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Not Rated Yet Mixman StudioPro (Free Version) New (5.0 engine) by Mixman Technologies, Inc Mixman StudioPro (Free Version) View

Mixman StudioPro: create original music, and perform "live". Patented remix engine enables auto-beat matching. Mix n match tracks in different styles and tempos. FX, Editing and Recording Studios. Export CD-ready or to Radio. Scratching, WARP FX.

Artists, Audio, Beat, Composing, D-plate, Dj, Dm2, Dplate, Free, Fx, Games, Hip Hop, Live Performance, Loop, Mixing, Mixman, Mp3, Music, Peripheral, Production

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Not Rated Yet BySoft Food Additives by BySoft BySoft Food Additives View

Check if the food you buy contains additives dangerous to your health. Have you ever wondered what all of those e-numbers actually mean? This free application contains list of food additives by e-number or by name telling you which to avoid.

Acids, Additives, Anti Caking Agents, Antioxidants, Asthmatics, Bad, Cancer, Children, Color, Colour, Dangerous, E Numbers, Emulsifiers, Flavour Enhancers, Food, Mineral Salts, Nutrition, Preservatives, Stabilisers, Vegetarians


Not Rated Yet Home Energy Analysis System 1.2.5 by Marillack Pty Ltd Home Energy Analysis System View

The Home Energy Analysis System enables you to record electricity, gas and water bills. A range of graphs is produced showing cost, consumption and CO2 emissions by week, month or year. Energy use can be graphed against local climate factors.

Carbon Dioxide, Climate, Co2, Electricity, Emission, Energy, Gas, Graph, Greenhouse, Shareware, Software, Water

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Not Rated Yet Aromatherapy 1.3 by Zentrum Publishing Aromatherapy View

Aromatherapy software is an educational program which allows you to be more of a participant, gain more control of body and mind, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Aromatherapy software includes the following main sections: essential oils,...

Aroma, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Herbs, Massage Oils, Shareware, Software, Therapy

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Not Rated Yet Vitamin Test 1.1 by LifeForm Inc. Vitamin Test View

Vitamin Test – Test yourself and find out if your health is protected enough, if you need changes in your nutrition and/or if you need Vitamin and Mineral supplements. It will give you insight of which Vitamins are the most important for good...

Diet, Fitness, Health, Healthy Living, Lifestyle, Losing Weight, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sports, Steadyhealth, Supplements, Vitamin Test, Vitamins, Weight Loss


Not Rated Yet Streamer p2p radio 1.47 by Iain McLeod No view

An app for listening to and broadcasting net radio. It uses p2p relaying to take most of the load off the server, allowing unlimited listeners for virtually nothing. It's 'bittorrent for streams'. Features chat rooms, Winamp plugin, activex applet.

Netcast, P2p, Radio, Stream, Streaming, Webcast, Webradio


Not Rated Yet IPCOMServer 3.0 by TIGME.COM No view

IPCOMServer is a cheap and easy solution to control RS-232 devices without the use of expensive router products like a Cisco® 2511 Terminal server. The IPCOMServer acts as a Telnet server, connecting the user directly to a chosen COM port....

16f876, 16f877, Access, Cisco, Com1, Communication, Control, Ds5000, Equipment, Gpib, Hardware, Hobbies, Internet, Intranet, Iox, Ip, Lab, Mcs51, Modem, Network

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Not Rated Yet Planet Mars 3D Screensaver 1.0 by Astro Gemini Software Planet Mars 3D Screensaver View

Mars has always fascinated people. Its fiery appearance is mysterious. In fact two-thirds of all spacecraft destined for Mars failed for no apparent reason. You do not have to worry though because this screensaver will get you there safely.

3d Screensaver, 3d Screensaver Download, Download Screensaver, Free Download, Free Screensaver, Mars, Mars Screensaver, Planet, Screen Saver, Screen Savers, Screensaver, Screensavers, Screensavers Download, Space, Space Screensaver

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