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Not Rated Yet Extract Data & Text From Multiple PDF Files Software 7.0 by Sobolsoft Extract Data & Text From Multiple PDF Files Software View

Search for text within multiple PDF files and, if found, extract the entire line. Similarly, extract entire lines that do not contain certain text. Also, extract text between starting and ending characters throughout all files.

.pdf, Acrobat, Adobe, All, Application, Arabic, Between, Characters, Chinese, Containing, Conversion, Convert, Converting, Document, Edit, Editor, Export, Exporting, Extracted, Extracter

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Not Rated Yet Caterpillar - HTML Extractor 1.2 by Stormdance Caterpillar - HTML Extractor View

Caterpillar rapidly extracts all the text requiring translation from multiple web pages to a single output file - so you can process/translate the extracted text segments in any way you like using other software, before re-integrating.

Html, Localisation, Localization, Site, Sites, Translation, Translator, Web

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Not Rated Yet .NET Document 2 Text Converter DLL 1.2 by SpiceLogic Consulting & Technologies INC. .NET Document 2 Text Converter DLL View

.NET Document 2 Text Converter DLL is a .NET class library that provides you an efficient way of converting your document files from various types to plain text. The supported conversion types are : MS Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xls), HTML and RTF.

.net Dll, Activex, Document 2 Text, Document Converter, Excel To Text, Html To Text, Pdf To Text, Rtf To Text, Text Converter, Text Extractor, Word To Text

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Not Rated Yet Instyler Ex-it! for Windows Installer 1.00 by Instyler Software Instyler Ex-it! for Windows Installer View

Instyler Ex-it! for Windows Installer is a powerful helper application to create single executable files from your Windows Installer (msi, msp, msm) files. Includes Windows Installer version checking and Silent mode support. Fully adaptable.

Basic, Builder, C, C++, Delphi, Deploy, Dist, Distribute, Extract, Install, Installer, Instyler, Master, Package, Self, Self-extractor, Setup, Sfx, Shield, Smart


Not Rated Yet Dr. Mail Server eMail Collector pro 8.6 by NPUST SOFTWARE Dr. Mail Server eMail Collector pro View

Dr. Mail Server eMail Collector pro is a powerful email software that harvests general email lists from mail servers. Support multi-threaded, high speed collecting.

Bulk Email, Email Collector, Email Extractor

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Not Rated Yet Zilla Free Audio Converter-Extractor by Zilla Free Audio Converter-Extractor View

Converts audio formats from one to another, extract audio from video or record audio to HD. Convert (to and from) WAV PCM, CDA, MP3, WMA, ALF2, ADPCM, GSM, G.726, DSP, A-LAW, ACM, U-LAW, PCM, Ogg Vorbis, AVI and records from mic or cassette tapes.

And, Avi, Batch, Cda, Cddb, Cdr, Converter, Converting, Convertor, Decoder, Encoder, Encodes, Extraction, For, Id3v2 Tag, Into, M3u, Media, Mp2, Mp3 To Wav


Not Rated Yet Atomic Email Logger 2.60 by AtomPark Software Atomic Email Logger View

Designed to search files for e-mail addresses, Email Logger utilizes advanced search algorithms to extract e-mails from anywhere on your hard drive. It scans files of all types and finds thousands of new contacts.

Collect, E-mail, Email, Extract, Extractor, Grab, Grabber, Harvest, Harvester, Mail

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Not Rated Yet ZipWrangler 1.20 by CursorArts Company ZipWrangler View

ZipWrangler allows you to manage .ZIP, .CAB and .LOK archive files. Compress your own archive files, extract files from downloaded archives; View/launch archive contents; span zips across multiple floppies; more. Free.

.cab, .lok, .zip, Archive, Compression, Crush, Extractor, Multiple, Password, Size, Smaller, Span, Split, Unzip, Zip


Not Rated Yet RafaBot 1.5 by Spadix Software RafaBot View

Bulk website downloader. Download website from a starting URL, search engine results or web dirs. RafaBot is a high-speed, multi-threading, large scale web spidering robot. An ideal tool for bulk website download. It can download website from a...

Browser, Download Web Site, Download Website, Off Line, Off-line, Offline, Offline Browser, Offline Web Browser, Website Download, Website Extractor

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Not Rated Yet Webemail miner 2.80 by chenziyi Webemail miner View

Extracts email addresses from local files,websites,search engines and newsgroups. Just type one or two keywords and webemail miner will query major Engine like Yahoo,Google,AllTheWeb,Aol,Msn etc and collect email addresses matching your query.

Address, Email, Email Extractor, Extract E-mail, Extract Email, Extract Email Address, Extract Email Addresses

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Not Rated Yet Url Spider Jeanie Professional by P+T New media group inc. Url Spider Jeanie Professional View

SPECIAL OFFER 50 % Discount and Coupon for Jeanie 2008 with Quickengines ! Url Spider and Email Spider Jeanie Pro extracted, spidered and indexed Url for your link pages, catalog system or search engine. Url Spider and Email Spider Jeanie...

Bulk, E-mail, Email, Email Spider, Emailspider, Extractor, Extractors, Internet Spider, Jeanie, Mail, Mass, Software, Spam, Spider, Spidering, Spiders, Url, Url Spider, Urlspider, Webspider

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Not Rated Yet Rm Rmvb ASF Wmv Wma Mp3 Audio Converter 2.29 by Coolmp3tool,Inc. Rm Rmvb ASF Wmv Wma Mp3 Audio Converter View

Rm Rmvb ASF Wmv Wma Mp3 Audio Converter is a handy tool that help you one click to convert between all of popular audio formats: such as RM, RMVB, ASF, WMV,WMA,MP3, WAV, OGG etc. Extracts Audio from video files and save them to Wma,Mp3,wav,OGG.

Asf, Convert Realaudio, Mp3, Ogg To Mp3, Rm, Rmvb, Wma, Wmv

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Not Rated Yet Movies Extractor Scout LITE 2.31 by ByteScout Movies Extractor Scout LITE View

Free handy utility that allow you to view flash movies (SWF, EXE, FLV, Shockwave), videos and games extracted from YouTube, Google Video, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. Can capture frames from movie to BMP images.

Animations, Explorer, Firefox, Flash, Google, Internet, Movies, Mozilla, Opera, Swf, Video, Videos, View, Youtube


Not Rated Yet Internet Email Address Extractor 3.0 by MazePath Software Internet Email Address Extractor View

A simple yet invaluable tool that can automatically dig out all of the email addresses from web pages, text files, and even scripts! You set the search words and parameters! Full database support: Sort, Edit, Add, Delete, CSV and Text Export!

E-mail, Email, Email Address, Email Address Grabber, Email Grabber, Email Tool, Email Utility, Extract, Extract E-mail, Find Email, Internet, Save Addresses

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Not Rated Yet River Past Audio CD Ripper 6.3 by River Past Corporation River Past Audio CD Ripper View

Easy-to-use and fast batch audio extractor from CD-DA. Rip audio CD to AIF, AVI, MKA, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV, WMA or optional M4A. Full control over codec, sample rate, channel, bits/sample, and bitrate. Can choose from a list profiles for WMA.

Aif, Audio, Avi, Cd, Extract, M4a, Mka, Mp3, Ogg, Rip, Ripper, Vorbis, Wav, Wma

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Not Rated Yet Amazing MP3 Creator V2.20 by Amazing MP3 Creator View

Amazing MP3 Creator is designed as a fully functional, efficient, and easy-to-use utility for extracting digital audio from CD-ROM and encoding batch WAV files to compression formats file e.g. MP3 files,WMA files and OGG vorbis.

Cd Extractor, Cd Mp3 Wma Encoder, Cd Ripper, Cd To Mp3, Cd To Ogg, Cd To Wma, Mp3 Converter, Mp3 Encoder, Ogg Converter, Ogg Convertor, Wma Converter, Wma Encoder

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Not Rated Yet Offline Downloader 3.60 by InternetSoft Corporation Offline Downloader View

Whether you browse the web for research, work, or fun, there's nothing worse than having to wait for page after page to load in Internet Explorer or Firefox. The problem is they will only load one page at a time. So if you are viewing a large...

Browser, Download, Downloader, Extract, Extractor, Filter, Offline, Search, Website

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Not Rated Yet Google Adsense PAD XML Web Page Creator 1.0 by Google Adsense PAD XML Web Page Creator View

Google Adsense PAD XML File Web Page Creator and Shareware Site Maker easily creates thousands of Google Adsense aware web pages ideal for shareware sites. Simply replace the given web page template with your own and press a few buttons.

Adsense, Creator, File, Google, Maker, Pad, Page, Shareware, Site, Web, Xml

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Not Rated Yet Pst2mail 1.4 by Shareware Hangvogel Pst2mail View

Pst2mail: Program to retrieve or find email addresses from an unprotected (*) Microsoft Outlook archive or pst file, optionally using filter settings. Adresses will be collected in an output file. The resulting list can then be imported in a...

.pst, Addres, Address, Addresses, Adress, Adresse, Adresses, Collect, Contact, Contacts, E-mail, Email, Extract, Extracting, Extraction, Extractor, File, Find, Folder, Help

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Not Rated Yet ZipForge.NET 1.31 by ComponentAce LTD ZipForge.NET View

ZipForge.NET is an advanced ZIP compression component for .NET framework. With this ZIP component you can easily add archive functionality to your projects. ZipForge.NET includes our new unique technology, a transaction system. This...

.net, .net Zip, Bds, C# Zip, Compression Component, Delphi, Delphi .net, Dotnet Zip, Zip, Zip, Zip .net, Zip Component

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