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Not Rated Yet MacVolumes 1 by Soft Experience MacVolumes View

MacVolumes is a free Windows system utility to analyze Macintosh files signatures stored in Mac volumes index on Windows NT 4.0 or 2000. Automatic connection to the Macintosh servers and volumes; detects invalid volumes, monitors disks optimization

Admin, Display Type/creator, Distribution, Download, Explorer, Extensions, File Management, File Signatures, Forks, Freeware, Macintosh, Macvolumes, Monitoring, Pc-mac, Qxd, Sfm, Software, Statistics, System, Tool


Not Rated Yet MacNames Site License 1.1m by Soft Experience MacNames Site License View

Name cleaner software to quickly prepare files created on Macintosh for use on a Windows computer, shortening Windows long file names for use by a Macintosh. Automatically rename files removing illegal characters, adding the 3 characters extension

Automation, Convert Macintosh File For Windows, Convertors, Cross Platform Naming, Data Fork, Extension, File, File Maintenance, File Signatures, Icon_, Macintosh, Macnames, Renamer, Renaming, Repair Utilities, Servers, Shareware, Softexperience, Windows


Not Rated Yet MacInfoTip 1.13 by Soft Experience MacInfoTip View

Allows you to display Macintosh files information in Windows Explorer tooltips - Type code, Creator code , Data fork size, Resource fork size and Comments - a windows DLL Shell extension for Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Display, Dll, Download, File Tools, Freeware, Macinfotip, Macintosh, Macintosh Files, Macintosh Tool, Program, Shell Extension, Tool, Tool Tips, Type And Creator, Windows


Not Rated Yet A Better Finder Rename 7.8 by No view

A Better Finder Rename is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which allows users to quickly rename multiple files. This powerful, yet easy-to-use utility transforms the often tedious and time-consuming task of renaming multiple...

Batch File Renamer, Context Menu, Contextual Menu Plugin, File Renamer, File Utility, Finder Extension

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Not Rated Yet MacExplorer 1.1f by Soft Experience MacExplorer View

PC explorer analyzing Mac files on Windows servers for a quick access. Display and can modify Type/Creator codes (Signatures). Windows users will identify the kind of files without their 3 characters extensions. List sizes of data and resource fork

Catalog, Display Type/creator, Document, Explorer, Extensions, File Management, Forks, Free, Mac-pc, Mac2pc, Macintosh, Pc-mac, Properties, Property, Qxd, Search, Sfm, Software, Tool, Windows


Not Rated Yet TransMac 7.6 by Acute Systems TransMac View

Copy files to and from Macintosh disks and CDs. Most disk types are supported including HD diskettes, CD, DVD, hard drives, FireWire, USB, and removable media. Can burn Mac format CDs and DVDs. Open and burn Mac dmg disk image files.

Burn, Cd-rom, Cdrw, Convert, Converter, Crossplatform, Disk, Diskette, Dmg, Dvd, Dvd-r Macintosh, Emulator, Firewire, Floppy, Hfs, Hfs+, Hfsx, Mac, Migrate, Migration


Not Rated Yet PhotoGIF for Macintosh 4.0.1 by BoxTop Software PhotoGIF for Macintosh View

PhotoGIF is an Adobe Photoshop filter plugin with live previews, advanced transparency features, comments support, flexible color reduction, and superior compression for creating GIF images with Photoshop. New in Version 4.0 - PhotoGIF...

Adobe Photoshop Filter, Adobe Photoshop Plugin, Better Gif Compression, Photogif, Transparent Gif, Web Graphics


Not Rated Yet Rarissimo 1.0c by Soft Experience Rarissimo View

WinRar companion for periodic compression scanning files with streams candidates to an ftp send, compressing with normalized filenames to a target folder and restoring Macintosh structures, filenames and NTFS Win 2K files properties after reception

Client Ftp, Compress File, Compression, File Compressing, Files, Ftp, Macintosh, Pack Data, Pc, Peccatte, Rar, Rarissimo, Shareware, Soft Experience, Software, Streams, Tool, Transfer, Transfert De Fichiers Mac, Un Rar Utility

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Not Rated Yet Rad FTP 1.50 by Rad Inks (Pvt) Ltd. Rad FTP View

A full featured graphical File Transfer Program for windows, linux and macintosh desktops. The FTP client is multithreaded allowing you to perform several tasks concurrently. It's available as a free download and does not expire.

File Transfer Program, File Upload, Ftp, Ftp Applet, Java Ftp


Not Rated Yet SumInfos (Summary Information) 1 by Soft Experience No view

Tool to collect summary information, properties: author,comments, date, embedded in all Windows 2000 files. It exports the collection of Microsoft Office documents properties and Macintosh comments to a text file for use by other systems via batch

Batch, Built-in Properties, Collect Summary Informations, Console Utility, Document, Macintosh Comments, Office, Office Properties, Ole Structured Storage Files, Property Set, Suminfos, Tracking Properties, Windows 2000

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Not Rated Yet MacImagesConverter 1.0 by H2 Develper Group MacImagesConverter View

Easly convert Macintosh pict files into Windows BMP file format. Also batch conversion included (Converts all the pict files in a directory).

Apple, Bmp, Convert, H2dg, Pict, Quicktime

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Not Rated Yet ToneTester 1.0 by Suitable Systems ToneTester View

ToneTester is a Macintosh application that tests hearing. Specifically, it looks for offsets in how each of a person's ears hears pitch (the formal term for this is "binaural diplacusis" or "interaural pitch difference").

Audio, Ears, Hearing, Pitch, Test


Not Rated Yet Wireless Driver for Mac 3.1 by OrangeWare Corporation Wireless Driver for Mac View

The Macintosh wireless driver from OrangeWare allows Mac OS X users, version 10.2 and newer, to use Atheros based 802.11a/b/g desktop and laptop cards with an Airport access point, as well as any PC-orientated access point.

802.11, 802.11g, Atheros, Network, Orangeware, Os X, Super, Turbo, Wi-fi, Wireless, Wireless Driver


Not Rated Yet Audiocorder 5.1.0 by Black Cat Systems Audiocorder View

Audiocorder is a sophisticated yet easy to use audio recording program for your Macintosh. Audiocorder makes it easy to record music, as well as make spoken recordings, and transfer recordings to iTunes, to add to playlists, or convert to mp3 format.

Aiff, Audio Recording, Automated Recording Software, Dicating, Microphone, Sound Recording, Telephone Recording, Vox Recording

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Not Rated Yet GPRS Script Generator 1.9.6 by Macron Software GPRS Script Generator View

GSG is a software utility to help Macintosh users create custom modem scripts to connect using a GPRS compatible mobile phone. GSG contain presets for many mobile network operators around the world and can build customized Modem Scripts in few clicks

Gprs, Mobile, Modem, Phone, Script

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Not Rated Yet Davids Backgammon(Mac) 5.4.6 by Gammonsoft Davids Backgammon(Mac) View

Ready for a fun game of backgammon? Try this excellent, top-ranked, feature packed, easy to use backgammon game. Has just about any option or feature that you would like including 5 skill levels for all levels of player, from beginner to expert.

Acey, Backgammon, Bgblitz, Board Games, Checkers, Chess, Classic Games, Games, Gammon, Jelly, Snowie, Strategy Games


Not Rated Yet Audio ToolBox 1.8.0 by Black Cat Systems Audio ToolBox View

Audio Toolbox is an audio function generator for the Macintosh. Using no additional hardware, you can produce sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms of any frequency up to 22 kHz, as well as generate noise - both pink and white.

Audio, Function, Generator, Sawtooth, Sine, Square, Sweep, Triangle

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Not Rated Yet Morse Mania 3.3.0 by Black Cat Systems Morse Mania View

Morse Mania is a morse code tutor for the Macintosh. Morse Mania provides the following three modules to help you learn morse code: Learn Characters - Each morse code character is displayed on the screen as it is being played. This is useful when...

Amateur, Amateur Exam, Amateur License, Cw, Farnsworth, Fcc Exam, Ham Exam, Ham License, Koch, Morse Code, Radio, Tutor, Wpm

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Not Rated Yet TrueMirror 3.0 by Schlichtherle IT Services TrueMirror View

TrueMirror is a tool for easy and reliable symmetric file synchronization with transparent ZIP compression and AES encryption for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh. TrueMirror keeps your files up to date between multiple computers via...

Aes Encryption, Bidirectional Synchronization, File Management, File Synchronization, Mirroring, Replication, Zip Compression

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Not Rated Yet ACDSee for Mac 1.6 by ACD Systems No view

ACDSee for Mac is a high-speed graphics viewer and image browser that displays digital images in high resolution. This graphics software supports Mac OS 8.6 to Mac OS X. ACDSee also features TWAIN software support for your scanner.

Appz Mac Osx, Digital Imaging, Graphic Converter, Graphic Viewers, Graphics Software, Image Browser, Mac Downloads, Mac Os X Download, Mac Os X Software, Macintosh Shareware, Macintosh Software, Os X Application, Osx Software, Twain Software

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