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 by DirectDance
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Welcome to FIAW! - FIND it and WIN -
This is the first sentence wich the moderator of FIAW! is telling you. And so it is ..., welcome to the TV-Gameshow FIAW!

You are candidate in the TV-Gameshow FIAW! - FIND it and WIN. Your goal is to win the (virtual) 1 Mio dollar by comparing two, obviously equal pictures. But in one picture is a failure ..., can you find it?

Starting at a prize of 100$, two jokers, like in a real gameshow, will help you on your way up to the 1 Mio $. Realistic atmosphere of a real TV-Gameshow including sounds like applause, moderation and also zooming-in and -out cameras will make FIAW! exciting.

FIAW! - FIND it and WIN - Features:
- 36 pictures, 24 failures each (using overlay technics), alltogether 864 failures to find for a continuing fun!
- dynamic game mode, each picture - failure will be harder to find going up to the 1 mio picture
- easily operated only the stylus pen is needed
- two jokers per game, Halfscreen and Show Box, like in a real game show
- tv-studio athmosphere, all sounds and voices were recorded in the soundstudio of DirectDance musicproduction
- saving the actual game state at every position - perfect if you will need a break ...
- zooming / moving cameras
- highscore table
- build in - manual
- Compatible to PocketPC2000, 2002, WM2003(se), WM2005

Download the free Trial of FIAW! today. The demo version is limited to only three pictures and by winning 500$, the game ends. So, the failures are not to hard to find. Also, the dynamic game mode is limited.

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... from the DirectDance musicproduction

FIAW! FIND it and WIN Info / Download FIAW! FIND it and WIN

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