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Not Rated Yet GoalAchiever 1.0 by GoalAchiever consulting GoalAchiever View

A stupid $20 tool, which will increase the chances of achieving your goals by 11 times. It will help you put your goals on the desktop. It will skyrocket the chances of achieving your goals and it will inspire you to achieve all the things you want.

Career Goals, Goal Achieving, Goal Setting, Goal Setting Software, Goal Tips, Goals And Objectives, Personal Goal Setting, Productivity Application


Not Rated Yet gpsTrainer 1.11 by Peak Software Consulting, LLC gpsTrainer View

This easy to use race proven system allows you to define and race your own courses, or download courses and race against already logged times. By using gpsTrainer® you can set speed and pace goals and receive audio updates.

Bicycling, Coach, Courses, Cycling, Endurance, Gps, Mapping, Running, Runs, Skiing, Sports, Trails, Training


Not Rated Yet Burning Words Screensaver 1.1 by Burning Words Screensaver View

Ever wondered how to be aimed at your goals all the time? Or, perhaps, are looking for ways to express your feelings? May be just want your friends to know what you're thinking about? Burning Words Screensaver is here to help you.

Burn, Burning, Fire, Flame, Word, Words


Not Rated Yet MySpendingPlan 1.0 by No view is free secure online personal finance budgeting software that can help you manage your spending to save money and help empower you to reach your financial goals. Use to manage all of your home budgets as...

Budget, Budget Software, Budgeting, Budgeting Software, Personal Finance, Personal Finance Budgeting Software, Personal Finance Software


Not Rated Yet 101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination 1.0 by 101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination View

As a procrastinator, are you having trouble meeting your personal and professional goals? Are you in the same place you were a year ago?These are the terrible effects waiting 'til the last minute can place on all of us. If procrastinating is slowin

Causes Of Procrastination, Define, Definition Of, Ebooks, Overcoming Procrastinationprocrastination Quotes, Procrastination Statistics, Resale, Resell Rights

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Not Rated Yet e-Daily Assistant 1.0 by Trian Software e-Daily Assistant View

Your personal organizer as your home organizer or office organizer. The program includes: personal profile, planning calendar, events, notes, goals, project, credit cards, simple account, weekly expenses, contacts managers, powerful search and much

Account, Calendar, Contact, Credit Card, Events, Expenses, Goals, Home, Manager, Notes, Office, Organizer, Personal, Planning, Project

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Not Rated Yet Field Goal Frenzy 1.00 by Zango Games LLC Field Goal Frenzy View

See how good you are at kicking field goals. It's a race to see who can make the most kicks in 3 minutes! Game on! Play this addictive soccer game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

Footbal, Goal, Soccer, Sport


Not Rated Yet BugLister 1.4 by Hajo Kirchhoff - Lit Window Productions No view

Lightweight utility to track bugs. Designed for single users and small to medium teams. Design goals were: fast, easy to use, small, no administration headache. The .EXE file is tiny and runs on any Windows platform Win98 and above.

Bug, Database, Defect, Management, Tracking

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Not Rated Yet Retirement Investment Required + 1.2 by Bent Tree Software No view

Program Description: RETIREMENT INVESTMENT REQUIRED This program is a version of a program that will show you how much you need to invest monthly to reach retirement goals. It will run under Win 95, 98, Me, NT4, XP, & 2000. Have you called...

Annuitization, Annuity, Pension, Personal Finance, Retire, Retirement, Shareware, Software

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Not Rated Yet The StarMessage Diary Software 2.1 by StarMessage software The StarMessage Diary Software View

The StarMessage diary is an excellent way to keep a private journal of day to day thoughts, goals, feelings, memories, dreams, ideas and important events in your life. The StarMessage diary looks like a real diary so you can start using it...

Calendar Download, Computer Diary, Desktop Diary, Diary Calendar, Diary Software, Download Diary, Personal Diaries

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Editor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 Stars Easy Sermon Organizer 1.0 by RCL Software Easy Sermon Organizer View

Easy Sermon Organizer was designed to maintain a pastor’s entire sermon collection. Add unlimited additional Bible references for each sermon. Enter and maintain illustrations, prayer list, and personal goals.

Sermon Database, Sermon Maintenace, Sermon Orgaization, Sermon Tracking

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Not Rated Yet Growing Money + 1.2 by Bent Tree Software No view

This program is a version of an analysis of the effect of savings. It will run under Win 95, 98, Me, NT4, & XP. This program demonstrates the effect of interest compounding for monthly, annual, and one-time deposits for any rate of return.

Annuitization, Pension, Personal Finance, Retire, Retirement, Shareware, Software, Time/value Of Money

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Not Rated Yet Almeza Time Organizer 3.0 by Almeza Research Almeza Time Organizer View

Almeza Time Organizer has an intuitive tree structure. Each project is displayed as a separate tree of tasks. Tasks have certain parameters by which they can be controlled. Adding tasks is very easy and can be performed even without switching...

Calendar, List, Management, Manager, Organizer, Pim, Planner, Project, Scheduler, Task, Time, Todo

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Not Rated Yet Field Goal Screensaver Game 1.0 by ScreenWOW Field Goal Screensaver Game View

Field Goal screensaver game. Any good at Football? See how many goals you can score. Judge the conditions correctly and you'll be a winner.

Field Goal, Field Goal Game, Flash Game, Screensaver Game


Not Rated Yet MyTime Assist 2.4 by Almeza Research MyTime Assist View

MyTime Assist is a easy-to-use project manager. With its help you can easily plan and control your personal affairs as well as business projects. MyTime Assist has an intuitive tree structure. Each project is displayed as a separate tree of...

Calendar Task, List Planner, Organizer, Pim, Project Manager, Scheduler, Time Management, Todo

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Not Rated Yet AirHockey 3D 1.82a by Avalanche Team AirHockey 3D View

AirHockey 3D is a PC simulation of the air hockey game with addictive arcade mode and ten tournament levels. Its distinctive features are hi-tech 3D graphics, realistic physics simulation and smooth controls. This game also supports network play.

Air-hockey, Airhockey, Hockey, Multiplayer, Pong, Simulation, Slapshot

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Not Rated Yet Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard 2.93 by Applied PC Systems Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard View

The Strategy Map Mind-Map style Flowchart defines the Mission, Goals, Perspectives & Objectives which are then used to Drive the Balanced Scorecard to develop Individual Employee scorecard-based Business Plans. The software is extremely adaptable...

Balanced Scorecard, Bi, Business Intelligence Software, Business Performance Management, Business Planning Software, Corporate Performance Management, Cpi, Cpm, Free Asset Management Software, Free Balanced Scorecard Software, Free Project Management Software, Free Software, Free Strategy Map Software, Kra, Strategic Planning Software, Strategy Map


Not Rated Yet Single-step motivation and goal-setting 1.132 by Fitness Attitudes Single-step motivation and goal-setting View

Single-Step Motivation And Goal-Setting Software - walks you step-by-step through the goal-setting process. It also helps you to recognize what motivates YOU personally. Keep track of your goals, chart your progress, and watch yourself succeed!

And, Goal-setting, Motivation, Single-step, Software

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Not Rated Yet Lose Weight The Natural Way 3.0 by Flawless Complexion No view

Stay active and exercise regularly. Sixty minutes a day is ideal, but everything (even climbing stairs and walking to school or work) counts. Achieving fitness goals leads to self confidence, improved body image, self awareness and esteem.

Natural Weigth Loss, Weight Loss


Not Rated Yet Balltris 1.4 by Velowaver, Ltd. No view

Balltris is an incredibly addictive color matching game - a Challenging New Twist on Tetris! The major new concept in Balltris is that the game has two entirely different goals depending on the number of options you choose.

Balltris, Color Tetris, Computer Game, Download Tetris, Education, Falling Balls, Family, Freeware, Game Of Tetris, Logic Game, Play Tetris, Puzzle, Tetris, Tetris Game

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