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Not Rated Yet Shutdown Reboot Logoff ActiveX (OCX) 1.0 by Shutdown Reboot Logoff ActiveX (OCX) View

Shutdown Reboot Logoff ActiveX 1.0 is an OCX control for software developers which allows to shutdown/turnoff, reboot, logoff, hibernating, or lock PC. With the ability to terminate proccesses. Includes visual basic and samples.

Activex, Hibernate, Lock, Logoff, Net., Ocx, Pc, Reboot, Shutdown, Vb, Visual Basic, Windows

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Not Rated Yet SimpleActivityLogger 1.1 by Coruscant Ltd. SimpleActivityLogger View

Log system events such as startup, shutdown, logon, logoff, lock, unlock, StartScreenSaver and StopScreenSaver. Useful for tracking your computer usage during the course of a day for billing purposes or for checking for unauthorised usage.

Lock, Logoff, Logon, Notification Events, Shutdown, Simpleactivitylogger, Startscreensaver, Startshell, Startup, Stopscreensaver, Unlock, Winlogon


Not Rated Yet IPNetLogoff 1.1.9 by IP Worx IPNetLogoff View

Automatically log off users when they abandon their stations. Adjustable modes allow for different log off styles such as logoff, shutdown, and reboot. Never walk by an un-secured workstation again. With today's security climate and increasing...

Networking, Screen Savers, Security, Utilities


Not Rated Yet AutoShutdown 5.0 by Barefoot Productions, Inc. AutoShutdown View

AutoShutdown is a Windows system shutdown manager. It provides unattended control for a Windows PC: shutdown, restart, logoff, standby or hibernate your computer based on date/time, idle computer time, hot keys or a manually triggered command.

Hibernate, Lock Workstation, Logoff, Manager, Restart, Schedule, Shutdown, Standby, System, Unattended, Utility

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Not Rated Yet OkPress 2.1 by Azure Desktop OkPress View

OkPress is a shell enhancements utility for automatic message boxes or application dialog boxes closing. Just click a mouse button anywhere and the active dialog box will be closed. In addition you can Minimize all windows at once, Quickly...

Close, Dialog Box, Message Box Closing, Minimize Windows, Quick Shutdown

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Not Rated Yet Arclab File IO/System Toolbox 2.0c by ARCLAB SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES Arclab File IO/System Toolbox View

Arclab FileIO/System Toolbox is a set of easy to use but powerful functions for File, Folder, Shell, Windows API and System operations and for gathering informations. The ActiveX component was specially designed for the VB/VBA programmer and helps...

Access, Activex, Api, Basic, C, Com, Component, Copy, Dirs, Disk, Diskspace, Easy, Files, Folders, Functions, Large, Logfile, Memory, Methods, Ocx


Not Rated Yet 12Ghosts ShutDown 8.11 by 12Ghosts Inc. 12Ghosts ShutDown View

Shut down with one click or with one key stroke. Run scan disk and backup programs programs, daily or at certain days of the week. Just one click, then leave your computer and it will power-off automatically after all programs finished.

Boot.ini, Control, Idle, Logoff, Poweroff, Shutdown

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Not Rated Yet TK ChildLock! 1.0 by Timo Kosiol - Softwareconsulting No view

With ChildLock! you can limit an user's log on or log off times. Define when users can log on to your PC. If a specified user is already logged on your system on a non-logon-time, it is possible to log him off automatically.

Automatic, Child, Childlock, Children, Computer, Control, Down, Limit, Lock, Log, Logoff, Logon, Off, On, Parent, Pc, Prevent, Restrict, Restricted, Shut

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Not Rated Yet PowrClik 1.1-19f by Genntt Productions PowrClik View

PowrClik is lightweight tray based utility intended to maintain power saving and shut down functions of your system by one click or by schedule. It also provides some additional functions concerning the matter. Main functions: enter computer on...

Alarm, Automation, Power Saving, Shutdown


Not Rated Yet dtLibrary 1.0 by Digerati Technologies, LLC dtLibrary View

dtLibrary is a class library packaged as a single ActiveX DLL. This library offers multiple classes for retrieving and/or updating system information, including ini files, registry access, file/disk information, memory and power information, etc.

Activex, Components, Controls, Error, Hyperlink, Ini, Ocx, Programming, Tips, Visual Basic


Not Rated Yet 12Ghosts QuickStart 8.11 by 12Ghosts Inc. 12Ghosts QuickStart View

Mr. 'Q' of the application launchers. Unlimitted hotkeys and tray icons for each entry. Open programs, documents, websites, and special system folders like StartUp or SendTo, even registry keys, and has many more unrelated commands.

Application, Launcher, Start, Taskbar, Tools

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Not Rated Yet DShutdown 1.71 by Dimitrios Coutsoumbas (Dimio) DShutdown View

DShutdown is a freeware and stand-alone software which lets you to schedule the shutdown and the wake up of a local or remote PC. Supports many shutdown options and relating monitor functions as Internet activity, CPU usage, Pixel color monitor etc.

Computer, Hybernate, Lan, Logoff, Monitor, Pc, Reboot, Remote, Shutdown, Timer, Wake On Lan, Wake Up


Not Rated Yet Accurate Shutdown 6.30 by Accurate Solutions No view

Accurate Shutdown is a powerfully automatic software that turns off your computer and at the user-specified time. It can turn off / reboot / logoff the computer, turn off the monitor only, disconnect from the Internet, and execute one or a group...

Access, Auto, Automatic, Computer, Program, Shutdown, Sleep, Software, Timer, Utility

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Not Rated Yet TelnetXQ Server 2.6.2 by DataWizard Technologies TelnetXQ Server View

TelnetXQ is Telnet Server offering enterprise level features, including: access logging, configurable ports, maximum users, maximum logon attempts, welcome/exit banner, maximum users banner, ability to add/delete users and more.

Console, Dial Up, Free, Nt Telnet Daemon, Nt Telnet Server, Ras, Remote Access, Remote Administration, Remote Control, Remote Process, Remote Shell, Server Maintenance, Telnetd, Windows 2000 Telnet Server, Windows 98 Telnet, Windows Nt Telnet Server


Not Rated Yet Cybercafe Manager 2002 1.3 by Alarit Inc. No view

Cybercafe Manager 2002 is a complete software solution for Cybercafe Management. The program enables effective cybercafe / internet club administration. The system allows automated management of user sessions while they use computers on the local...

Adminstration Club, Automated Management, Club Games, Computer Games Management, Cybercafe, Remote Pc Control, Software For Cybercafe, User Sessions


Not Rated Yet AgataSoft Shutdown Pro 2.7 by AgataSoft AgataSoft Shutdown Pro View

This program is a powerful automated tool for shutting down your computer. The program can shut down your computer: At a certain time (for example, at 12:00). In a certain time (for example, in 3 hours). If the CPU usage is low (for example,...

Automatic Shutdown, Computer Shutdown, Network Shutdown, Power Down, Remote Shutdown, Windows Xp Shutdown

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Not Rated Yet ComputerTime 2.0.4 by SoftwareTime ComputerTime View

Allows parents to set limits on the amount of time and time of day when children can use the computer. Use it to ensure children don't stay up past bedtime on a school night chatting online, and make sure homework is getting done. Try it for free!

Children, Computer, Computer Time, Computer Timer, Computertime, Constrain, Control, Daily, Guardian, Kids, Limit, Limit Time, Logoff, Monitor, Parental, Parental Control Software, Restraint, Safe, Software, Softwaretime

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Not Rated Yet ActiveX Windows NT/2000 group and account UserManager 2.03 by PSTRUH Software ActiveX Windows NT/2000 group and account UserManager View

Complette COM interface to Windows NT/2000/XP local or domain account database. Contains simple powefull objects for creating, deleting, managing and enumerating user accounts, groups, servers and domains in ASP, WSH, IE, VBA, VBS/JS and T-SQL

2000, Account, Add, Delete, Disable, Domain, Enable, Enumerate, Group, Home, Login, Logon, Logonuser, Manager, Member, Nt, Password, Policy, Properties, Ras

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Not Rated Yet GetByMail by GetByMail View

With GetByMail you can stay at home and have access to your office computer and vice versa through your e-mail accounts. You can share files on your computer with other people simply through e-mail. GetByMail is compatible with Gmail service.

Download Upload, File Sharing, Ftp, Getbymail, Gmail, Mail, P2p, Remote, Remote Access, Remote Shutdown, Share Files


Not Rated Yet XP Context Tools 1.1.1 by Camtech 2000 XP Context Tools View

Add useful utilities to My Computer and Explorer Context Menu XP Context Tools is a collection of useful tools added to Windows Explorer context menu used by Camtech on a daily basis. This adds 2 new items to the 2 existing ones. Choosing "Custo

Copy, Dos, New Folder, Path, Select, Short


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