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Not Rated Yet Geography Quiz 1.0 by Geography Quiz View

If you know your maps and landscapes, the Geography Quiz is the thing for you. The Quiz invites you to test your knowledge of countries around the world. This may be a tough one for those who are not so well-informed about the map of the world.

Geography, Puzzle, Quiz, Thinking


Not Rated Yet African Geography Tutor 1.2.0 by AHA! Software Inc. African Geography Tutor View

Want to brush up on the names and locations of the 50 or so countries of modern Africa? This program from the Family Games Web Center will help you. African Geography Tutor presents a scrolling map of Africa along with a list of countries. As your...

Africa, African, Aha, Countries, Education, Familygames, Free, Geography, Nations, Quiz


Not Rated Yet American Hangman - Presidents and States 2.0.8 by Space-Time Associates American Hangman - Presidents and States View

American Hangman is a fun, colorful, soundful, educational word-guessing game based on the simple game of hangman we all played as children. Learn all about the Presidents and the 50 States. Get a headstart on History, Geography and Government.

American, Civics, Educational, Geography, Government, Hangman, History, K-12, K12, Presidents, Schools, State Birds, State Capitals, State Flowers, State Nicknames, State Trees, States, Teachers

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Not Rated Yet AW Geographical Atlas 3.0 by AbsoluteWord AW Geographical Atlas View

Carry the atlas everywhere! Detailed information about countries including location, neighbours, population, economy and military. See the map and flag of each contry of the World. Maps display country borders, neighbours, major cities and rivers.

Atlas, City, Country, Flag, Map, Palm, Palm Atlas, Palm Geography

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Not Rated Yet X-Backup 2007.2.3.22 by RD Technologies X-Backup View

Powerful, versatile and easy to use backup and disk image software. X-Backup is able to create classic archive file in zip file format and disk partition image. It supports backup to external USB hard disk, CD/DVD, FTP or HTTP server, network..

Backup, Data, Disaster, Disk Image, Recovery, Restore, Zip

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Not Rated Yet Country Locator 1.01 by DV Software Country Locator View

Visualize the location of all the countries of the world. Use as a reference to locate countries whose location you are curious about. Use it to test your knowledge of the world by having the program prompt you to find certain countries.

3d, Atlas, Countries, Flags, Geography, Globe, Learning, Nations, Virtual, World

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Not Rated Yet World News Screensaver 2.0 by 3D Wonders World News Screensaver View

World News Screensaver fetches the top news stories from the Internet and displays them on an Earth globe, showing you where the news is taking place. You can navigate among news articles, and press a key to launch the full story. Made by 3D Wonders.

3d, Desktop, Enhancement, Enhancements, Internet, Microsoft, News, Online, Opengl, Rss, Screen Saver, Screensaver, Screensavers, Syndication, World, World News

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Not Rated Yet 32 Cards World Cup Edition 1.00 by Hypervisual 32 Cards World Cup Edition View

32 Cards World Cup Edition is a free digital trading card game with the countries that will dispute the football (soccer) Cup in Germany in June 2006. It comes with hundreds of data about each country, including soccer-related information and more.

Cards, Ccgs, Collectible Cards, Country Maps, Country Photos, Country Pictures, Customizable Cards, Fifa, Football, Football Fans, Soccer, Soccer Fans, Top Trumps, Trading Cards, World Cup


Not Rated Yet Hangman States for Windows 1.0.0 by Space-Time Associates Hangman States for Windows View

Hangman States is a modern take on the classic hangman word guessing game we all played when we were kids. It's the easiest way to learn about all 50 US States. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, State pictures and more.

Civics, Educational Software, Elementary School, Games, Geography, Government, Hangman, K-12, K12, Spelling, States, Teachers, United States, Word Games

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Not Rated Yet HangARoo 2.052 by NCBuy HangARoo View

Guess the phrases by selecting letters to fill in the slots. If you make too many errors, you know what happens next - the cute Kangaroo will be earning his wings. Fun filled game with hilarious audio, 120+ categories and 8,500+ phrases and terms.

Educational, Entertainment Network, Free, Free Games, Free Software, Hang Man, Hangman, Ncbuy, Puzzles, Word Games, Word Puzzles


Not Rated Yet VistaMetrix 1.33 by SkillCrest, LLC No view

Data extraction from a graphical image where the data used to produce that image is unavailable. Provides tools overlaying the image to extract graph values, distances, areas, angles, or color values. Values can be saved to XLS or TXT files.

Angle, Angle Measurement, Area, Area Measure, Color, Color Picker, Data Extraction, Distance, Distance Measurement, Education, Engineering, Environmental, Finance, Geography, Geoscience, Graph, Graphics, Mapping, Science

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Not Rated Yet Versamap for Windows 2.07 by Versamap Versamap for Windows View

Versamap draws outline maps on 14 map projections. Print publication quality maps, or export maps in vector (WMF, CGM, DXF, ASCII) and bitmapped (BMP) formats. Add text to maps using any Windows font. Plot your own data in a simple ASCII format.

Cartography, Digital, Geography, Map, Mapping, Maps, Outline, Projections, Versamap

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Not Rated Yet Geo Log Analyzer 1.48 by Altstone Software Geo Log Analyzer View

Use this unique e-marketing tool to visually represent geo-targeting data obtained from web server log analysis. See your visitors on the world map. Optimize website costs and bring more customers to your web enterprise!

Activity, Apache, Log Analysis, Log Analyzer, Server, Server Logs, Site, Tracking, Visitors, Web Site Analytics, Web Site Stats, Web Statistics

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Not Rated Yet Tiles2kml Pro 2.31 by Tiles2kml Pro Tiles2kml Pro View

T2K Pro integrates the rich world of GIS datasets and transfers your Geographic information data into Google earth. T2K Pro can handle rich data types and access large volumes of geographic data stored in files and databases, T2K can handle raster...

Conversion, Gis, Gps, Keyhole, Kml, Network Links, Raster, Regions, Sattelite Imagery, Sattelite Images, Superoverlay, T2k, Tiles, Tiles2kml, Vector


Not Rated Yet CleverEye 3.4 by NRG Global No view

Availability monitoring, alerting and reporting software. Automatically measure response time and trigger alerts when thresholds are broken. Easy to install, agent-less, Web based. Test from network layer, application layer, SNMP & OS perspectives.

Application Response Time Monitoring, Availability Monitoring, Availibility Monitoring, Citrix Monitoring Software, Database Monitoring, File Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Server Uptime, System Monitoring, Webserver Monitoring


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