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Country: United States
State: Vojvodina
City: Subotica
Zip code: 24000
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Fitness Attitudes Software

Ab Makeover 1.0 Download Ab Makeover

Ab Makeover shows you the most effective way of flattening your stomach. It is a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise.This software also contains calorie intake and expenditure calculators.

Self Confidence Screensaver 1.0 Download Self Confidence Screensaver

If used as instructed, the affirmations will be absorbed by your subconscious mind and you will, with regular exposure to the messages, begin to see positive changes in your behaviour.

Fit Kit 1.0 Download Fit Kit

Currently there are 9 circuits built in to Fit Kit which vary in difficulty from light workouts to challenging circuits, as well as 23 different exercises with detailed instructions.

Fitness Calculators 2 1.0 Download Fitness Calculators 2

Fitness Calculators 2 calculate the following: The approximate percentage of body fat, BMI, calories burned in various activities,VO2 Max, daily calorie input for men and women,percentages of fats, proteins and carbohydrates needed daily.

Hatha Yoga 1.0 Download Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga contains 40 animated postures (asanas) and step-by-step instructions for each of them. Through the continued performance of postures(Asanas), you will gain flexibility and strength,and learn to be more relaxed under stressful situations.

Info-mind-power-secrets 1.0 Download Info-mind-power-secrets

The author reveals secrets to using your mind, both subconscious and super conscious to take control of your life and make positive changes.It challenges the reader to aspire to and attain the ultimate in life's successes.

BigOven Deluxe DL Edition 1.0 Download BigOven Deluxe DL Edition

Get integrated access to more than 150,000 recipes, find out the nutritional content of your favorite recipes, manage your shopping list with ease and much more!

Personal Trainer One 1.0 Download Personal Trainer One

Personal Trainer One is the ultimate personal food, exercise, and weight management software package. It grants maximum flexibility to follow the diet and activity schedule that best suits you.

Single-step motivation and goal-setting 1.132 Download Single-step motivation and goal-setting

Single-Step Motivation And Goal-Setting Software - walks you step-by-step through the goal-setting process. It also helps you to recognize what motivates YOU personally. Keep track of your goals, chart your progress, and watch yourself succeed!

Painless Way To Stop Smoking 1.0 Download Painless Way To Stop Smoking

The author is teaching you to use some of the techniques of hypnosis and self-hypnosis to change deep-rooted habit patterns.The techniques you will learn in the pages that follow are safe and they are sound.

StretchWare IE 1.0 Download StretchWare IE

StretchWare IE - is the computer software that reminds you to stretch.Every day millions of computer users feel the back pain, stiff muscles, tight joints and stress brought on by long hours sitting at a desk and using a computer.

Exploring Yoga in 3D 1.0 Download Exploring Yoga in 3D

Exploring Yoga in 3D' is a fully interactive introduction to yoga. The journey takes you to several temples on an enchanted island to learn.History and benefits of yoga, proper breathing techniques, related concepts and basic poses are covered.

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