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Not Rated Yet Teroid Levels Meter 2.0 by Teroid Software Limited Teroid Levels Meter View

Teroid Levels Meter emulates the LED or LCD meters commonly used on electronic or electrical equipment to display numerical information. It can display any number of values using number of segments, axis lines, grid lines and index marks...

.net, .net Components, .net Controls, Instrumentation, Levels Meter, Visual Studio, Windows Forms Controls


Not Rated Yet Easy Popular ArconToys free downloads 4.0 by Alawar Entertainment Easy Popular ArconToys free downloads View

ArconToys -A new word in arkanoid games!ArconToys ONCE REGISTERED, YOU GET:- access to more than 40 levels- ability to get FREE additional levels- free technical supportArconToys - Register now to unleash the full power of this incredible...

Download, Free. Software, Games, Shareware, Strategy&war

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Not Rated Yet bemazed 1.00 by Memir Software bemazed View

A colorfully 3D rendered maze munching game. Your mission is to eat all the yellow tasties on each round in order to progress to the next. It's not as easy as you think, many 'baddies' roam the mazes, and you must use your skills to evade them!...

3d, Action, Bemazed, Game, Maze, Pacman, Strategy


Not Rated Yet 3D BrickBlaster Unlimited 1.1 by TLK Games 3D BrickBlaster Unlimited View

A thrilling Brick Breaker with 462 levels of game, automatic scrolling on 4 screens and a terrific set of attack and defense weaponry. Level editor, numerous decors, music and realistic sound complete this outstanding game. High scores registration.

240 Levels, 3d, 4 Screens Scrolling, Blaster, Brick, Enemy, Firepower, Game, Traps, Weapon System

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Not Rated Yet Deluxanoid 1.2 by Ancient Software Deluxanoid View

Deluxanoid is a brick out style game with some colorful, cheerful graphics and game play. Destroy all the magical bricks to go to the next level. The game also has a built in level editor to make your own levels for virtually unlimited replay value.

Action, Arcade, Ball, Board, Brick, Brickanoid, Dx, Game, Out

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Not Rated Yet Arrow Antics 1.5 by Homebrew Software Arrow Antics View

Can you rescue a team of treasure hunters from the mummy & trap filled pyramids? This easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game features 100 puzzle levels, 30 realtime action levels, a full level editor and lots of traps & tricks to beat.

2d, Action, Egypt, Fun, Game, Logic, Maze, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet Super Bubbles 1.30 by Brain Block Interactive Game Downloads Super Bubbles View

Super Bubbles! Clear levels by moving bubbles around to match patterns that pop up on the screen. Take too many moves, and you're just another bubble going down the drain! But if you burst those patterns you get to survive for another soapy day....

Brain Block, Bubble Bobble, Free, Game Download, Game Downloads, Puzzle, Shareware, Super Bubbles Deluxe, Super Bubbles Free Trial, Super Patterns

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Not Rated Yet Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home 1.72 by Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home View

If you are looking for the game with excellent 3d graphic, quick action, addictive plot, planets and characters verity, skill levels, appropriate for all tastes and ages then download Galactic Teddy2 and you will have a great pleasure!

3d, Action, Adventure, Arcade, Download, Free, Game, Graphic, Levels, Monsters, Pc, Planets, Shareware, Skill Levels, Trial, Windows

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Not Rated Yet Deviator 1.0 by Feejo Soft Deviator View

Deviator is a puzzle game that will keep you glued to your handheld! Light on all the lamps hitting them with the laser beam. Instructions You have to hit all lights bulbs with laser beam avoiding mines on the playfield! You must use available...

Deviator, Feejo, Game, Lamp, Laser, Light, Logic, Puzzle, Soft

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Not Rated Yet The Six Sigma Toolkit 3.4 by Ovitz Taylor Gates No view

Six Sigma is a quality management program to achieve "six sigma" levels of quality. It was pioneered by Motorola in the mid-1980s and has spread to many other manufacturing companies. GE Aircraft Engines strives to operate at six-sigma levels of

Design For Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Sigma Six, Six Sigma, Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Blackbelt, Six Sigma Certification, Six Sigma Consulting, Six Sigma Helicopter Exercise, Six Sigma Software, Six Sigma Training

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Not Rated Yet AstroFire 3.06.1d by ORT Software AstroFire View

Asteroid-blasting arcade game featuring stunning raytraced graphics, awesome power-ups and 18 different types of enemy craft, spread over a massive 75 action-packed levels. And now, with version 3, AstroFire is better than ever, featuring new...

Action, Aliens, Arcade, Asteroids, Games, Invaders, Shooting, Space

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Not Rated Yet Boulder Panic! 2 DX 1.1 by GLIPS Entertainment, Inc. No view

A unique gravity based puzzle game that's simple to learn but with difficulty levels that make it a great challenge as the game progresses. Grab gems for points. Grab gems that are touching others for even more points.

Free Softwares, Freebies, Puzzle Games, Strategy Games

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Not Rated Yet Abracadabra Pocket PC 1.0 by Phelios Inc. Abracadabra Pocket PC View

Abracadabra is an arcade crazy, hip trip game where you and a wizard make or break bricks, find gold, buy powers and get rid of creatures.9 free levels & over 115 levels in the full version. Tutorial in English.

Abracadabra, Game, Magic

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Not Rated Yet A-POP 1.0 by J.Kirton A-POP View

This novel game has 50 levels to entertain you with tests of skill and puzzles to solve. The controls couldn't be simpler, just point and click... You control a white bubble with your mouse, and by bouncing the White bubble into other bubbles,...

A-pop, Apop, Bubbles, Colorfull, Pop, Puzzle, Skill

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Not Rated Yet GAL-apagos 1.0 by Jollygood Games GAL-apagos View

GAL-apagos is an addictive Arkanoid-style game with fun and colorful graphics and polished gameplay! The setting of the game is in the sunny Galapagos where you resque beautiful girls that have been captured by the Idols of the Temple.

Addictive, Arkanoid, Breakout, Characters, Fast, Funny, Gal-apagos, Levels, Many, Paced, Turtle

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Not Rated Yet Arcade Mah Jongg 1.30 by Brain Block Interactive Game Downloads Arcade Mah Jongg View

Arcade Mah Jongg takes the highly popular tile matching game to a new level. Now there is action and excitement! Tiles sometimes move in formations, and it is your task to fire a bullet from your paddle to hit matching tiles to clear the levels.

Arcade, Arcade Mah Jongg, Brain, Chinese, Download, Free, Game Downloads, Mah Jong, Mah Jongg, Match, Matching, New, Puzzle, Shareware, Tiles

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Not Rated Yet Absolute Acey Deucey 2.1.1 by Gammonsoft Absolute Acey Deucey View

Ready for a fun game of acey deucey or backgammon! Try this excellent and easy to use acey deucey & backgammon game. With superb graphics and up to 5 skill levels, you won't be disappointed. For all levels of player, from beginner to expert.

Acey, Backgammon, Bgblitz, Board Games, Checkers, Chess, Classic Games, Deucey, Ducey, Duecy, Games, Gammon, Snowie, Strategy Games

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Not Rated Yet E-Motion Deluxe 1.2 by BdR E-Motion Deluxe View

E-Motion Deluxe is a action/puzzle game for 1 or 2 players for Windows, requires Direct X. It's a remake of E-motion by The Assembly Line (1990). The 50 original levels are there plus 50 new levels. Created for the "Retro Remakes Competition 2003".

Assembly, Atoms, Balls, Bounce, Deluxe, E-motion, Games, Inertia, Line, Motion, Physics, Retro, Spheres, Thrust


Not Rated Yet Crash Ball 1.0 by Shrike Software Crash Ball View

A revolutionary new take on an old classic. Try this unique brick breaker featuring never-before seen obstacles. Warp portals that teleport your ball around the screen. Black holes that distort its path and even moving bricks for the ultimate...

Arcade, Ball, Breakout, Classic, Crash, Fun, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet Emoticon Adventures 1.0 by Display Pictures and Emoticons Emoticon Adventures View

Emoticon Adventures is a free game where you make your way through 10 levels of mayhem and adventure, encountering many enemies on the way! You control an emoticon and face evil emoticons as your enemies, as you blast your way through the...

Emoticon Adventures, Free Emoticons Game, Msn Emoticons, Msn Messenger


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