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Not Rated Yet Internet Explorer History Eraser by Data recovery software Internet Explorer History Eraser View

Temporary internet files eraser software delete visited websites history typed URL uniform resource locator address bar opened sites remove browser surfing information protect privacy clear cookies pictures images photos auto complete erase activity

Address Bar, Auto Complete, Browser, Cache, Clean, Clear, Cookies, Delete, Dropdown, Erase, Eraser, Explorer, Find, History, Ie, Internet, Run, Search, Site, Software

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Not Rated Yet Evidence Sniper 1.0 by Evidence Sniper View

Evidence Sniper is an advanced privacy management tool that removes traces of usage data from your computer. Dont get caught with sensitive data on your system. Snipe incriminating evidence from your PC. Keep the data you need.

Cleaner, Evidence, Evidence Removal, History, Internet, Internet Eraser, Privacy, Tracks

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Not Rated Yet NetConnect OCX 1 by April16 NetConnect OCX View

The NetConnect OCX gives your application internet access, to enable you to provide updates, upgrades, support, etc via the internet. The NetConnect OCX does the following: Detects whether an internet connection is available. Opens the...

Activex, April16, Component, Control, Download, Internet, Net, Netconnect, Ocx, Update, Upgrade, Vb

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Not Rated Yet Internet Booth 4.3 by Internet Booth View

Internet Booth software enables to you to convert any of your PCs (old or new) into a PC dedicated for the Internet Browsing only. You do not have to worry about anyone changing setting on this PC, since only you, the master, will be able to make...

Access, Control, Internet, Lock, Protect, Screen, Security

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Not Rated Yet Internet TV & Radio Player 4.0 by EPCTV Inc Internet TV & Radio Player View

Internet TV & Radio Player allow you to watch directly over 950 free Internet TV channels and listen to 1000+ online radio stations on your PC. All Internet TV channels and radio stations are from 100+ countries with nearly 100 different...

Digital Tv, Internet Radio, Internet Tv, Internet Tv & Radio Player, Internet Tv Chancel, Lcd, Lcd Tv, Online Tv, Online Tv Player, Web Tv, World Tv

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Not Rated Yet Internet Rocket Adware 5.0 by RoadSide Software, LLC Internet Rocket Adware View

Internet Rocket is a simple tool for speeding up an Internet connection. Use the easy to follow wizard to optimize the registry for your Internet connection. DNS Rocket will cache server information on hard drive to speed the Internet even more. FREE

Connection, Dial Up Network, Dun, Fast, Internet, Internet Connection, Internet Rocket, Registry, Roadside Software, Rocket, Speed, Test, Wizard


Not Rated Yet Popup Ad Shield 2.1 by Accelerated Software Popup Ad Shield View

STOP those annoying Internet Popup Ads from displaying on your Internet Explorer Browser. Popup-Ad-Shield is a popup killer program designed to protect your internet surfing from annoying popup ads. It currently supports Internet IE5+

Free Popup Killer, Internet Privacy, Popup Ad Killer, Popup Blocker, Popup Killer, Popup Stopper, Popup Window Killer


Not Rated Yet Internet Owl 1.1.323 by Peter Nicholson Internet Owl View

Internet Owl watches websites, and tells you when they have changed. The program runs unobtrusively in the background, monitoring websites for changes. When a change is detected, Internet Owl can inform you in a number of ways, like: Sending...

Changes, Detect, Differences, Internet, Monitors, Notifies, Owl, Watch, Web, Website


Not Rated Yet Pop-Up Sentry! 4.0.1008 by Pop-Up Sentry! View

Pop-Up Sentry blocks all types of advertising including Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders, Flash, Rich Media, Fly-in, Slide-in, Spyware Ads, Messenger Ads, and more! Blocks over 100,000 major Spyware/Adware, Trojan and Homepage Hi-Jacker application components.

Ad Blocker, Ad Filter, Ad Remover, Banner, Casino, Cleaning, Internet Cleaner, No Popups, Pop-up Blocker, Pop-up Killer, Pop-up Stopper, Popup, Popup Blocker, Popup Stopper, Privacy, Spyware, Stop Popup, Stop Popups, Track Eraser, X10

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ERROR SCAN AND SWEEP will start fixing your computer's errors, restoring your registry, increasing the speed, performance and the stability of your computer. We guarantee it! Turbo-charge your system speed with a click of the mouse. FREE DOWNLOAD!

A, Clean, E, Error Cleaner, Error Fixer, Error Sweeper, Errors, File, Files, Fix, Free, I, O, Pc, Registry, Registry Cleaner, Registry Fixer, Registry Repair, Registry Tools, Repair

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Not Rated Yet Perfect Privacy 2.0 by Blumentals Software Perfect Privacy View

Protect your privacy by eliminating your Internet and offline computer usage traces, such as history lists, address bar drop downs, accessed web site and document lists and other tracks that are stored to your computer as you use it.

Cleaner, Privacy, Protect, Protect Privacy, Remover, Trace Remover, Traces

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Not Rated Yet All Tracks Gone Internet privacy Cop 2.5.8 by A1Tech, Inc. All Tracks Gone Internet privacy Cop View

AllTracksGone Internet privacy history cache registry clean window washer automatically cleans your computer of files you may not want others to see, protecting your privacy. Features: Automatic- You can schedule AllTracksGone to protect your...

Anti-spam, Antispam, Block, Blocker, Cache, Clean, Cleaner, Erase, History, Junk, Kill, Killer, Prevent, Spam, Spam Email, Stop, Web Washer, Webwasher, Window Washer

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Not Rated Yet PrivacyDefence 1.3 by MCMK Corp. PrivacyDefence View

PrivacyDefence removes unwanted browser, program and system tracks without breaking their functionality. It's fully customizable and supports 18 programs. These logs impair your confidentiality, bacause your Internet activity can be easily recovered.

Anonymizer, Anonymous, Autocomplete, Cache, Cleaner, Cookie, Delete, Evidence, History, Logs, Privacy, Private, Safe Surfing, Secure Surfing, Temp, Temporary Internet Files, Tracks, Typed Urls, Washer, Wipe

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Not Rated Yet Super Ad Blocker 4.4.1012 by Super Ad Blocker View

Super Ad Blocker blocks all forms of advertising including Flash, Rich Media, fly-in, slide-in, pop-ups, pop-unders, spyware ads, messenger ads, and more! Blocks and removes spyware/adware applications. Automatic updates keep the product up to date!

Ad Blocker, Ad Filter, Ad Remover, Antispyware, Banner, Cleaning, Internet Cleaner, No Popups, Pop-up Blocker, Pop-up Killer, Pop-up Stopper, Popup, Popup Blocker, Popup Stopper, Privacy, Spyware Scanner, Stop Popup, Stop Popups, Track Eraser

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Not Rated Yet Clean Space Ultimate 11 by Clean Space International Clean Space Ultimate View

Clean Space clears activity history in over two hundred areas such as browser history, temporary Internet files, cookies, index.dat files and many others. It will also clean tracks in many other applications Google, Morpheus, LimeWire, Yahoo, FireFox

Clean, Clear, Cookies, Delete, Erase, History, Index.dat, Privacy

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Not Rated Yet WinPure ListCleaner Lite 2.20.0 by WinPure WinPure ListCleaner Lite View

WinPure ListCleaner Lite is a data cleansing, list cleaning and dedupe software for cleaning and correcting your databases, spreadsheets, emails, etc. It contains 6 list/data cleansing modules and has been designed for anyone to use.

Business Software, Data Cleaning, Data Cleansing, Dedupe, Email Software, List Cleaner, List Cleaning, List Cleansing, List Management, Marketing List Software, Winpure


Not Rated Yet Internet EZ Search 3.0A by American Systems Internet EZ Search View

Internet EZ search lets your computer talk to all of the major Internet search engines at once! And it's designed to save you time and effort while searching the Internet and World Wide Web. Use the built-in "categories" to speed searches!

Engines, Internet, Internet Ez Search, Results, Search, Search Results, Searches, Web

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Not Rated Yet PurgeIE Pro 4.01 by Assistance & Resources for Computing Inc PurgeIE Pro View

PurgeIE Pro is a Cache and Cookie cleaner for Internet Explorer users for eliminating surfing tracks. PurgeIE Pro includes 'secure erase', support for Plugins and a function to randomize Cookie data. Does not require a reboot. Now suppports VISTA.

Autocomplete, Cache, Cookie, Cookie Blocking, Cookies, Explorer, History, Ie, Index.dat, Internet, Plugins, Privacy, Protected Mode, Purge, Purgeie, Searches, Secure Delete, Secure Erase, Strays, Tif

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Not Rated Yet FileMap by BB 4.0.4 by Bernie-Built Manufacturing FileMap by BB View

Find secret files picked up from the Internet, or extras in the system folders, by comparing file lists made by FileMap by BB. It is extra security with no need to run in real time. FileMap by BB is drag and drop instal with no Spyware or AdWare.

Boot Alert, Cleaner, Compare, Dll, Dll's, Dlls, File Watch, Freeware, Hijack, Phantom, Remover, Security, Uninstaller


Not Rated Yet Registry Errors Fix 3.0.0 by Blackhawk Software Registry Errors Fix View

With Fix Registry Errors you can safely clean and repair Windows registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks! Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. By using Fix Registry Errors regularly...

Cleaner, Error Fixer, Fix Errors, Fix Registry, Fix Registry Errors, Fixer, Regclean, Registry Clean, Registry Cleaner, Registry Fix

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