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Not Rated Yet World Flags Screensaver 1.6 by World Flags Screensaver View

With World Flags Screensaver you can have the flag of your country on the desktop. Flags flatter in the wind and look realistic as they are crafted in 3d and have a good physical model. You can choose from a hundred of flags and set your own images

3d, Flag, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, World

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Not Rated Yet Flags of North America 1.1 by Prolific Publishing, Inc. Flags of North America View

We have applied our hyper-realistic 3D technology to flags! Now let your computer monitor proudly wave your favorite flags or a random selection. From Alaska to the Yukon Territory to Quintana Roo and Campeche; from Hawaii to Greenland; this first...

Canada, Flags, Flags Of North America, Mexico, Screen Savers, Usa


Not Rated Yet American Flags Screensaver 1.7 by Nesoft Inc. American Flags Screensaver View

American Flags slideshow screensaver with beautiful American Flag pictures. Use pictures from this set as a American Flag wallpaper in your desktop to show your support in struggle against terrorism. Proud to be an American!

American, Clipart, Desktop, Flags, Images, Photos, Pics, Pictures, Printable, Savers, Screen, Screensavers, Show, Slide, Slides, Slideshow, Wallpaper

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Not Rated Yet Flag 3D Screensaver 1.0 by 3Planesoft Flag 3D Screensaver View

The flag is the most important symbol of any country. In the Middle Ages, any battle ended only after the flags were captured. Patriots would rather die than allow the enemy to capture the flag. To pay respect to your flag, display it on your screen.

3d, Flag, Patriot, Screensaver

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Not Rated Yet Flag 3D Photo Screensaver 1.0 by Photo Screensavers Flag 3D Photo Screensaver View

Flag is the most important symbol of any country. There are over 500 flags in the world that represent nations, states, regions and provinces. In many countries any issues surrounding flag lead to heated political debates or even wars! Several...

3d Photo Screensaver, 3d Screensaver, Country Symbol, Flag 3d, Flag 3d Screensaver, Flag Photo, Flag Screensaver

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Not Rated Yet 3D Realistic Flag Screensaver 1.9 by Gelios Software 3D Realistic Flag Screensaver View

Express your pride and patriotism by displaying one of 230 realistic animated flags on the flagpole waving and flying in the wind (with sky, mountains and sunset in the background). The wind speed can be adjusted from breeze to strong wind.

3d, Flag, Realistic, Screensaver

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Not Rated Yet Basics for Visual Basic 1.00.01 by M8 Software(UK) Basics for Visual Basic View

Basics for VB is a set of binary string and bit manipulation functions for VB5 / VB6. It contains the equivalent of DOS Basic's MKI$ CVI series for creating binary strings plus functions to check or set bits, flags and bit fields.

Cvd, Cvi, Mkd, Mki


Not Rated Yet Streaming Flag Screen saver 1.1 by NevoSoft Streaming Flag Screen saver View

It contains many national flags and ability to set up flag with your logo, photo, emblem of a football team and any picture you want. Also you can insert your hymn.

Flag, Nevosoft, Us Flag

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Not Rated Yet Country Locator 1.01 by DV Software Country Locator View

Visualize the location of all the countries of the world. Use as a reference to locate countries whose location you are curious about. Use it to test your knowledge of the world by having the program prompt you to find certain countries.

3d, Atlas, Countries, Flags, Geography, Globe, Learning, Nations, Virtual, World

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Not Rated Yet American Flag Screen Saver 1.0 by Acez Software American Flag Screen Saver View

Set your screen saver to display floating American flags on your desktop or on a white background. This screen saver includes password protection and is a great way of showing your patriotism.

American, American Flag, Flag, Old Glory, Patriotism, Screen Saver


Not Rated Yet Infinite Icon Collection 1.0 by Horizon Software Co. Infinite Icon Collection View

8.009 Unique Icons Business, Character, Control, Core, Database, Document, Folder, Multimedia, Network, Object, Symbol, Word Processing, World Flags, Vista, Vista Business, Windows and Medical Icons Total File Unit 183.997

Collection, Custom Design, Database, Design, Glype, Graphic, Horizon, Icon, Icon Collection, Infinite, Medical, Vista, Windows

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Not Rated Yet Draw5 by RANWare Draw5 View

Draw Poker game with full card animation and voice prompts. Uses DirectX technology for a visually interesting game! This is the latest version of RANWare's popular Jack's or Better video poker game. This version has many new features:...

Direct, Directx, Draw, Game, Poker, Ranware

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Not Rated Yet BrowserG! 1.0 beta 1.0 by SpiderCube, Inc BrowserG! 1.0 beta View

BrowserG! is the perfect Internet browser/web surfing companion. Packed with functionality, BrowserG! makes it easy to use your favorite desktop tools and favorite web sites alike. Press NetStart to start MSN(tm), AIM (tm), ICQ(tm), Yahoo...

Aim, Edonkey, Icq, Kazaa, Limewire, Morpheous, Msn, Odigo, Opera, Yahoo Messenger


Not Rated Yet Base Mailer 1.7 by xNeuron Base Mailer View

Base Mailer is a simple e-mail client for mass e-mails dispatching. An e-mails list can be picked up from a specified database. It's allow to send an e-mails based on templates, in plain text or HTML format, with possible attachments or images.

Base Mailer

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Not Rated Yet EduProfix 1.0 by aSc Applied Software Consultants EduProfix View

The best education software. Test your memory in this education program. EduProfix is NOT another boring educational software. It is actually a funny game. Racing game. However it is important to know something more than just racing!

Child, Children, Download, Drill, Drill Game, Education, Education Game, Education Play, Educational Game, Educational Program, Educational Software, Free, Game, Kids, Kids Game, Kids Games, Learning, Learning Game, Memory, Memory Game

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Not Rated Yet TaxCut Deluxe 2003 Federal Filing Trial 2003 by H&R Block No view

Take control of your tax prep with great speed, ease, and accuracy using TaxCut® from H&R Block, the #1 rated do-it-yourself tax software* on the market. Download now for a FREE trial run to see how TaxCut Deluxe can help you!

Block, H&r Block, Income Tax, Income Tax Forms, Income Tax Preparation, Irs Forms, Tax Cut, Tax Forms, Tax Help, Tax Information, Tax Preparation, Tax Question, Tax Refund, Tax Return, Tax Software, Tax Table, Taxcut


Not Rated Yet Caller ID Events 1.1 by Teley Caller ID Events View

Caller ID Events 1.1 is a software that will tell you who the caller is - by name, by number, by picture, by sound and even by voice. general point: Caller ID- Tapi or Comm based. Hear who's call by text to speech. Blocks unwanted phone calls....

Call Identifier, Caller Id, Caller Identifier, Callerid, Who Is Call, Who's Call

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Not Rated Yet American Banner FREE 2.0 by Altix Soft American Banner FREE View

This patriotic screensaver shows various images of american state flag. The screensaver includes 15 big pictures with music background. All images in resolution 1024*768 pix and High Color (24-bit). Saver is set to automatically fit them to your...

American, American Banner, American Flags, Download Free, Free Download, Freeware, Patriot, Patriotic Images, Screen Saver, Screensaver, Size 1024x768, Stars And Strips, State Banner, State Flag, State Symbol, Usa, Usa Flag, Usa Map, Usa Pics, Wallpaper


Not Rated Yet Ripples Magic plug-in 1.32 by Redfield Plugins Ripples Magic plug-in View

Powerful tool for creating composite 3D surfaces. Cosmic curves, melted metal, drapes, flowers, jewelry, unreal streamline pictures, etc. The built-in random settings generator helps to produce unlimited variations by simply clicking on the dice.

Adobe Photoshop Filter, Adobe Photoshop Plugin, Cosmic Curves, Drapes, Flags, Flowers, Jewelry, Melted Metal, Nebulas, Paint Shop Pro Plug-in


Not Rated Yet Casa Memo 5.02.0412 by Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware Casa Memo View

Casa Memo is a flexible Concentration-type game for one to four players. Play against time or compete against your friends or your family. Your task is to find the twins behind windows or flip cards and find more matches than your opponents.

Children, Concentration, Family, Games, Kids, Memory, Mind, Remember

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