Exchange Server Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet POPcon PRO 3.50 by Christensen Software POPcon PRO View

POPcon PRO connects MS Exchange to POP3+IMAP mailboxes. It retrieves messages from POP3 mailboxes and delivers them to your Exchange Server mailboxes according to the intended user found in the mails. It scans emails for SPAM and Virus content.

Connector, Distribute, Email, Exchange, Exchange Pop3, Exchange Server, Imap, Mail, Pop3, Pop3 Exchange


Not Rated Yet Exchange Server Toolbox 2.0 by JAM Software Exchange Server Toolbox View

Exchange Server plugin using technologies already well-established in SmartPOP2Exchange. Filter spam reliably with the approved SpamAssassin, use your favourite virus scanner for checking e-mail and backup all your mail.

2000, 2003, Antivirus, Backup, E-mail, E-mails, Email, Emails, Exchange, Filter, Mail, Mailbackup, Mails, Messages, Outlook, Server, Smtp, Spam, Spamassassin, Spamfilter

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Not Rated Yet MailDetective for Exchange Server 2.1c by ADVSoft MailDetective for Exchange Server View

MailDetective is an easy to use monitoring application designed to control email use in corporate networks. It analyzes Microsoft Exchange Server logs and creates comprehensive reports either on the whole mail system or on individual mail accounts.

Exchange Log Analyzer, Exchange Logs, Exchange Reporting, Exchange Reports, Exchange Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Exchange Server

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Not Rated Yet GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP 12 by GFI Software GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP View

Fax-enable your network users with GFI FAXmaker, the leading fax server for Exchange Server, Lotus and SMTP/POP3 servers. Without installing additional client software, users can send & receive faxes directly from Outlook or any other email clients.

Exchange Server, Fax, Fax Server, Lotus Fax, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Exchange 2000, Outlook, Sms, Smtp, Smtp Server, Windows 2003 Fax

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Not Rated Yet AA Mail Server 1.2 by AA Mail Server AA Mail Server View

AA Mail Server is not only a standard mail server software, but also with the special and useful functionality of map mail server mode. The map mail server will become a mirror of your ISP mail server and share your mail service.

Mail Server, Mail Server Software, Mail Share, Map Mail Server, Share Mail Server

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Not Rated Yet DNS MX Wizard ActiveX 3.0 by Seekford Solutions, inc DNS MX Wizard ActiveX View

DNS MX Wizard is an ActiveX control that lets you query a Domain Name System (DNS) server for Mail Exchange(MX) Resource Records(RR). MX RR's contain the name of the server responsible for handling mail for a domain.

Dns, Dns Mx, Domain, Email, Exchange, Mail, Mx, Name, Records, Server, System

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Not Rated Yet mxORB 2.3 by mxORB Software mxORB View

mxORB is a server-side spam filter that consistently blocks over 98% of unsolicited commercial email (also known as spam) at a fraction of the cost of other filtering solutions. mxORB is packed with all of the features you will need to eliminate...

Blacklist, Cdo, Dnsbl, Event, Exchange, Exchange 2000 Spam Filter, Exchange 2003 Spam Filter, Exchange Spam Filter, Filter, Iis, Open, Ordb, Rbl, Relay, Server, Sink, Smtp, Spam, Uce, Unsolicited Commercial Email


Not Rated Yet Spam Control (Server) 1.40 by 8Mail Spam Control (Server) View

Spam Control is a Mailfilter for Email Server - Exchange Server to protect MS Windows Email Server against Spam-Emails. Spam Control checks all incoming E-Mails. Is it Spam then Spam Conrol will not accept the Email and protect so the Server

Control, Email, Filter, Server, Spam


Not Rated Yet MAPILab NNTP for Outlook 1.50 by MAPILab Ltd. MAPILab NNTP for Outlook View

MAPILab NNTP is MAPI transport, allows you to read and post to newsgroups in Microsoft Outlook. This means that a news server account works the same as Exchange Server or a POP3 account, support remote headers, all managed in the Send/Receive menu.

Addin, Addon, Microsoft Office 2007, News, News Server, Newsgroups, Nntp, Nntp Server, Outlook, Outlook 2003, Outlook Software, Plugin, Usenet

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Not Rated Yet ZFilter 1.2 by 4-Share No view

ZFilter is a plug-in indexing filter for Windows servers. It enables them to full-text index the contents of zip archives created with WinZip, PKZIP, or any other compression program that uses the PKWARE compression format.

Filter, Full-text Index, Ifilter, Index Server, Indexing Service, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Site Server

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Not Rated Yet GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 12 by GFI Software GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP View

Server based anti spam, anti-phishing & email management solution for Exchange & SMTP servers. Advanced spam detection technology capturing 98% of spam and phishing emails, whilst minimizing false positives. Also adds disclaimers, mail archiving/repo

Anti Spam, Anti Spam Software, Antispam, Antispam Filter, Bayesian, Exchange Disclaimer, Phishing, Spam, Spam Filter

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Not Rated Yet GFI Network Server Monitor 7 by GFI Software GFI Network Server Monitor View

Checks your network & servers for failures and fixes them automatically, before your network users notice them! Alerts can be sent by email, pager or SMS. You can reboot a machine, restart a service or run a script, batch job or executable.

Exchange Server, Network, Network Monitor, Network Monitoring, Oracle, Server Monitor, Server Monitoring, Sql

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Not Rated Yet GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 10 by GFI Software GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP View

GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP is an email content checking, exploit detection, threats analysis and anti-virus solution that removes all types of email-borne threats before they can affect an organization’s email users.

Antivirus, Email Security, Email Trojan, Exchange Server, Exploit, Klez, Microsoft Exchange, Nimda, Security Software, Sircam, Trojan, Trojan Blocker, Windows 2000 Security

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Not Rated Yet Extensible Messaging Platform Anti-Spam Filter 5.5 by J.A. Korsmeyer, Inc. No view

Server based Anti-Spam Filter protects organizational mail servers (Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Domino, Sendmail, etc) from spam, email-borne viruses and objectionable content using contextual pattern signatures (not simple keywords).

Anti-spam, Email Filter, Spam Blocker, Spam Filter, Stop Spam


Not Rated Yet Exclaimer Mail Utilities 4.30 by Exclaimer Ltd Exclaimer Mail Utilities View

A suite of utilities for Exchange 2000/2003 server. Add disclaimers and signatures with colors and logos, set up server based auto-responders, monitor and archive email, block email between selected users. Comprehensive rule system for total control

Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Auto-responder, Autoreply, Autoresponder, Disclaimers, Email Block, Email Blocking, Email Disclaimer, Email Footer, Email Monitoring, Exchange, Exchange Autoresponder, Exchange Disclaimer, Exchange Signature, Monitor Email, Out Of Office, Signature

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Not Rated Yet E-mail Management Server 2006 by MADSolutions E-mail Management Server View

E-mail Management Server allows administrators to move, copy, delete or archive messages and attachments based on content, age, location, type and size. All administration is performed through easy to understand and use step by step wizards.

Attachments, E-mail, Exchange, Outlook


Not Rated Yet Exclaimer Mail Archiver 2.0 by Exclaimer Ltd Exclaimer Mail Archiver View

Built for Microsoft Exchange environments, Email Archiver is a robust customizable archiving tool that scales from one server to global corporations. Designed for companies with requirements for recovery, compliance and monitoring of email.

Email Archiving, Email Recovery, Email Retention, Mail Monitoring, Microsoft Exchange, Sql Storage

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Not Rated Yet RBackup Remote Backup 9.40 by Remote Backup Systems, Inc. RBackup Remote Backup View

RBackup Remote Backup is the most widely-used software for commercial Remote Backup Services since 1987. Backs up all files including Open Files, Exchange & SQL Server, more. Fully brandable white-box solution. Great support from a US company.

Internet Backup, Online Backup, Online Backup Service, Remote Backup, Web Backup


Not Rated Yet Courier Mail Server 2.05 by Roman Rugalenko Courier Mail Server View

Courier Mail Server is a e-mail server. Compact, easy to configure and usage, multithreaded, contains Web and SOCKS servers. It will help you to quickly arrange e-mail exchange in local network and Internet. Major Features: - SMTP and POP3...

Cms, Courier, Courier Mail Server, E-mail, Http, Mail, Proxy, Server, Socks, Web

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Not Rated Yet Partner Links 2.1 by NetPromoter No view

Partner Links is an effective and handy tool for establishing partner networks between sites. The program automates the process of link exchange with thematically related sites thus helping improve your Web site`s link popularity

Links Exchange, Partner Links, Site Optimization

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