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Not Rated Yet Active File Compare 2.0 by Formula Software, Inc. Active File Compare View

Active File Compare is an advanced utility for the comparison and synchronization of any text files in visual mode, it reports the results of the comparison in two side-by-side windows on the screen. This utility is an excellent tool for...

Code, Compare, Difference, Directory, File, Folder, Highlight, Management, Merge, Source, Synchronization, Text, Tool, Utility, Version, Visual

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Not Rated Yet RQDEV Studio 1.0 by rqdev RQDEV Studio View

Rapidq Code source editor with auto-completion support for all objects, properties methods. You have also a project mode feature that eases the developpment under Rapidq Compiler. Full support for code folding.

Auto, Basic, Code, Completion, Editor, Folding, Highlight, Project, Rapidq, Source, Syntax

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Not Rated Yet Araxis Merge 6.5.2262 by Araxis Ltd Araxis Merge View

Two and three-way comparison of code, web pages and other text files, or even text pasted from another application (eg Word). Synchronise folders. Perform code reviews/audits. Work with folder trees containing thousands of files. Edit files in-place.

Araxis, Compare, Comparison, Contract, Cvs, Diff, Draft, File, Folder, Graphical, Legal, Merge, Merging, Revision, Revisions, Scm, Subversion, Sync, Synchronization, Syncing


Not Rated Yet JConvert 1.8.81 by Matt Rudge Development JConvert View

JConvert is an ActiveX DLL which provides document conversion services. Convert between Word, Text, RTF and HTML with only a couple of lines of code. The component is easy to use, comes with full documentation and allows you to make...

Activex, Com Object, Convert, Dll, Html, Jconvert, Rtf, Text, Txt, Word

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Not Rated Yet IDAutomation ASP.NET Barcode Web Control 7.2 by, Inc. IDAutomation ASP.NET Barcode Web Control View

Add barcodes simply to ASP.NET web applications with this web control. Barcodes dynamically appear in the web browser as high-quality images. Supports Linear and 2D types including Code 128, UPC-EAN, I 2of5, Code 39, OneCode, PDF417 and DataMatrix.

.net, Asp,, Barcode, Components, Developer Tools, Dotnet, Server Controls


Not Rated Yet Easy Way to Build MySQL Client Programs 2.0 by ICT eBooks by Yeoh HS Easy Way to Build MySQL Client Programs View

Would you like to know how to create MySQL client applications using Visual C++ with MySQL C API? What is MySQL? The MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database. Its C API allows you to easily create clients that...

Api, C, C++, Client, Mfc, Mysql

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Not Rated Yet nBit HTML Viewer ActiveX 1.4 by nBit Information Technologies nBit HTML Viewer ActiveX View

A HTML viewer activeX control for any software developer. Integrates with ease into any development environment that support activeX controls.Pefect for the developer who wants to display media rich HTML content in their applications.

Activex, Cms, Content Management, Controls, Html, Rich Media


Not Rated Yet Web Weaver Gold 2005.01 by McWeb Software, Inc. Web Weaver Gold View

Create exciting Web pages quickly and easily with this feature-rich HTML editor! Web Weaver Gold provides tutorials and wizards to help you make your own Web site. Spellchecker and hyperlink checker included. Check our Web site for 30 to 50% off!

Frames, Html Editor, Tables, Web Page Editor

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Not Rated Yet SQL Source Control 2003 by Skilled Software SQL Source Control View

Full source control and documentation versioning for SQL Server 2000 with Source Safe 6.0 support. Comprehensive database documentation, HTML reports, easy SQL Server database items management, Intellisense-style automatic code completion.

Database, Intellisense, Management, Safe, Source Control, Source Safe, Sourcesafe, Sql, Sql Server, Stored Procedures, Undelete


Not Rated Yet VSdocman 3.2 by Helixoft VSdocman View

VSdocmanā„¢ is a tool for commenting and the automatic generation of class documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code files. It automatically creates MSDN-like documentation, IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help.

.net, Add-in, Asp, C#, Chm, Comment Editor, Comments, Csharp, Documentation, Help, Help 2, Html, Rtf, Vb, Visual Basic, Vsdocman, Xml

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Not Rated Yet Order Form Source Code 5.2 by DynoTech Software Order Form Source Code View

Visual Basic source code will let you add an orderform to your program. It allows for multiple products, calculates sales tax, accepts creditcredit card information, and much more. Copy and modify to allow for ordering from multiple distributors.

Basic, Code, Dynotech, Form, Order, Programmer, Programming, Source, Tool, Vb, Visual, Visualbasic


Not Rated Yet ADO.NET Express Pro 1.2.0 by Pharaoh Software ADO.NET Express Pro View

ADO.NET Express is an add-in for Visual Studio 2003 that generates class methods for calling stored procedures and executing common types of SQL statements. It supports C#/VB and SQL Server/Oracle. ADO.NET Express looks similar to Server Explorer....

Add In, C#, Code, Generator, Oracle, Source, Sql Server, Stored Procedure, Vb, Visual Basic, Visual Studio

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Not Rated Yet AceHTML 6 Pro 6.50.1 by Visicom Media AceHTML 6 Pro View

As Web design software, AceHTML 6 Pro is a very effective tool that allows you to build and manage professional Web sites with ease, control, and efficiency. By balancing power and flexibility, the AceHTML 6 Pro Web software meets the exacting...

Html Code, Html Coding, Html Editor, Html Programming, Html Software, Php Editor, Web Authoring Software, Web Development Software, Web Page Building Software, Web Page Creation Software, Web Page Software, Web Site Building Software, Web Site Development

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Not Rated Yet DJ Java Decompiler by Atanas Neshkov DJ Java Decompiler View

Reconstructs the original source code. DJ can take compiled binary class files including applets, and "dead" code parts and generate accurate source code. The program also includes a full-featured Java editor that features a GUI with syntax-coloring

Applet, Application, Code, Decompile, Decompiler, Disassembler, Editor, Free, Graphical, Jad, Java, Source, Tool

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Not Rated Yet Oven Fresh Browser Options 2.0 by Oven Fresh Web Design No view

Disable Major Browser Features to protect your web page content from unauthorized viewing and theft. Press a button and the code is generated for you. Disable Back Button, Disable Printing, Disable Right Mouse Click, Disable Scroll Bars, and more

Disable Back Button Javascript Code, Disable Page Print, Disable Right Click Javascript Code, Disable Right Mouse Click Javascript Code, Disable Scroll Bars, Disable Scrollbars, Disable Status Bar Links, Disable Status Bar Links Javascript Code, Disable Text Selection, Disable Text Selection Javascript Code, How To Disable Back Button, How To Disable Browser Features, How To Disable Page Print, How To Disable Right Click, How To Disable Scroll Bars, Javascript Code, No Back Button, No Page Print, No Page Printing, No Right Click

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Not Rated Yet PBDoc 3.1.1 by PBDR PBDoc View

PBDoc is a utility designed to produce high quality documentation direct from your PowerBuilder source code. PBDoc has advanced features which extract descriptions from source code to create professional documentation using customisable templates.

Code, Documentation, Javadoc, Powerbuilder, Review, Source

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Not Rated Yet Quexal 1.8.2 by Quexal View

MMX/SSE instructions can greatly enhance the performance of the following applications: multimedia (audio/video), communications, DSP kernels, 2D and 3D graphics, image processing and speech recognition. But current compilers do not support...

C++, Code, Delphi, Mmx, Optimization, Sse, Tool, Visual

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Not Rated Yet Collection of C++ Examples 6.0 by Software Collection of C++ Examples View

Collection of C++Builder Examples with source code.Database Example in C++ Builder,Custom Print Preview Example in C++ Builder,Animate windows in C++ Example.Running external applications from c++ example.Drag object and components on a Form.

Beginer, C++, Code, Custom, Database, Examples, Mysql, Programming Tutorial, Rave, Reporting, Reports, Source, Source Code, Tutorials


Not Rated Yet ZIPCodeWorld Desktop 1.11 by ZIPCodeWorld Desktop View

ZIPCodeWorld Desktop is a Windows application that performs several ZIP code and postal code search functions such as data query, distance calculation and store locator in one simple interface. It supports quick export to CSV, TAB or XML format.

Distance Calculation, Postal Code Software, Store Locator, Zip Code Search, Zip Code Software

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Not Rated Yet Metaspec C# Parser Library by Metaspec No view

Metaspec C# parser library is designed to provide the kernel for applications which require processing C# source code: refactoring, formatting, and other similar tools. C# parser is fully compliant with ECMA-334 and ECMA-335 standards.

C#, Compiler, Ecma-334, Ecma-335, Formatter, Parser, Refactoring, Standard, Transformation


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