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Not Rated Yet Aldos Pianito 3.5 by Aldo Vargas No view

Pianito is a very intuitive and funny piano simulator with real time wave and midi recording, great to learn music. Recommended for children and adults. The included 128 instruments and 48 percussion instruments will provide you hours of fun.

Audio, Compose, Create, Drums, Guitar, Instruments, Maker, Midi, Music, Percussion, Pianito, Piano, Play, Player, Sound, Wave

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Not Rated Yet Pianito MicroStudio 3.1 by Aldo Vargas No view

Pianito MicroStudio is an easy and funny piano synthesizer and drum machine sequencer with 24 tracks (8 percussion, 8 midi instruments, 8 wave FXs). Real-time MIDI and WAVE recording will let you create your own songs in minutes. You can map your...

Audio, Create, Drum, Editor, Guitar, Instruments, Maker, Midi, Mp3, Music, Pattern, Percussion, Pianito, Piano, Play, Player, Record, Song, Sound, Synth

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Not Rated Yet CPS Plus 1.11 by ProgramBL CPS Plus View

CPS Plus serial data acquisition software enables serial devices like bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, gages, electronic scales, sensors, laboratory instruments and modems to communicate with any Windows application.

Access, Balance, Bar Code, Barcode, Data Acquisition, Dde, Driver, Excel, Gage, Pos, Reader, Rs-232c, Rs-485, Rs232, Scale, Scanner, Serial, Software, Vb, Wedge

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Not Rated Yet SynthMaker 1.0.5 by Outsim SynthMaker View

SynthMaker is an audio programming tool that allows anyone to create their own sounds, virtual instruments and effects without having to write any code. These instruments and effects can then be exported and used for playing live via MIDI or as...

Audio, Dsp, Fft, Filter, Midi, Modular, Plugin, Programming, Synth, Visual, Vst, Vsti


Not Rated Yet Melody Assistant 7.3.1 by Myriad Software Melody Assistant View

Melody Assistant is a powerful score editor with digital audio capabilities. The list of features in this program is so large that it cannot be enumerated here. Let's quote some of them anyway : - Complete score editor, with unlimited number...

Audio, Bass, Chord, Diagram, Digital, Editor, Gregorian, Guitar, Kar, Lute, Midi, Mp3, Ogg, Score, Softsynth, Staves, Tablature, Wav

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Not Rated Yet mangodrum by MightyMango mangodrum View

mangodrum is a very simple to use percussion composer program for Windows which uses an easy to understand grid format for displaying the rhythm patterns. These compositions can then be played, recorded to MP3 files or saved as a PDF file.

Compose, Drum, Drums, Mp3, Music, Notation, Percussion

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Not Rated Yet Make Free Midi Ringtones 1.01 by Make Free Midi Ringtones View

MidiEditor is a powerful MIDI creation tool that lets you make your own MIDI ringtones. Select from a large assortment of instruments, build your new MIDI ringtone, save it and then upload it direct to your cell phone.

Cellphone, Keypress, Mobile, Monophonic, Mp3, Music, Phone, Polyphonic, Realtones, Ringtone, Ringtones, Sms, Tones, Tru, Video, Wallpapers, Wav, Wireless


Not Rated Yet Animated Math 1.0 by Flix Productions Animated Math View

Teaches counting, addition and subtraction with animated rewards every step of the way. Not just a drill, but a tutorial that gives graphic help as needed. This program is for young children - it covers the numbers 0 through 9.

Addition, Arithmetic, Counting, Math, Subtraction

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Not Rated Yet Adventus VST -VSTI 1.5 by Adventus VST -VSTI View

VST Instruments Analog virtual synthesizer, Adventus VSTI is best suited for techno and trance music with over 300 high quality presets, If you are looking for great leads, pads, strings, basses, organs and pianos,

Analog Virtual Synthesizer, Analogue, Cakewalk, Computer Music, Demo, Download, Fm, Fruityloops, Music Plugin, Musical, Plug-in, Softsynths, Steingberg, Synth, Synthesis, Trance, Vst, Vst Instruments, Vsti


Not Rated Yet iTypeMusic 1.1 by Intelecom Systems Incorporated iTypeMusic View

iTypeMusic is a brilliant new software program that gives anybody who can type, the ability to play music by simply following letters appearing on the computer monitor and typing them. It simply transposes musical notes into letters. iTypeMusic...

Audio, Compose, Create, Drums, Flute, Guitar, Instruments, Karaoke, Keyboard, Learn, Maker, Midi, Music, Percussion, Piano, Play, Player, Sound, Studio, Teach

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Not Rated Yet Harmony Assistant 9.3.1 by Myriad Software Harmony Assistant View

Harmony Assistant is a all-in-one software product for composing, playing and printing music, with digital audio capabilities. The list of features in this program is so large that it cannot be enumerated here. Just give it a try...

Accompaniment, Accordion, Arranger, Audio, Bass, Chord, Diagram, Digital, Drum, Editor, Gregorian, Guitar, Harmonica, Kar, Lute, Midi, Mp3, Ogg, Score, Softsynth


Not Rated Yet MidiRunner by Alberto Farinelli MidiRunner View

MidiRunner is a Play Center for MIDI,MP3,Audio files, with a MIDI/PC keyboard. For MIDI you can: extract lyrics; disable tracks and change instruments, tonality and playback rate; save variations. Playlists. File search by name or embedded tags.

Cd, Cda, Jukebox, Lettore, Lyrics, Midi, Mp3, Player, Tracks, Transpose

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Not Rated Yet SVArTracker 1.01 by SVAr software SVArTracker View

Advanced music creation tool. Next generation of trackers. Modular virtual studio. * Compatibility with thousands of virtual instruments - can load VST, VSTi and DirectX DMO plugins. * Integrated sampler. Up to 15 typical tracker...

Audio, Bass, Composing, Directx, Drum, Dx, Effect, Instrument, Keys, Loops, Midi, Modular, Module, Music, Musician, Notes, Plug, Plugin, Sample, Scheme


Not Rated Yet Eagle Lander 3D 2.1.2 by Go for Landing LLC Eagle Lander 3D View

Eagle Lander 3D (EL3D) is an authentic simulation of the Apollo lunar landings.. EL3D includes accurate renditions of scenery, flight dynamics and the lunar module. EL3D has developed from a freeware first generation Apollo 11 simulator to one...

11, 12c, 15-band Eq, Apollo, Apollo11, Apollo12, Apollo15, Base, Computer, Csm, Dsky, Eagle, Flight, Game, Historic, Landing, Lm, Lunar, Moon, Orbital

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Not Rated Yet FlexiMusic Kids Composer2 Feb 2006 by FlexiMusic FlexiMusic Kids Composer2 View

1. FlexiMusic Kids Composer is an amazing program that allows kids to create music on their own. Using a paint brush, an erase tool and a mouse, it is fun and easy way to give your song a new birth. 2. Music samples are selected from "Beats"...

Beats, Beginning Music, Children, Educational, Home Music Composing Software, Kids, Kids Composer, Kids Composition Software, Learning Music, Music Creation, Musical Development, Musical Intelligence, Musical Sounds, Software, Sounds, Stars

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Not Rated Yet Musical Instrument Simulator/Note Mapper 6.12 by Horizon Software Musical Instrument Simulator/Note Mapper View

Virtual piano, guitar/banjo/mandolin, hammered dulcimer simulator and note mapper lets you write and play back songs thru midi & see the notes animated on a musical staff and scale, piano keyboard, guitar/banjo/mandolin, and hammered dulcimer.

Banjo, Composer, Fretboard, Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Mandolin, Midi, Musical Instrument, Note Mapper, Piano, Simulator, Virtual


Not Rated Yet Software MIDI Keyboard Lite 1.9 by MIDIMASS MIDI Software Software MIDI Keyboard Lite View

This software will allow you to operate your sound card MIDI synthesizer by means of an average PC keyboard and a mouse. The software emulates 25-keyed MIDI keyboard with the three functional pedals: Sustain, Accent and Soft.

Computer Keyboard Midi, Controller Keyboard Midi Software, Free Keyboard Midi Software, Free Midi Keyboard Software, Midi, Midi Keyboard, Midi Keyboard Software, Midi Keyboard Song, Midi Software, Pc Keyboard Midi, Virtual Midi Keyboard Download

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Not Rated Yet Intelliscore Ensemble WAV to MIDI Converter 7.0 by Innovative Music Systems, Inc. Intelliscore Ensemble WAV to MIDI Converter View

IntelliScore Ensemble is a WAV to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI, CD to MIDI converter for live performance, making multi-track MID files, transcribing music, and finding chord names from WAVE, MP3, and WMA files. Includes expression capture and beat detection.

Audio To Midi, Cd, Convert, Converter, Guitar Midi, Mid, Midi, Midi Guitar, Mp3, Mp3 To Mid, Mp3 To Midi, Wav, Wav To Mid, Wav To Midi, Wav2mid, Wav2midi, Wave, Wave To Midi, Wave2midi, Wma

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Not Rated Yet FlexiMusic Composer Apr2007 by FlexiMusic FlexiMusic Composer View

Using FlexiMusic Composer even layman can compose own songs and tunes at home easily by mixing various music pieces and samples of your choice. Various sounds can be created with just one sample. Composed song can be export as a WAV file.

Bar Cycle, Beat, Composer, Composition Software, Instruments Sounds, Loop, Loop-based, Lyrics, Mixer, Multi-track, Music Composer, Music Creator, Music Production, Musical Intelligence, Musical Sounds, Sequencer, Step Cycle, Track

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Not Rated Yet ProTrader PocketPC Station 21.05.2007 by PFSoft LLC ProTrader PocketPC Station View

ProTrader for Pocket PC program is comparable with full-function trading terminal. You have a possibility of full access to financial markets and making deals from anywhere of the world. Powerful technical analysis and graphical visualization of...

Chart, Client, Forex, Futures, Market, Mobile, Online, Options, Pfsoft, Pocketpc, Protrader, Quotes, Station, Stock, System, Trading


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