Hexadecimal Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet En-De-Code.exe 1.0 by Thimk.Biz En-De-Code.exe View

Conceal text of URLs, email addresses, affiliate links, payment FORMs, HTML pages by converting to decimal or hexadecimal codes, or uncode any mixture of text, decimal, hexadecimal. HELP also describes URL redirect methods.

Affiliate-link, Decimal, Decode, Encode, Hexadecimal, Html, Url

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Not Rated Yet Web Palette Pro 3.0.0 by Multimedia Australia Web Palette Pro View

Generate color values for use in Web design. Precisely adjust colour properties. Select from Web-Safe or custom-created colors. Export hexadecimal colour values to the clipboard ready for use in your favourite Web design or HTML editing software.

Color, Colour, Css, Css2, Edit, Editor, Editors, Hexadecimal, Html, Html 4.01, Page, Site, Web, Webpage, Website

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Not Rated Yet EditAll 1.4 by Palmwood Software EditAll View

EditAll is a file editor that shows the file content as text, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers. In a separate window, the file is displayed as integers and floats of various sizes. The user can search and replace, and undo changes when needed.

Binary, Bits, Clipboard, Decimal, Dump, Editor, File Editor, Files, Hexadecimal, Hexeditor, Integer, Redo, Replace, Search, Undo, Viewer

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Not Rated Yet Colors Builder 1.0 by SoftHolm Inc. Colors Builder View

Program "Colors Builder" is intended for creation of harmonious color circuits for web-site and formation of sets of palettes for web-design. Opportunities of a choice of primary colour from a palette of colors are included in the program: using...

Colors, Colour, Hexadecimal Codes, Html, Sets Of Palettes, Web-design


Not Rated Yet PatternDiffer 1.2 by metholution software PatternDiffer View

With PatterDiffer you´ve got the possibility to find equal data sequences in two different files. You can see the result in a tabular display with textual and hexadecimal view. The result can be exported to a XML-File for further automated...

Algorithm, Analyse, Binary, Data, Differ, Different, Equal, Files, Hexadecimal, Pattern, Sequence, Sequence Length, Sequences, Structure

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Not Rated Yet PE Structure Viewer 1.0 by SibNature PE Structure Viewer View

The program is intended for displaying the internal structure of executable files (PE, 32-bit or 64-bit). You can also extract resources, browse running processes and DLLs they have loaded, use it as a convenient hexadecimal viewer of files.

Administrator, Application, Browser, Coff, Developer, Dll, Executable, Extract, File, Free, Freeware, Hex, Hexadecimal, Info, Information, Localization, Multilingual, Pe, Portable, Processes

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Not Rated Yet NCrypt TX 1.6 by LittleLite Software NCrypt TX View

NCrypt TX is a text based cryptographic tool with hashing capabilities. Supports DES, Rijndael-AES, SHA, and MD5 algorithms. Convert your e-mail or other messages into a sequence of encrypted hexadecimal characters. Automatically converts a weak...

Aes, Crypto, Des, Encryption, Hash, Md5, Rijndael, Sha, Tripledes

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Not Rated Yet XLIST 2003 by Von Argyle No view

XLIST is a Windows program coded in 32 bit Visual Basic. It can be used to browse any file and display the contents in hexadecimal / Ascii.

Hex Ascii List


Not Rated Yet color4design 1.0 by color4design color4design View

A professional color matching software to help designers achieve greater levels of color harmony. Working with the color4design can help you to instantly pick colors, explore color harmony and obtain color schemes.

Cmyk, Color, Color Picker, Color Schemes, Color Suggestions, Color Swatches, Design, Flash, Freehand, Harmony, Hexadecimal, Illustrator, Munsell, Pantone, Photoshop, Rgb, Scheme, Screen Color Picker, Swatches

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Not Rated Yet CharProbe 1.101 by Dextronet CharProbe View

CharProbe allows you to easily find and automatically copy: ASCII Codes, HTML Codes, Virtual Key Codes. You can also export custom tables to TXT or HTML and convert between decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers.

Ascii, Code, Codes, Constant, Constants, Copy, Find, Html, Key, Search, Table, Tables, Virual, Vk


Not Rated Yet OraLobEditor 2.0 by Withdata Software OraLobEditor View

OraLobEditor is a Oracle LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field edit tool. OraLobEditor allows you to proceed quickly and efficiently in your Oracle LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field edit work. The main features are: 1 View/Edit LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field(plain...

Blob, Blob Edit, Clob, Clob Edit, Lob, Oracle Blob, Oracle Clob, Oracle Lob, Oracle Lob Editor

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Not Rated Yet Hex Workshop 4.23 by BreakPoint Software, Inc. Hex Workshop View

The Hex Workshop Hex Editor is a set of hexadecimal development tools for Microsoft Windows, combining advanced binary editing with the ease and flexibility of a word processor. With Hex Workshop you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, and delete...

Binary, Bit, Hex, Hex Editor, Hex Workshop, Sector


Not Rated Yet BIEW 5.6.4 by HomePC BIEW View

BIEW (Binary vIEW) is a free, portable, advanced file viewer with built-in editor for binary, hexadecimal and disassembler modes. It contains a highlight Java/AVR/PentiumIV/Athlon-64 disassembler, full preview of MZ, NE, PE, LE, LX, DOS.SYS, NLM,...

Disassembler, Hex Editor


Not Rated Yet Binary Browser 5.2 by Papyrus Software Binary Browser View

The program is intended for programmers and web developers. In addition to binary editing, many tools necessary for almost any user, are included such as folder and file comparison, regular expression search, defining and viewing structured data .etc

Binary, Data, Hexadecimal, Tool, Viewer

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Not Rated Yet AptEdit 3.3.1 by Brother Technology, Inc. AptEdit View

AptEdit is a 32-bit full-featured text / hexadecimal profssional editor. It offers many powerful features to view and edit any files (text or binary). And it is also an excellent source editor for Web page authors and programmers.

Ascii2unicode, Column Align, Edit, Export Hex, Find Disk File, Fixed Width To Character Delimited, Function List, Hex, Hex Template, Html, Keyboard Scheme, Open Drive, Pcre, Regular Expression, Source Folder, Text, Text2html, Unicode, Unicode2ascii, Xml

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Not Rated Yet Mihov ASCII Master 2.0 by Miha Psenica No view

Mihov ASCII Master is a simple but useful utility that shows you ASCII value of the key pressed - both in decimal and hex! Great for software developers!

Ascii, Basic, C++, Character, Code, Decimal, Delphi, Developer, Download, Free, Freeware, Hex, Hexadecimal, Java, Javascript, Key, Master, Mihov, Program, Set


Not Rated Yet DBBlobEditor 3.2 by Withdata Software DBBlobEditor View

DB Blob Editor is a database blob field edit tool. DB Blob Editor allows you to proceed quickly and efficiently in your database blob field edit work. Complete with a metadata view of the underlying data structure, the end user is presented...

Database Editor, Db Blob Editor, Db Utility, Edit Blob, Oracle Blob, Oracle Clob

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Not Rated Yet NumX 1.4 by Wilhelm Kurz No view

NumX is a programmable 32 bit ActiveX calculator control for Windows. It has more than 50 built-in mathematical functions and supports decimal, hex and binary number formats. Advanced functions are integration, root and extremum finding ...

Activex, Calculator, Control, Programmable

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Not Rated Yet Hex Editor Delphi 5 Control 1.1 by ELRA-Kovatchev ET No view

Powerful Hex Editor ActiveX Control. Features: Multilevel undo/redo; Print; Insert/Over edit mode; Fast find/replace text; View/edit as bin/octal/dec/hex; Clipboard operations;Font and Color options; Popup menu;Show/Hide offset/hex/text; Color coding

Activex, Basic, C++, Component, Control, Delphi, Edit, Editor, Hex, Hex Editor, Vb, Vc, Vcl, Visual

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Not Rated Yet Real Blender 1.02 by Solo Components Real Blender View

Real Blender offers versatility in your Windows Forms applications that go beyond the boundaries of regular color picker components. You can set the limits to how many colors are allowed in a color gradient and where they can go. Full positioning...

.net Component, .net Components, Blender, Color Picker, Colorblend, Component, Components, Development, Gradient, Linear, Real, Real Blender, Realblender, Software, Solo, Solo Components, Solocomponents, Visual Studio, Visual Studio .net 2003, Visual Studio 2005

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