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Not Rated Yet HRAssistant Lite 2.70 by ASoft Business Solutions, Inc HRAssistant Lite View

HRAssistant is human resource management system designed to provide a complete personel record, filtering and reporting capability for companies up to 1,000 employees as well as divisions of large corporations. HRAssistant is easy to use,...

Benefits, Employee, Employee Database, Employee Maintenance, Hr, Hr Software, Hris, Hrms, Human Resources, Information System, Management, Personal Info, Personal Information, Personnel, Resource Management Software, Resources, Software

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Not Rated Yet SCVitae - Resume and Selective Process Control 3 by Ojschirmer SCVitae - Resume and Selective Process Control View

Registe Resume and selection Processing Control for HR area/Employement agencies SCVitae is ideal for the Human Resources and Employement Agencies. Find and Filter candidates through user friendly criteria. Customize printing layout.

Applicant Tracking, Curriculum, Employee, Employement, Employer, Hiring, Hr, Human, Human Resources, Job, Psicologic, Recruitment, Resource, Resume, Selected Process, Staffing, Vitae, Work

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Not Rated Yet Reallusion ItsMe Motion Editor 1.0 by Reallusion Inc. Reallusion ItsMe Motion Editor View

Blend KeyPose and Motion data to quickly create realistic human It'sMe motions. Simply drag-and-drop Motion data into the timeline, create KeyPose data and watch it all miraculously blended into a smoothly flowing realistic human movement.

3d, Anigif, Animation, Avatar, Character, Data, Digital, Editor, Graphic, Image, Motion, Photo

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Not Rated Yet Lovely Cats screensaver 1.3 by Miury Lovely Cats screensaver View

Cats have been known for their mystical ability to heal and restore human beings for ages. Try this screensaver featuring gorgeous hand-drawn graphics and feel how the ultimate feline magic calms you down! Download it now!

Cat, Cats, Kitten, Kittens, Saver, Savers, Screen, Screensaver, Screensavers

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Not Rated Yet T3Screensaver 1.0 by Prolific Publishing, Inc. T3Screensaver View

Imagine, a real-time battle field on your screen. An apocalyptic Los Angeles in the year 2029 with nuclear fallout, a skyline of ruins, and the constant distant throbbing of war. Your view is like a fighter of the human resistance.

A.i., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Battle, Cyborg, Digital Painting, Future, Hk Hunter Killer Machine, Human, Resistance, Rise Of The Machines, Sci-fi, Scifi, Screensaver, Skynet, T-x Screen Saver, T1, T3 Tx, Techcom, Techcomforces, Terminator 3 Movie

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Not Rated Yet thewedesign.exe 1.0 by thewedesign.exe View

Then, in Italy at least, the classic Renaissance gave fresh life to anatomy as to all other sciences. Especially did the improvements in painting and sculpture stir men up to a closer study of the human frame. Leonardo da Vinci wrote a treatise...

Health, Healthy, Mens Health, Womens Health


Not Rated Yet Demotivators Screensaver 1.0 by RI Soft Systems Demotivators Screensaver View

Are you sick of all those inspirational sayings and uplifting photographs? Join the ranks of the pessimists and procrastinators and be inspired to new lows with this comedic look at the downside of human nature.This slideshow screensaver features...

Apathy, Demotivator, Despair, Laziness, Pessimism, Procrastination, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, Slideshow

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Not Rated Yet 3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) 1.07 by CloudStars 3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male) View

Makes learning Figure Drawing fun,easy and affordable.Developed by artists for artists.Leonardo da Vinci , Michealangelo, Donatello just to name a few. All of them started out by first mastering the basics of basic drawing the human form....

3d, Drawing, Figure, Studio, Virtual

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Not Rated Yet Alien Mayhem 1.00 by Zango Games LLC Alien Mayhem View

An overhead view Human vs. Alien shooter, with the classic feel of an arcade classic. Play this game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

Action, Alien Shooter, Arcade


Not Rated Yet Face Control plug-in 1.01 by Redfield Plugins Face Control plug-in View

Face Control plug-in allows you to change facial expressions of people in the digital photos. It is very easy-to-use freeware program. Human, animal, alien, or any other faces are welcomed.

Adobe Photoshop Filter, Adobe Photoshop Plugin, Paint Shop Pro Plug-in


Not Rated Yet Hot Checkers 4.1 by Intorine Hot Checkers View

Play four kinds of checkers against the computer or human opponent. Two player game can be played via Bluetooth or infrared, or locally, using your handheld as a game board. Hot Checkers features strong AI with five adjustable difficulty levels...

320x320, American, Bluetooth, Board, Checkers, Clie, Download, Draughts, Eight, Game, Handera, Infrared, Palm, Palm Checkers, Player, Poddavki, Pool, Russian, Shashki, Sony

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Not Rated Yet PeoplePutty 1.11.21 by Haptek Inc. PeoplePutty View

With PeoplePutty you can build your own 3D, interactive character web site, or create characters for integration into existing applications. Turn a normal photograph into a talking 3d head. Shape it like it was putty and make it say what you want.

3d, Avatar, Direct3d, Directx, Friend, Haptek, Human, Kate, Page, People, Peopleputty, Putty, Virtual, Web, Webpage


Not Rated Yet Mnemonic and speed 1.1 by Mind concentration games Mnemonic and speed View

By using Mnemonic game, you can improve your facilities of human mind concentration word and digital mnemonic memory. You needn't practice sophisticate exercises; it is just enough to study this training. Mnemonic game is a program test and...

Game, Mnemonic, Training


Not Rated Yet NewsAloud 1.30 by NewsAloud View

NewsAloud personal news agent from finds the stories you want, then reads them aloud in a natural, human sounding voice. In this age of information overload, do you find yourself buried just from trying to keep up with the latest news?...

Assistive Technology, At&t Natural Voices, Blind, Dyslexia, News, Reading Disability, Text To Mp3, Text To Speech, Tickers

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Not Rated Yet Biogetic - Mobile Phone - BioRhythm - BioFeedBack 1 by Eroka Biogetic - Mobile Phone - BioRhythm - BioFeedBack View

Biogetic works through your mobile phone that already has spools, capacitors and conductors to generate frequencies that are positive for a human body. The frequencies resonate with alpha, beta, theta and delta brain waves to help you perform better.

Biogetic, Mobile, Phone

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Not Rated Yet Garmonic colors 1.0 by Utlity Advance No view

Professional tool for developing harmonious colors. Take the colors from picture and embed them to the site color model. Find colors that will be optimal view with a logo. Generated palette is an optimal for human eye perception.

Harmonious Color Palette. At First, Such Kind Of Color Palette Often Required In Web Pages Graphics Design


Not Rated Yet Hide Hellion Eye 1.3 by GridinSoft Hide Hellion Eye View

Application that can remove "red-eye" effect from your photos in batch mode. Using the advanced science technology and heuristic algorithms hhEye is able to detect the human face on the image and corrects red colour without your control!

Eye, Free, Red, Red Eye, Red Eye Removal, Red Eye Remover, Red Eyes, Remove, Remove Red Eyes, Software, Utility

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Not Rated Yet 3D Alien Plasma Tunnels ScreenSaver 3.5 by 3D Alien Plasma Tunnels ScreenSaver View

Friendly Aliens use different ways to communicate with the human. Alien Plasma Tunnels 3D screensaver is a new alien-assisted technology aimed to inspire us to be even more creative, cheerful, well-wishing and highly successful in our everyday life.

3d, Alien, Amazing, Cosmos, Desktop, Evolution, Image, Picture, Plasma, Positivity, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, Space, Telepathy, Tunnel

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Not Rated Yet Chess Marvel 1.6 by AGCrump Software Chess Marvel View

Play a traditional game chess against a computer opponent, or play against another human player. Set up the game board for practice play. Play at different levels, for beginning or experienced players. Change the colors of the chess pieces.

Board, Checkers, Chess, Games

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Not Rated Yet HumanEdj 2.1.0 by Role Modellers Limited HumanEdj View

HumanEdj is a new kind of process support system: a "personal process assistant". Free desktop software that helps the user carry out any and all work activities in which they are engaged, facilitating tasks and interactions as necessary.

Activity, Balanced, Business, Collaboration, Compliance, Desktop, Diagram, Groupware, Human, Implementation, Interaction, Kpi, Management, Policy, Process, Productivity, Project, Regulatory, Reporting, Role


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