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Not Rated Yet es Odds Calculator 1.0 by eniksoft es Odds Calculator View

This program helps you to be always one step ahead. It calculates probabilities for hands which can be placed on the table and which you need to get best hand. So you always know if you have chance to win or you should fold.

Calculator, Odds, Poker

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Not Rated Yet Holdem Memory by HighTech Developments Holdem Memory View

Holdem Memory is the best poker bot for the online poker player. HM WINS MONEY FOR YOU!!. - Pot Odds, Hand Odds, Win Chance%, Outs... Know the chances of you to improve your hand, instantly. Know the chances of your hand to win, taking into...

Casino, Hold'em, Hold'em Memory, Hold'em Poker, Holdem, Holdem Memory, Holdem Poker, Holdemmemory, Odds, Online Poker, Poker, Poker Bot, Poker Glossary, Poker Odds, Poker Program, Poker Robot, Pokerbot, Rake, Rakeback, Robotic Poker


Not Rated Yet Lotto Cheatah 2.40 by Lotto Cheatah Jackpot Winning Lottery So Lotto Cheatah View

Award-winner. Rated BEST lottery software! Proven over 4 years of real-world lottery player use to improve your chances of winning at least 3-fold! Covers 27 major lotteries in 4 countries. Internet connection required.

Cheatah, Jackpot, Lottery, Lotto, Software, Winning

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Not Rated Yet AMI GIF Transitions 2 2.0a.03 by Alchemy Mindworks AMI GIF Transitions 2 View

Add twenty breathtaking special effects to AMI GIF Construction Set Pro, the web animation software from Alchemy Mindworks. Add exciting transitions to banners, buttons, and more. Turn your still images into pulsating animations...

Alchemy, Animation, Animator, Gif, Gif Construction Set, Graphics, Image, Mindworks, Mng, Picture, Plugin, Png, Rimmer, Software, Transitions, Web, Windows

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Not Rated Yet XmasGoodies 1 by FreeeSpirits XmasGoodies View

This Daily Gift Dispenser is filled with free goodies to enhance your Festive Season. In the spotlight for 2005 is a series of printable miniature Christmas cards (with envelopes) that could save you a fortune on stationery.

Decorations, Festive Season, Freeware Gift Dispenser, Gift Boxes, Gift Ideas, Miniature Christmas Cards, Printable Greetings, Printable Xmas Card


Not Rated Yet The Truth Of Back End Sales 1.0 by The Truth Of Back End Sales View

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that maybe, just maybe if you had a big enough list and enough people to promote to, building a new successful business every few months wouldn't too much of a problem? Well you'd be right, and it's far...

Business, Business Opportunity, Ebook, How To Increase Your Sales, Marketing, Online, Sales

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Not Rated Yet 255 Magic Animating Buttons 5.0 by Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 255 Magic Animating Buttons View

Java applet navigation button menus with mouse-sensitive animation and pulsing effects. Apply them to any graphic of your choice. Transition effects include classic fades, rainbow fades, folding page effects, ripples and waves, sweeps and wipes.

Animate, Applet, Buttons, Effect, Fade, Fold, Graphics, Java, Lake, Magic, Menu, Navigation, Rainbow, Ripple, Wave


Not Rated Yet AV Bros. Page Curl for Mac OS X 2.0 by AV Bros. AV Bros. Page Curl for Mac OS X View

AV Bros. Page Curl 2.0 is a high quality, powerful and easy-to-use Photoshop plugin (Photoshop plugin means the filter plugin (8bf) for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts.) for creating the very realistic turning and folding page effects.

8bf, Curl, Effect, Filter, Page, Photoimpact, Photopaint, Photoshop, Photoshop Effect, Photoshop Filter, Photoshop Plug-in, Photoshop Plugin, Plug-in, Plugin, Psp, Turning


Not Rated Yet DTREG 3.0 by Phillip H. Sherrod DTREG View

DTREG is a powerful statistical analysis program that generates classification and regression decision trees that model data and can be used to predict values. Single-tree, TreeBoost and Decision tree Models can be created.

Data Mining, Decision Tree, Decision Tree Forest, Predictive Modeling, Treeboost


Not Rated Yet Winmail Mail Server 4.4 by AMAX Information Technologies Inc. Winmail Mail Server View

Winmail Server is an enterprise class mail server software system offering a robust feature set, including extensive security measures. Winmail Server supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail, LDAP, multiple domains, SMTP authentication, spam protection

Email Server, Emailserver, Esmtp, Imap, Ldap, Mail Anitvirus, Mail Monitor, Mail Server, Mail Spy, Mailserver, Nt Mail Server, Pop3, Smtp, Webmail

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