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Phone Fax Email Site
+20105858474 +20105858474
Country: Egypt
State: -
City: alexandria
Zip code: -
Address: 14 may st., pharamacy city block7, smouha

LoneWare Software

LoneMail Collector 2006 1.00 Download LoneMail Collector 2006

LoneMail Collector is a part of LoneMail Suite 2006. It collects e-mails online. LoneMail Collector starts by scanning web addresses you specify. Then, it follows hyperlinks to other pages. During which it collects any any e-mail address

LoneMail Scanner 2006 1.00 Download LoneMail Scanner 2006

LoneMail Scanner 2006 is a program that is designed to extract e-mails and links from files. It allows you to scan folders, subfolders and network drives for files, then scan these files for e-mails and web links.

LoneMail Taskmaster 2006 1.00 Download LoneMail Taskmaster 2006

LoneMail Taskmaster2006 is a program that is designed to help you manage links and e-mail lists. Can edit, add items to the list, remove items from the lists and filter the lists according to specific criteria. you can compare lists, merge and verify

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