Harmony Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet color4design 1.0 by color4design color4design View

A professional color matching software to help designers achieve greater levels of color harmony. Working with the color4design can help you to instantly pick colors, explore color harmony and obtain color schemes.

Cmyk, Color, Color Picker, Color Schemes, Color Suggestions, Color Swatches, Design, Flash, Freehand, Harmony, Hexadecimal, Illustrator, Munsell, Pantone, Photoshop, Rgb, Scheme, Screen Color Picker, Swatches

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Not Rated Yet Melody Player 4.2.0 by Myriad Software Melody Player View

Melody player is a little program for playing music files created with Harmony or Melody Assistant, as well as Midi, MOD and S3M files. Melody player includes the light version of the digital sound database, so it doesn't need any Midi card or...

Assistant, Free, Freeware, Harmony, Melody, Myriad, Player


Not Rated Yet Magic of Morning 1.2 by Magic of Morning View

Magic of Morning is a screensaver that brings morning tenderness, forest filled with gentle sunlight, beautiful singing of birds to your desktop. It immerses you into the calm and harmony of living nature. Calls of the following birds are included...

Beauty, Bird, Forest, Harmony, Mist, Morning, Nature, Photo, Scenic, Screensaver, Song, Sunrise


Not Rated Yet 3D Coral World screensaver 2.3 by 3D Coral World screensaver View

Far away in the ocean near lost tropical island there is a paradise coral world full of joy and harmony. Merry exotic fishes enchanted by natural music play with each other in bright solar beams. All they want is to inspire you to follow your dreams!

3d, Clock, Coral, Deep, Fish, Harmony, Island, Ocean, Paradise, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, Screensavers, Sea, World

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Not Rated Yet PhotoFit Premium 1.4 by TekMate Inc. PhotoFit Premium View

Professional panorama photo stitch software, PhotoFit Premium, stitches up a high quality single large picture. Equipped with all features of PhotoFit Harmony, low price panorama stitching shareware, it creates upto 1200 M pixels panorama image

360 View, Camera, Digicam, Digital, Digital Camera, Distortion, Fisheye, Focal, Image, Image Editor, Panorama Photo Editor, Panoramic Image, Perspective, Photo Stitch, Photofit Premium, Picture, Shareware, Spherical, Stitch, Whole

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Not Rated Yet Daisy Clock ScreenSaver 2.3 by Daisy Clock ScreenSaver View

Full of life this clock is generously beaming with vitalizing positive energy. Symbol of Nature's big heart, daisy fragrantly reminds us that all you need to do to find joy and harmony is to turn your heart towards this humble flower and let it in.

Angel, Camomile, Chamomile, Clock, Daisy, Desktop, Hands, Happy, Merry, Saver, Screen, Stars, Sun, Time, Vampire


Not Rated Yet Think and Grow Rich 1.0 by Think and Grow Rich View

In a few minutes, you are about to come into possession of a philosophy which can be transmuted into material wealth, or to bring you peace of mind, understanding, and spiritual harmony.  This book explains how to recognize and apply the...

Ebooks, Home Business, Online Business Opportunity, Package, Profits 100%, Resale Empire, Resell Rights, Ultimate

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Not Rated Yet 7art Pifagor Clock ScreenSaver 1.1 by 7art Pifagor Clock ScreenSaver View

Once upon a time in ancient Greece there was a genius philosopher and mathematician Pifagor. In addition he made an important contribution to understanding antithesises as the harmony. Pifagor Clock will help you to find ingenious solutions in time!

Amazing, Clock, Desktop, Face, Flash, Hand, Image, Minimal, Picasso, Picture, Saver, Screen, Star, Time, Watch, Wind


Not Rated Yet Pocket KamaSutra 2.0 by Intorine Pocket KamaSutra View

Take the first steps to more harmonious Love and Sex with Pocket KamaSutra by Intorine!Our plasticine character are concurrently funny,charming,sexy and much more like real people.And they will help you naturally to find the keys to Sexual Harmony.

Adult, Games, Kama Sutra, Kamasutra, Logic, Pocket Pc, Pocketpc Games, Ppc Games, Puzzle, Software

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Not Rated Yet ChurchBells 4.2.4 by InspiredCode ChurchBells View

Bell Tower Chimes System for $140. (Home Lic $35) Great outreach ministry! Beautiful Harmonious Bells. User friendly scheduler. Set belltower often or once all year, add music, times, seasons, events. Church bells with 4 part harmony in tune!

Bell, Bell Tower, Bells, Belltower, Carillon, Carilon, Carols, Carrillon, Carrilon, Chime, Chimes, Christian, Christmas, Church, Church Bells, Churchbells, Clock, Clocktower, Desktop, Harmonious

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Not Rated Yet 7art Urban Clock ScreenSaver 1.5 by 7art Urban Clock ScreenSaver View

Put an oasis of ultra modern urban harmony to your desktop! Fluffy clouds in violet sky, calming river, moving boats, flying pigeons surrounded by colorful balloons, red roses and green trees. Feel atmosphere of the holiday right here and now!

Amazing, Boat, Clock, Desktop, Flash, Image, Picture, River, Saver, Screen, Time, Town, Urban, Watch


Not Rated Yet 3D Pond screensaver 1.1 by 3D Pond screensaver View

This new screensaver is an eye-pleasing 3D dreamy journey, calm but dynamic enough to keep you watching, designed to bring happiness and harmony to your life. A lot of well-done details to gaze and the huge moon to meditate at and delight with.

3d, Bird, Chinese, Fish, Lake, Moon, Pond, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, Screensavers

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Not Rated Yet PDFtoMusic Pro 1.0.4 by Myriad Software PDFtoMusic Pro View

PDFtoMusic is a groundbreaking and unique program that converts PDF music sheets into editable scores. From a PDF file, PDFtoMusic can play the piece, sing the lyrics or export this piece to miscellaneous file formats: MusicXML,MIDI, Myr, BMP, WAV...

Aiff, Assistant, Bmp, Converter, Harmony, Melody, Midi, Music, Musicxml, Pdf, Plays, Score, Sings, Wav

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Not Rated Yet Harmony Assistant 9.3.1 by Myriad Software Harmony Assistant View

Harmony Assistant is a all-in-one software product for composing, playing and printing music, with digital audio capabilities. The list of features in this program is so large that it cannot be enumerated here. Just give it a try...

Accompaniment, Accordion, Arranger, Audio, Bass, Chord, Diagram, Digital, Drum, Editor, Gregorian, Guitar, Harmonica, Kar, Lute, Midi, Mp3, Ogg, Score, Softsynth


Not Rated Yet The Palette - Melody Composing Tool 4.4.3 by Ilya Schepikhin The Palette - Melody Composing Tool View

The Palette program is a tool for the creation of 'theoretically correct' melodies. The program is based on composition theory and the theory of harmony. The strong theoretical base makes the melody composing process easier.

Chord, Compose, Composing, Composition, Harmony, Melodic, Melody, Midi, Music, Note, Software, Songwriter, Theory, Tune

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Not Rated Yet CBN Selector by CBN Systems CBN Selector View

Use CBN Selector to re-color your images. Visualize any color applied to your photos with shocking realism! Fun and powerful tool for seeing how different color options look on your walls, clothing, autos and more. Your imagination is the only limit!

Cbn, Color, Color Harmony, Color Scheme, Colour, Decorate, Design, Digital Color, Diy, Graphics, Harmony, Imaging, Paint, Paint Color, Paint Colors, Re-color, Re-colour, Recolor, Recolour, Scheme


Not Rated Yet Koi Fish 3D Screensaver 1.0 by 3Planesoft Koi Fish 3D Screensaver View

Koi Fish 3D is a world of harmony and tranquility, with brightly-colored Koi fish pictured among fine aquatic vegetation in the water looking so real you can almost feel its coolness. Pleasant mood music is a gentle final touch to this work of art.

3d, Screensaver

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Not Rated Yet Koi Fish 3D Photo Screensaver 1.0 by Photo Screensavers Koi Fish 3D Photo Screensaver View

Need a rest? Then what can be better than a couple of minutes of harmony in front of an amazingly beautiful scene? Aquarians and common users alike will find Koi Fish 3D Screensaver absolutely fascinating as it blends together fine pictures of...

Aquatic Vegetation, Fish 3d, Fish 3d Screensaver, Japanese Ornamental Fish, Japanese Traditional Decor, Koi Fish, Koi Fish 3d, Koi Fish 3d Photo Screensaver, Koi Fish Screensaver, Motley Creatures, Ornamental Fish

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Not Rated Yet Living Landscape screensaver 1.1 by Living Landscape screensaver View

The Sun is our nearest star. It gives us warm, light and good spirits. But everything is constantly changing and the weather as well. Sometimes the dark clouds come to bring a storm to our living. And that's really good as the contrasts let us...

3d, Alien, Clock, Cosmos, Harmony, Nebula, Planet, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, Screensavers, Solar, Space, Time

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Not Rated Yet Timberland Cartoon Screensaver 1.0 by Digital Minds Software Timberland Cartoon Screensaver View

What a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere reigns in this paradise spot! A sunny glade in the middle of the emerald green backwoods is dotted with flowers and mushrooms. The suburbs are populated by funny animals, exotic song-birds and fluttering...

Animated, Cartoon, Popular, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, Timberland

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