J2ee Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet OpenEnterpriseX 1.0 by OpenEnterpriseX View

OpenEnterpriseX is a free, open source, comprehensive and standards-based Java(TM)/J2EE(TM) development suite distribution for building enterprise application. It is based on leading Open Source web servers, containers, frameworks, utilities,...

Database, Development, Framework, Ide, J2ee, Java, Open Source, Openenterprisex, Server, Web


Not Rated Yet Java/J2EE Skill Evaluation Lab 1.0 by EPractize Labs Software Private Limited Java/J2EE Skill Evaluation Lab View

The creative mind of Skill Development and Skill Evaluation - EPractize Labs, introduces “ Skill Evaluation Lab ", world's first offline assessment testing solution used for employment testing and screening.

Employee Screening, Employment Screening, Employment Testing, Online Assessment, Performance Appraisal, Pre Employment Assessment, Pre Employment Screening, Pre Employment Test, Pre Employment Testing, Preemployment Screening, Skill Screening


Not Rated Yet J2EE Guides 1.0 by ICT eBooks by Yeoh HS J2EE Guides View

#1 Beginner's Guide to Using Eclipse for Java Development, a step-by-step illustrated guide. #2 Guide to Java Web Development Tools: Using Eclipse with Tomcat to access MySQL using JSP. #3 Guide to Servlet Development: Using Eclipse with Tomcat.

Eclipse, J2ee, Java, Jsp, Servlet, Tomcat


Not Rated Yet WebCab Options (J2EE Edition) 2.5 by WebCab Components WebCab Options (J2EE Edition) View

EJB Suite for pricing equity option and futures contracts using Monte Carlo and Finite Difference techniques. General MC pricing framework: wide range of contracts, price, interest and vol models. Prices European, Asian, American, Lookback,...

American, Asian, Bermuda, Binary, Ejb, European, Finite Difference, Futures, J2ee, Java, Jsp, Lookback, Monte Carlo, Options, Volatility, Weblogic, Websphere


Not Rated Yet Xitex WebContent M1 Standard Edition 1.8 by XITEX Software Xitex WebContent M1 Standard Edition View

Xitex WebContent M1 CMS is a web-based content management system. It is used for developing, managing, and publishing content on the Web. Our CMS provides ultimate functionality and API support through its J2EE base. Deployment in minutes!

Authoring, Cms, Content, Editor, Java, Management, Software, Solution, System, Web

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Not Rated Yet WebCab TA (J2EE Community Edition) 1 by WebCab Components WebCab TA (J2EE Community Edition) View

100% Free EJB Component suite providing a collection of technical indicators for the construction of technical trading systems. Moreover, by using these methods with our JDBC mediator you will be able to iteratively apply these indicators to a DBMS.

Ejb, Finance, J2ee, Java, Jsp, Technical Analysis, Trading Systems


Not Rated Yet jWebApp 2.6 by Software Sensation Inc. No view

jWebApp is a J2EE Model-View-Controller web development framework written in Java. It is Java Servlet based and allows you to use anything you like for the Model and View - there are no constraints. Unlike other frameworks, jWebApp does not...

Java Server Pages, Jsf, Jsp, Jsp Application, Jsp Development, Jsp Programming, Jsp Servlet, Servlet, Servlet Application, Servlet Development, Servlet Programming, Servlet Request, Web Application, Web Application Framework, Web Development

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Not Rated Yet WebCab Functions (J2EE Edition) 2.0 by WebCab Components WebCab Functions (J2EE Edition) View

EJB Component Suite offering refined numerical procedures to either construct a function of one or two variables from a set of points (i.e. interpolate), or solve an equation of one variable. The interpolation procedures provided include Newton...

Bicubic, Burlisch-stoer, Cubic Splines, Ejb, Extrapolation, Interpolation, J2ee, Java, Jsp, Lagrange's, Newton Polynomials


Not Rated Yet WebCab Bonds (J2EE Edition) 2 by WebCab Components WebCab Bonds (J2EE Edition) View

EJB Suite offering general Interest derivatives pricing framework: set contract and vol/price/interest models and run MC. Allows the pricing and risk analytics of interest rate cash and derivative products. We also cover the fundamental theory of...

-jar, Bonds, Capital Market, Ejb, Interest Rate, J2ee, Java, Jsp, Markets


Not Rated Yet WebCab Optimization (J2EE Edition) 2.6 by WebCab Components WebCab Optimization (J2EE Edition) View

EJB collection containing refined procedures for solving sensitivity analysis on uni and multi dimensional, local or global optimization problems. Specialized Linear programming algorithms based on the Simplex Algorithm and duality, are included.

Dimensional, Ejb, Flexibility, Global, J2ee, Java, Jsp, Linear Programming, Local, Local Global, Maxima, Maximum, Minima, Minimum, Optimization, Optimization Problem/algorithm Combination, Weblogic, Websphere


Not Rated Yet WebCab Probability and Stat (J2EE Ed.) 3.6 by WebCab Components WebCab Probability and Stat (J2EE Ed.) View

EJB Suite offers functionality from Basic Statistics, Discrete Probability, Standard Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Linear Regression. Statistics Module The Statistics module incorporates evaluation procedures...

Basic, Correlation, Discrete, Distributions, Ejb, Hypothesis, J2ee, Java, Jsp, Linear, Probability, Regression, Standard, Statistics, Testing, Weblogic, Websphere


Not Rated Yet Gsoftpad 2.1 by Network Rebusnet Gsoftpad View

Gsoftpad is multi languages, multi OS software for create, valid and edit PAD file. PAD stands for Portable Application Description. By using the PAD system, developers save time by having to create a description of their software packages only...

Application, Developer, Distribution, Diz, Free, Freeware, Gsoftpad, Info, Information, Internet, J2ee, Pad, Pad_file.xml, Programmer, Software, Submission, Tool, Utility, Xml


Not Rated Yet JEasy 2.1 by CBSE GmbH JEasy View

JEasy is an application designer for JAVA using SWING components. The main concepts are to store all GUI components in an XML file, to use Layout Managers for presentation at runtime and to use XML-messages to serialize forms.

Applets, Application, Examples, Gui, Gui-builder, J2ee, J2se, Java, Java Repository, Java Sourcecode, Jeasy, Learning Java, Repository, Servlet, Swing, Swing Application, Swing Components, Xml

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Not Rated Yet WebCab Portfolio (J2EE Edition) 4.2 by WebCab Components WebCab Portfolio (J2EE Edition) View

Apply the Markowitz Theory and CAPM to construct the optimal portfolio with/without asset weight constraints with respect to the risk, return or investors utility function. Also Performance Eval, interpolation, analysis of Efficient Frontier and CML.

Capital Asset, Capm, Cml, Efficient Frontier, Market, Markowitz Theory, Optimal Portfolio, Performance Interpolation, Portfolio, Pricing Model


Not Rated Yet SkillFusion Development Engine 5.2.0 by SkillFusion Software No view

SkillFusion Development Engine generates web applications in numerous software language and database environments. SkillFusion Development Engine easily enhances your development productivity and reduces your long-term maintenance and QA costs.

Application, Database, Development, Generator, Modeler, Tool, Uml


Not Rated Yet A Java Grid Control - QuickTable 2.0.5 by QuickTable A Java Grid Control - QuickTable View

QuickTable can be used as Database Grid EJBs/DataObjects Grid Delimited/Fixed length data file Grid Array/Vector/Collection Grid QuickTable is built on top of JTable, so you don't have to learn any new API. QuickTable is bundled with...

Image Cells Calendar Celleditor Customizer, Quicktable Jtable Javabean Grid Table Database J2ee Jdbc Ejb Hinernate Print Preview Printing Find & Replace Sorting Skin Copy/paste To Excel


Not Rated Yet JDbMonitor 1.00 by JDbMonitor JDbMonitor View

JDbMonitor is a tool to monitor & analyse database performance for any Java application. Easily determine your application's database performance and analyse problems down to specific SQL statement. Key Features: * Real time monitoring of...

Database, Database Performance, Db2, Driver, Hsqldb, J2ee, Java, Jdbc, Jdbc Driver, Jdbmonitor, Log, Logging, Monitor, Monitor Database, Mysql, Oracle, Performance, Profiler, Profiling, Rdbms

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Not Rated Yet WebPartner Test and Performance Center 3.9 by WebPartner WebPartner Test and Performance Center View

Performs scheduled Stress and Load Testing by executing multiple HTTP/HTTPS/XML/SOAP web transactions simulating your customer's actions. Critical performance data is captured and results are graphically reported via online display or email.

.net, Application, Html, Http, J2ee, Java, Javascript, Load Testing, Management, Monitoring, Network, Performance, Quality Assurance, Server, Site, Soap, Software Test, Stress Test, System, Tool

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Not Rated Yet Java Obfuscator DashO 3.2 by PreEmptive Solutions Java Obfuscator DashO View

DashO Professional Edition is a Java Obfuscator, Compactor and Watermarker that helps protect programs against reverse engineering while making them smaller and more efficient. The Java obfuscation code protection tool selected by Sun.

Code Protection, Compactor, Java Obfuscator, Watermarker


Not Rated Yet WebCab TA (J2SE Community Edition) 1 by WebCab Components WebCab TA (J2SE Community Edition) View

100% Free Java API providing a collection of 25+ technical indicators for the construction of technical trading systems. Moreover, by using these methods with our JDBC mediator you will be able to iteratively apply these indicators to a DBMS.

Api, Finance, J2se, Java, Jsp, Technical Analysis, Trading Systems


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