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Country: United States
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City: Bellevue
Zip code: 68123
Address: 12103 South 29th St

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BLizzard Screensaver 1.0 Download BLizzard Screensaver

Dtop Blizzard, a screensaver giving you the chance to experience a realistic blizzard on your computer... without the freezing temperatures of course! Can use it on one of the 10 included scenes, a custom image, or your desktop!

Dtop Comet Saver 1.0 Download Dtop Comet Saver

Watch as Comets Destroy and shake your desktop. Many configuration options including, comet size, speed, amount, color, trailcolor, screen destruction, sound, and screen shake.

Desktop Snowmen Skaters 1.0 Download Desktop Snowmen Skaters

Watch as snowmen skate gracefully across your frozen desktop. Options include number of snowmen, the size of the snowmen, if they bump into eachother, how much you want the screen to freeze, ice reflections, amount of snow, and skate trails.

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