public keys...

3des, Aes, Blowfish, Code, Compress, Crypto, Cryptographic Algorithms, Des, Documents, El Gamal, Encrypt, Encryption System, Files, Folders, Password, Programs, Protect, Protecting, Safety, Security

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Not Rated Yet ActiveX Easy Compression Library 1.00 by ComponentAce LLC ActiveX Easy Compression Library View

ActiveX Easy Compression Library is a high-performance and very easy-to-use compression and encryption library. This product has everything you need to compress and encrypt files, memory buffers and strings. Key features: Compression...

Activex, Com, Compression, Compression Ratio, Encrypt, Encryption, Fast, Memory, Rar, Strings, Zip


Not Rated Yet ByteShift File Encryption & Compression 2.0 by ByteShift ByteShift File Encryption & Compression View

Quickly encrypt and compress confidential files for secure storage or transfer over insecure networks, such as via email attachments or instant messenger. Zip Unzip - Encrypt Decrypt. Free 10-day Trial download.

3des File Encryption, Byteshift, Data Encryption, Decrypt, Encrypt, Encryption, File Compression, File Encryption, File Security, Information Security, Internet Security, Office Encryption, Secure Data Transfer, Secure File Transfer, Unzip, Zip

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Encrypt and protect your digital photos for your eyes only. Secure your photos before and while you share them over the internet or store them on your PC 256-bit encryption guarantees to always protect your data. BLUBOX your personal digital vault.

Digital Image Utility, Digital Vault, Encryption, Image Encryption, Photo Email, Photo Encryption, Photo Tools, Protect Digital Photos, Protect Images, Secure Digital Images, Secure Digital Photos, Secure Photos, Security, Storage Reduction


Not Rated Yet PSYBEncrypter 2.72 by Petsyb PSYBEncrypter View

Encryption Software designed to protect all your files safely and securely with strong and secure encryption algorithms. Aimed at those with large amounts of pictures, photographs, images video or movie clips that they wish to keep private and secure

Decrypt, Encryption, File, Image, Movie, Password, Photography, Photos, Picture, Privacy, Secure, Security, Video


Not Rated Yet AB MP3 Tag Editor 3.14 by AB Software AB MP3 Tag Editor View

AB MP3 Tag Editor is a small and fast application which allows you to read and modify the MP3's tag with ease. You can read, set or remove the tag with only one click. The application use ID3 tag encryption and supports 148 genres.

Editor, Encoder, Encryption, Fast, Format, Id3, Mp3, Small, Tag, Tagger

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Not Rated Yet Secura Archiver 1.7 by Perception Secura Archiver View

Secura Archiver is professional archiving software for use in personal or commercial environments that demand 128 bit data encryption to meet and exceed today's security standards. Using Blowfish encryption with a 128 bit key Secura Archiver...

128-bit, Archive, Archiver, Archiving, Bit, Blowfish, Decryption, Encryption, Secura, Secure, Security

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Not Rated Yet Without A Trace Surf Guard 5.91 by TekEffect Without A Trace Surf Guard View

In today's society it is becoming a daily routine that employee's are being fired for surfing the internet, professors are being arrested after their hard drives are examined and/or husbands and wife's become bitter or divorced after the browser...

Cache, Cookies, History, Pc Clean, Pop Up, Pop-up, Security, Spyware, Stop Pop Up

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Not Rated Yet 1 Click Encrypt File Folder Encryption 1.4.1 by Secure PC Solutions Inc 1 Click Encrypt File Folder Encryption View

1 Click Encrypt is the encryption utility that brings military strength encryption power at your fingertips, assuring that your files are secured and protected from intruders and spies. It can encrypt or securely hide any type of file.

Algorithm, Cryptographic, Cypher Key, Data Security, Disk, Easy, Email Security, Encrypt Email, Encryption, Encryption Software, File, File Encryption, File Security, Filesystem, Privacy, Protect Documents, Protection, Safe, Secret, Secure

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Not Rated Yet Crob FTP Server 3.6.0 by Crob Software Studio Crob FTP Server View

Support Database Addin. To control FTP Account through database. Build a user self FTP enviroment! Customize your log file. High performance file struct to support search and class log information in more than millions records. More wizard tools...

Asp, Database, Ftp, Server, Web

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Not Rated Yet LLCryptoLib 1.5 by LittleLite Software LLCryptoLib View

LLCryptoLib provides properties and methods for object-oriented cryptography software tools for .NET on Windows systems. It offers both text and stream encryption classes and hashing functions for text and binary files plus shredding functions.

.net Library, 3des, Aes, Blowfish, C#, Cryptography Library, Des, Dod, Gutmann, Hash, Md5, Rijndael, Sha1, Sha256, Shred


Not Rated Yet AES Home 4.0 by Safe Soft Corporation No view

AES Home is the utility program that creates active AES-files for Windows. Active AES-files are executable programs (EXEs) that contain a AES-file and the software necessary to decrypt the information and encrypt answer messages. Users can create...

3des, Aes, Blowfish, Code, Compress, Crypto, Cryptographic Algorithms, Des, Documents, Encrypt, Encryption System, Files, Folders, Password, Programs, Protect, Protecting, Safety, Security, Shredder

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Not Rated Yet Secure Information Courier 1.2 by Bytefusion Ltd. No view

Secure Information Courier brings secure email encryption to your organization's web site. Visitors to your web site can send secure email to your organization and even convey digital documents securely using industry standard encryption.

Corporate Email Encryption, E-mail, Email, Email Forms, Encryption, Secure, Secure Email, Secure Web Mail, Web Mail Form


Not Rated Yet Super Password Manager Tools 1.201.41 by Christinavistamedia Super Password Manager Tools View

Super Password Manager Tools is a easy-to-use and very popular tool. Manage ALL Passwords with One Phrase. When you log on to Password Manager with your Master Pass Phrase you will have instant access to all of your password protected websites.

Auto Form Filler, Form Filler, Free Password Mange, Password, Password Manager, Password Software, Robo, Robo Form, Roboform, Software


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