Endurance Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet Open Fitness - Mobile Edition 1.1 by WORKOUTWARE.COM Open Fitness - Mobile Edition View

Track your weightlifting workouts, cardio workouts, and body measurements on your PDA. Easily chart your strength or endurance progress for any weightlifting or cardio exercise with just a few clicks. Any number of users can be tracked.

Aerobic, Bodybuilding, Cardio, Exercise, Fitness, Weightlifting, Workout

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Not Rated Yet 3D Judo Fighting 1.12 by KMT-Dataservice Ges.m.b.H. 3D Judo Fighting View

The first pc game for the judo sport. The game simulates the judo sport and uses the most current judo rules. Each Judoka has its own strengths and weaknesses (technique, strength, reflexes, endurance). Additionally controlled each judo...

Budo, Game, Games, Ju Jutsu, Judo, Judo Game, Judo Sport, Jujutsu, Pc Game, Sport Game


Not Rated Yet 3D Jewels 1.0 by Rightdown Software 3D Jewels View

In ancient Egypt the fabled temple of Anubis is a forbidding place from which most adventurers do not return alive. The rewards can be very high if you manage to survive the wrath of Anubis but his powers are great and his cruelty legendary. Only...

3d, 3d Jewels, Anubis, Arcade, Feature, Game, Jewels, Logic, Opengl, Puzzle, Snood

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Not Rated Yet gpsTrainer 1.11 by Peak Software Consulting, LLC gpsTrainer View

This easy to use race proven system allows you to define and race your own courses, or download courses and race against already logged times. By using gpsTrainer® you can set speed and pace goals and receive audio updates.

Bicycling, Coach, Courses, Cycling, Endurance, Gps, Mapping, Running, Runs, Skiing, Sports, Trails, Training


Not Rated Yet Herbal Medicine 2.1 by Tradetouch, Inc. Herbal Medicine View

Herbal Medicine provides you with accurate, science-based information on the health benefits and safety of herbs. This guide discusses the basic principles of herbal medicine, outlines the properties and characteristics of more than 290 single herbs.

Beauty, Chinese, Decoction, Diet, Dietary, Encyclopaedia, Food, Formulas, Health, Healthy, Herbal, Herbalism, Herbalist, Medication, Medicine, Pills, Prescription, Recipe, Replenishment, Tcm

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Not Rated Yet NutriGenie Nutrition for Athletes 4.7 by NutriGenie NutriGenie Nutrition for Athletes View

Proper nutrition can mean the difference between winning and losing. This program analyzes your diet for optimal intake of nutrients that have been shown to directly affect one's mental and physical capabilities. Ideal for competitive athletes.

Athletes, Body, Building, Competition, Diet, Endurance, Muscle, Nutrition, Olympics, Sports, Stamina, Strength, Training

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Not Rated Yet Docklight Scripting 1.7 by Flachmann und Heggelbacher Docklight Scripting View

Docklight Scripting is an automated testing tool for serial communication protocols via COM, TCP and UDP. It is an extended edition of Docklight RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor, including an easy-to-use script language to create automated test jobs.

Automated, Automated Testing, Automatic, Automatic Testing, Checksum, Client, Configuration, Control, Crc, Debugging, Diagnostics, Fault Analysis, Network, Rs232, Script, Scripting, Server, Sps, Tcp, Test

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Not Rated Yet Fantasy Hockey League Simulator 1.5b468 by Fantasy Hockey League Simulator View

Simulate your own seasons, using your own teams, independent of reality. Automatic HTML output. Free unlimited GM Editor you may supply to GM's to create lines then send them as an attachment for FHL to import. User can customize header info for...

Chl, Commissioner, Eastside, Fantasy Hockey League, Fhl, Fhlsim, General Manager, Mogul, Nhl, Role-playing, Simulation, Simulator, Strategy

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